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Enter to Win a Gift Certificate Here - Birthday Celebration

The Jewelry on Etsy Team is celebrating their 10th anniversary. We are sponsoring a contest and you could be the lucky winner. The contest starts now and here are the rules:

1. Browse through the shops below and pick an item to share here on this page from one of the shops. 
2. Post your selected item in the comments section below.
3. Mark the item as a favorite (the little red heart) in the artisan's shop on Etsy.

That's it!  You can enter a total of six (6) times during the course of the contest. Contest runs through midnight EST on Tuesday October 31, 2017. The winner will be selected, at random, and will be announced on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. 

The prize will be a $25.00 gift certificate to be used in one of the shops listed below.  Get a head start on your holiday shopping or purchase something for yourself. 

Have fun and enjoy your tour of the wonderful jewelry items that these artisans created. You can view the work of the entire team by searching Jetteam on Etsy.

Good luck!! ☘

***Current members of the Jewelry on Etsy team are not eligible to participate.**














Happy Birthday Jewelry on Etsy Team - Ten Years and Going Strong

The JETEAM on Etsy is celebrating their 10th Birthday on October 31, 2017. The team began with a group of jewelry artisans who opted to sell their creations on the Etsy website. Since its inception, the team has seen members leave and new members join. Some have been with the team from the start. Others are new "Jetlings" who come to the team with fresh ideas and knowledge. Many of life's lessons have been shared, happiness and even some sad times have been experienced. What remains firm though, is the support and fellowship of the members. 

The creativity of the JETTEAM members knows no boundaries. From metals to gemstones, to lamp work glass and wire wrapping, you can always find a beautiful piece of jewelry to call your own. The members work tirelessly to support each other on social media and within the team discussions. There is no "I" in this team. Everyone supports and encourages the team members and offers suggestions to enhance the look of their online shops as well as their processes. 

In honor of this special occasion, we are sharing some of the stories behind a few of the active members of the team. We hope you enjoy reading about the shops and will take some time to browse through them. With the holidays fast approaching, you will want to be sure to purchase items for those on your shopping list. Or just treat yourself!!


Rough Magic Creations:

Mollie, and husband Joe, began making jewelry on a shoestring budget. They mixed a few pearls and gemstones with nature's treasures - seashells, beach stones, wood from their own trees - in their designs. To think of a name to fit the concept, they remembered a line from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" - Prospero: ".... But this rough magic I here abjure ..." Thus RoughMagicCreations was born.

A native Texan, Mollie is married to Joe, a Mainer whom she met in Indiana. She moved with him to midtown Manhattan, and now happily resides in his home state. Living on the "rock bound coast" of Down East Maine, Mollie finds inspiration in the waving ocean, stately evergreens, spectacular fall foliage of maple and birch, and winters so silent you can hear the snow whispering down. 

Gemstones n Dragonflys:

Wanda, the artisan behind Gemstones N Dragonflys, opened her shop on Etsy in 2010. The original name of the shop was Gemstones on My Mind. Recently Wanda renamed her shop of delightfully unique handmade jewelry. She also added two new lines of jewelry this year. She now features both men's jewelry designs and has a children's/early teens line. 

Wanda hails from beautiful Virginia. It is her goal to make sure that every one of her customers enjoys their purchase and looks forward to that trip to the mailbox. 

When you browse through Wanda's shop you will be pleased to see a colorful selection of gorgeous gemstones and designs. Each piece is unique and created with love. Be sure to visit the shop for a real treat. 

Nancys Crystal Fantasy:

Nancy's shop, Nancys Crystal Fantasy, features an assortment of jewelry covering a wide range of styles and techniques.  Most of the jewelry is designed for women who are a bit more mature in their dress and style. However, Nancy has added a children's jewelry section and plans on developing that more fully.

Nancy's latest love is various forms of woven beaded jewelry, especially the Kumihimo style and loom bead weaving.

Nancy's shop is based in Texas and was established in 2010. She has a wonderful assortment of school sports team jewelry for those who would like to celebrate their favorite team. There is something for everyone in this shop. 

Adroit Jewelers:

Ida has been selling her jewelry on Etsy since 2008. Her shop, Adroit Jewelers is filled with lovely jewelry and gifts. She resides in the great state of Maine. Ida loves working with wire and seeing what it will turn into. As you can see, she has a very unique style and creates wonderful pieces. 

Living in Maine, Ida enjoys going to the beach to find sea glass to use in making the jewelry in her shop.  Ida says that "making jewelry is a wonderful creative outlet that is much different than my day job". 

Along with earrings, Ida has napkin rings, eyeglass holders, money clips and bookmarks to name just a few of the things you will find in her shop. 

Slinky Lynx:

Welcome to Anya's shop, one of our newest members. The shop name came from the fact that she loves cats and also started out making chainmaille jewellery. Because Anya wanted something that sounded like 'links', she came up with the name SlinkyLynx

Anya is a game designer and programmer by profession located in the United Kingdom and she makes indie games alongside her jewellery. She finds this combination of hobbies to be a great way of using her creativity both digitally and away from the screen.

the inventory in the shop is varied as Anya finds it very hard to stick to one design and loves to play around with new techniques and see where they take her. Often, she'll write up her designs as PDF tutorials which can be found in the shop. You can get a free tutorial if you sign up on her website,  


Judy is the Captain of the JETTEAM. Having joined Etsy in 2006, the shop features one of a kind, semi precious gemstone jewelry, designed for today's women. Judy is the creative designer of JemsbyJB&Company and her significant other, Bill is in charge of drilling, tumbling and cutting the raw gemstones to bring them to their finished state. 

Residing in Upstate New York, Judy and Bill have many opportunities to search the Adirondack mountains for inspiration. Not far from home, the Herkimer Mines are the perfect place to search for those elusive "diamonds". The first pieces of jewelry that the pair created in their new shop were items made with genuine garnet found in the mountains of New York. 

Most of the jewelry is created with sterling silver components, with some gold fill. Featured locally in brick and mortar shops, as well as online, a pair of their earrings was worn on the television series, The Vampire Diaries.  

Sending Love Gallery

Phyllis (or Phylly as we call her), is an artist, musician, teacher, wife & mom. She has been designing and creating jewelry for more than 20 years. Her shop Sending Love Gallery is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phylly loves the beauty of gemstones, metals and minerals, shells and pearls, that constantly inspire as she creates jewelry. She has a special interest in the properties and energies of these wonderful natural treasures of Earth. Each piece of jewelry is made with love and blessed with good energy for the wearer.

Sending Love Gallery was established in 2008 on Etsy. Phylly loves to create designs especially for her customers so be sure to check out her shop.

Capital City Crafts

Capital City Crafts was created on Etsy in 2008. Barb hails from New Jersey and designs "unique sterling silver jewelry with character".  Barb has always been creative. She found metal in high school, and that was the beginning of a life long love affair. Since then, she has been making jewelry in many different forms. 

Barb studied metalsmithing and jewelry at The School for American Craftsmen at Rochester Institute of Technology and also design at Fashion Institute of Technology with some of the top designers in the industry.

Barb loves to combine materials and colors to create unique, one of a kind pieces that speak to you…

Cher from Designs by Cher, is the designer of unique jewelry and metalwork. Cher joined Etsy in 2007. She says: "I am addicted to gemstones, beads, metals and all the little bits that go into designing jewelry... it's my passion!"

Her shop features an eclectic mix of feminine, handcrafted contemporary and vintage inspired jewelry, along with hand forged findings. Some of the materials used in her designs are gemstones, lamp work glass beads, pearls, crystals and metal wire. 

Besides making jewelry, Cher enjoys her feline friends along with the feathered fowl that she raise for eggs and fun! She resides in Texas. 

Gaetana, the owner of Satin Doll Co is a freelance fashion designer who always had the burning desire to start her own business. She decided to start with accessories, which is what she loves. In 2007 Satin Doll & Co. was born.

You can find all of your a fashion needs, from handbags and jewelry to other accessories in a wide selection of styles and colors.  

Satin Doll Co has had it's jewelry featured on television on Hart of Dixie and The Vampire Diaries. Stop by and visit. There is enough to chose from to keep any fashionista busy. 

Wearable By Design

Wearable by Design, goes far beyond typical commercial jewelry to give you a wearable work of art at an affordable price. Jennifer is the principal designer. The shop is a unique, custom jewelry studio that designs and creates individual works of wearable art. Jennifer uses fine silver and semi precious gemstones in a wide range of styles, often inspired by nature or mechanical object. 

The gallery contains one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces. If you see something you like, but would prefer a different length or different chain, Jennifer would be happy to work with you to get just what you want!

Jennifer was formally educated in art and architecture at the California College of Arts in San Francisco and holds a diploma from the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.


Mandy was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Australia in 2006. She is a full time accountant and creates jewelry as a hobby. Beads Me has been selling her creations on Etsy since 2007. The shop features artisan jewelry and photography. 

Recently, Mandy has added a line of children's clothing. Being a grandma herself, Mandy has a real knack for creating colorful outfits with lovely detail. 

An accomplished photographer, you can purchase beautiful photo prints, as well as photo jewelry,  from Mandy's collection. 

Love Stone Arts

Denise, the artisan behind, Love Stone Arts, offers a selection of natural gemstone treasures created for your unique style. Along with her husband Craig, these Washington residents love to share their passion for designing jewelry with beautiful gemstones and precious metals. 

Among the items in this shop, you will find rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. A section of jeweled hair accessories is also available, along with spinner and stack rings. Each piece is made with love and care. Custom orders are their specialty!! There are also ready to ship pieces available for sale. 

Dove Jewelry Design

Dove Jewelry Design, based in Maryland, boasts the beautiful work of Yona. The word Yona means "Dove" in English. The shop was formerly known as Craft Schmatzy and has recently been changed.

Although Yona has been involved with crafts for most of her life, she has been focusing on jewelry design and artisan jewelry making techniques for the past few years. Her use, familiarity and skill with jewelry making materials and artisan techniques has expanded and is continuing to increase.

The shop features many beautiful pieces of jewelry created with materials like gemstones, metals, crystals and glass to name a few.

Emotional Oasis

The Jetteam calls her "Emo" and she is one of the previous team captains. She is a long time resident of Northern Minnesota and has drawn strength and inspiration from the many lakes, rivers and forests in that area. Her love of nature flows freely in much of her work.

Emotional Oasis has been creating wearable art pieces for over 15 years. Her pieces are never duplicated and they change quite often as her moods change. Available in the shop are also handcrafted toys, wooden pens and pencils, deer antler gifts and fishing lures. Now that is surely a one stop shop for everyone on your list!

To quote this artisan,  "Experimentation, not adaptation, feeds the soul of a true artist."   

Earth Energy Gemstones

Earth Energy Gemstones is a unique shop that creates Chakra jewelry with an energy boost. Gloria, the artisan behind the name, has been selling her jewelry designs on Etsy since 2013.

Using extremely advanced energy healing processes, in a non-smoking and peaceful environment, and setting an intention for each piece of Chakra jewelry, Gloria creates what she feels is something that will assist you each time you wear it. When you wear a piece of her jewelry, you are also wearing nature, with its fullest energy expression and highest vibration. As you lift your vibration, you lift the energy and vibration of the planet.

A wide selection of pieces for both men and women, including bracelets, earrings and necklaces, can surely meet all of your needs. Stop by and browse.

Wandering Jeweler

This unique shop, featuring handmade bicycle and cycling jewelry, was started by Kerry on Etsy in 2010. Wandering Jeweler is based in Delta, Canada, where Kerry resides with her husband and energetic dog Kodi. Kerry is a self taught artist and along with making jewelry, is also a photographer and painter.

Kerry has traveled over 10,000 km in two years. She and her husband toured parts of Canada, the United States and Europe on their bicycles. 

Inspired by her passion for travel, Kerry gets inspiration from these adventures and loves working with different types of materials and trying out new techniques and ideas. 

Lonely Cove Jewellery

Marianne has created a beautiful selection of jewelry inspired by coast and country. Based in the United Kingdom, Lonely Cove Jewellery offers unique pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings using artisan copper, silver and sea glass in the designs. 

Living in South Devon, England means Marianne is never far from the sea, countryside or moorland. She takes her inspiration from the beauty that nature has provided us from a dewdrop on a tiny flower to the roaring waves crashing against the rocks. Torbay, where she resides, has many hidden coves which can be explored and sea glass obtained. These coves in winter tend to be deserted, hence the name Lonely Cove Jewellery. 


Making gemstone jewelry is a new adventure for Patrice, the artisan and owner of this shop. She enjoys the peace and satisfaction of creating a new piece of jewelry. She uses semi-precious gemstones and precious gemstones upon request. Glass, metal, sterling silver, , along with stainless steel and copper are just some of the materials used to create the beautiful jewelry in this shop. 

Created on Etsy in 2013, LilysPad58 carries both handmade and vintage jewelry designs. There are holiday themed pieces, men's and children's jewelry, beaded accessories and awareness items available for sale by Patrice. 

You will be sure to find something to add to your jewelry box  when you browse through the shop.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Jewelry on Etsy Team
Uniquely Handcrafted Jewelry

Easter Bonnets come from European traditions of wearing flowers on a hat to celebrate spring. It was developed over the years into a way of ladies celebrating Easter and of showing off to family and friends as to who had the best Bonnet!
The shops in 5th Avenue, in New York City, U.S.A., often have displays of Easter Bonnets in their windows. The shops compete to see who has the best display and the windows are a tourist attraction.
In addition, the Easter Parade, to show off these fashionable creations has a history of it's own. Read about its inception back in the day here. History of the Easter Parade
Here are some lovely jewelry designs, by the members of the Jetteam on Etsy, which will pair nicely with your choice of bonnets this Easter. Even if you "don't do hats", these creations will brighten up your spring finery. Let's see if we can associate them with spring songs. How many do you remember?

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Easter Parade

    Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly

                                                               Over the Rainbow

These are just a few of the many beautiful pieces of jewelry. Check out the other shops on Etsy and pick out your favorite. We'd love to see what you pick here in comments.  

A few more.............

Lollipop Lollipop


Happiest of Easters to all our customers and followers. We appreciate your Business!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Flowers from the Jetteam

Counting Down the Days until Spring!!

The Jewelry on Etsy Team (Jetteam) has been busy creating spring jewelry. This is just a sampling of the many pieces available in all of the Jetteam shops. Please stop by and visit all of the team members' designs to spruce up your jewelry box and get ready for the coming months of sunshine and flowers!!

Colorful Spring Bracelet
Pale Blue Flower Earrings
Yoga Necklace
Floral Earrings
White Flower Pendant
Silver Gemstone Necklace
Purple Pearl Earrings
Pink Petals Chain Necklace
Beaded Collar Necklace
Aquamarine Pearl Necklace
Lavender Lampwork Bracelet
Blue Flower Necklace

**The team is looking for creative, fun loving, handcrafters of jewelry. If you would like to be considered for membership, please visit our team page to apply. Thank you.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Be My Valentine


We've gathered a collection of beautiful jewelry from the members of the Jewelry on Etsy Team (JETTEAM). These pretty pieces would make great gifts for Valentine Day. Of course, these are only a few of the many designs that can be viewed by clicking the link here JETTEAM .

Looking for that special piece for the love of your life? Check out the shops from the members here as well as other members listed in the member list. You won't be disappointed.

  1.  Garnet Earrings
  2.  Hammered Copper Heart
  3. Heart Drop Dangle Earrings
  4. Garnet 14K Gold Fill Chakra Bracelet
  5. Cherry Hearts Necklace
  6. Red Rhinestone Art Glass Earrings
  7. Silver Garnet Square Ring
  8. Red Garnet Heart Earrings
  9. Red Carnelian Oval Ring
  10. Silver Ruby Flower Earrings
  11. Mixed Metal Broken Heart Earrings
  12. Heart Charm Bracelet

Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine Day!!