Friday, October 15, 2010


Thank you to everyone that nominated and voted for the Top 10 JET Items. It was a tough decision as all the items were so beautiful! The final list is in no particular order because we were choosing the top 10, not a voting for 1st, 2nd, etc. Here is the final list: Silver woodgrain texture ring-turquoise blue accents by peacesofindigo All Dressed Up Sterling Handcrafted Chain Stone Charm Bracelet by thebeadgirl Silver Pink Pearl and Crystal Flower Necklace--Pink Ophelia by WearableByDesign Ancient Coin Bracelet with Pearls and Baltic Amber by Foret Custom Personalized Handprint Fine Silver Dangle Earrings by LittleBrownBird Acorn and Leaf Toggle Necklace by capitalcitycrafts Golden Shadow Cosmic Wire Wrapped Cluster Earrings by abacusbeadcreations Gold,white,Murano glass,chalcedony handmade necklace Rave On by cooljewelrydesign Peridot sterling silver earrings- LIME by mcrdesigns Steampunk Necklace for the Unlocking of Arcane Treasures OOAK by dbvictoria Congrats to the top 10!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vote For Your Favorite Top 10 Jewelry Items

Now is your chance to vote for the top 10 jewelry items from the Jewelry on Etsy Team. Nominees were chosen by members of the team and are listed below. Take time to view the items and then cast your vote down at the bottom of the page. Consider these criteria when voting: A) "Fabulousness" of the item B) Clear picture with great "ad-worthy" composition C) Best representation of the Jewelry on Etsy Team
Sterling Silver Queen Chain Maille Square Mail Plus Size Bracelet with Toggle Clasp by Dashery

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Birthstone Opal

Opal, October's birthstone, is a complex and colorful gemstone. The beauty of the stone has inspired a variety of beliefs about its powers throughout history. The ancient Romans felt that the opal symbolized hope and purity, and the stone was also believed to protect the wearer from harm. Ancient Greeks believed the opal could give foresight and powers of prophecy. It is said that Cleopatra wore opals to attract Mark Anthony. Queen Victoria was known to collect opals as well. There are many different sorts of opal, and this stone can be found in a variety of colors. The milky appearance in some opals is referred to as “opalescence". The Sterling And Sea Opal Hoops from EmotionalOasis are a gorgeous example of stones with opalescence. When the sun catches them, they look like they are glowing. This creamy white African opal, featured in the lovely Diana necklace by CoolJewelryDesign, is much more opaque: The most precious opals have a striking multicolored look due to diffraction of light through the microstructure of the Opal. Because the most precious stones tend to be quite expensive, synthetic opals are available with the same gorgeous multicolored appearance. Only a few manufacturers make synthetic opal with structural similarity to the natural stone, and Gilson Opal is considered the best. This Fine Silver and Gilson Opal Ring from Jewelry24Seven features a Gilson Opal with gorgeous play of color. Peruvian Opal is also called blue opal–this blue-green stone is striking in this Peruvian Opal Sterling Charm and Leather Necklace by Marcie Jane Designs: These classic earrings by GlitzGlitter showcase blue opals as well: These Green Opal Earrings by PiecesOfIndigo are a beautiful example of the gemstone's varying coloration: This lovely pink Delicate Opal Pendant by OvgilliesDesigns shows opalescence: Like the styles of the Jewelry on Etsy team members, opals can be quite diverse, and always beautiful. Stop by Etsy and check out all the newest jewelry from the Jewelry on Etsy Team by searching JETTEAM in the search box on Etsy’s home page. Posted by Juliaa .