Thursday, January 29, 2015

JET of the Day: magsbeadscreation

magsbeadscreation -
Handcrafted Artisan Wire Jewelry with Gemstones

This JET member makes wire and chain jewelry that features gemstones, crystal and pearls. Melani seems to favor irregularly shaped stone like chips and rough cuts, giving her creations a more organic feel.

The earrings pictured on the left side are a good example of her style. These pretty earrings feature gold filled chain and ear wires. The gold tone goes very well with these rough cut orange beads!

If you like clean and simple designs that are something you'll wear often, these could be your go-to pair of earrings. They're pretty, not too big and good for casual / business.

Here's an example of bead and wire crochet by this artisan. This bracelet is beautiful! The irregular shapes of the stones really add an interesting aspect to this one of a kind piece.

The blue turquoise has great spidery matrix running through it. These chips are a gorgeous blue color!

Melani combined the blue turquoise nuggets with fabulous purple / violet amethyst. These two colors seem to work very well together.

The wire this jewelry maker used to create this handcrafted gemstone crochet bracelet and the findings - the toggle - are silver plated. This helps to keep costs reasonable.

On the right is a very unusual handmade amethyst pendant by this jewelry artist.

Even though the purple color is close, I see the contrast in this design right away.

In this pendant the contrast isn't just the bright polished sterling silver wire against the violet color of the stone. The perfectly round amethyst beads are so different from the rough stone they're wrapped to, it really is almost like night and day!

This is one of Melani's higher end creations. You can see the amethyst beads are nice quality and she used sterling to make it.

Most of the jewelry here is similar to the pieces I spotlighted above. Many of Melani's creations are wire crochet bracelets, with tourmaline, aquamarine and pearls.

So take a look at this shop today ... there's really nice jewelry in magsbeadscreation!


Michele said...

Lovely gemstone jewelry, love the amethyst pendant featured!!! said...

I love how colourful your jewellery is!

Nancy Russell said...

Such pretty color combinations! I love colorful, well-designed jewelry.

WanderingJewel said...

Beautiful jewelry!

Judith Lott said...

So many pretty colors.