Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jet of the Day - JBowerEngraving

My name is Jennifer Bower and my Etsy shop is JBowerEngraving.  From the time I was a little girl I wanted to be an artist.  Crayons, markers, pencils, paints, I loved using anything I could get my hands on.  I took several art classes and explored several different kinds of art but it wasn't until I tried hand engraving that I found my true passion.
Hand Engraving is an art form that goes way back and can be found gracing the faces of watches, decorating the plates of antique clocks, enveloping someone's wedding band or telling a story on the block of an old printing press.  Today, many hand engravers specialize in the engraving of knives and firearms as jewelry tends to be more and more laser or machine engraved.  I had the opportunity to meet with a gifted hand engraver on a few occasions and received some pointers on how to get started. However, with no formal training, I'm still learning as I go and finding my own style.

When I have an idea for a piece I sit down with my sketch pad and a pencil.  I'll erase and redraw until I have what I think will be the perfect image to engrave.  I place the piece of metal I'll be working on in a rotating vice.  This allows the metal to stay completely fastened and stationary while I work.  I use a pencil or marker to draw an outline of the image I want to create onto the metal.  Then, I use a sharp tip, or scribe, to lightly outline the image permanently onto the metal.

When I first started I was working with the naked eye and realized I couldn't see my work surface as well as I had hoped.  I now use a lighted microscope to help magnify my work surface so it's easier for me to add detail to the images I'm engraving.  Once my microscope is focused on my outlined image, I take my engraver in hand and begin to work.

To aid in removing metal, I use an air powered hand piece.  Basically, I have a metal tube attached to a sharp blade and spring.  This metal tube (hand piece) is connected to other tubing and an air compressor.  The air compressor gently pulses air toward the blade so I can get a deeper cut in the metal.  Historically, many engravers worked by pushing the blades with their hands or "chasing" it with a hammer.  Those methods are still used and do work, but the assistance of air relieves physical strain and aids in more precise cuts. The air compressor's strength is controlled by valves and a foot pedal much like that of a sewing machine. 

As I cut the metal, it rolls off in perfect little coils, leaving behind beautiful, mirrored cuts in the metal. If the blade isn't properly sharpened, or the angle of the cut is not right, the metal will rip or gouge leaving very ugly, uneven, messy lines.  It requires a lot of concentration as well. I often find myself holding my breath or focusing on keeping my body very still because one miss-move and the piece is ruined. There is no erasing, no salvaging a gouge or misplaced line, you have to start all over again.

I'm very inspired by designs in architecture, art nouveau and art deco patterns, as well as fonts and lettering styles from many different time periods.  One such font is known as leaf script.  The letters of the alphabet are created using vines, leaves, swirls and flowers.  It's difficult to find complete alphabets to work off of so I've been creating my own.  The picture below shows a "B" in the leaf script I'm designing.

Currently my most popular pendants are those with initials and monograms on them.  I love knowing that these will be heirlooms one day.

The pendants I love creating the most are those with special designs and pictures. They take so much more time and concentration but, in the end, are truly unique.  One of my favorites is an engraving of a bee. I'm fascinated by nature and insects.  Normally I would move swiftly away from a bee but they are lovely in their own way.

What I like the most about what I do is that I can engrave nearly anything! It's all up to the imagination.
Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jet of the Day - Fully Hooked

In my past life, I was an English regency aristocrat, a figure straight from Jane Austen's novels.. I wore corsets, lace and frills, and adorned myself with pearls and flowers. I was a romantic through and through, your classic damsel...

Francine Bracelet
Dierdre Necklace in Pink
Florence Necklace
In this life, I'm your working mother and weekend explorer. Influenced multi-culturally, via our life in the military. You will see this influence in my Fully Hooked  Etsy shop.

Isabella Necklace   
Zafina Necklace
Spring Abound Earrings

What's in a name?  Fully Hooked
About three years ago, we had just moved to a new base and I was in desperate need of new Mommy-friends. I was lucky enough to live next to a young mother who also loved to crochet. I learned to crochet when I was 7, but it wasn't until my second, and youngest child was born that I picked it up again with all the enthusiasm I can muster. 
I have boxes and boxes of yarn and supplies! Anyway, I was very excited to have a neighbor that I can share my Friday nights with. Then a couple of months later, a new family moved in down the street and I invited the wife to join us on Friday Night/Crochet Night, but she brought her beads and jewelry findings instead because all her yarn were still boxed. This was it, I was hooked on jewelry-making from then on! By the following week, I had all the starter supplies any aspiring jewelry designer needed, and have been hoarding beads since. I learned what I know on my own, and through fantastic mentors here on Etsy and the JETS.
I live and love passionately, and once I'm hooked, I'm FULLY HOOKED.

It's been a journey of artistic expression and self-discovery and Fully Hooked  provides me the balance and peace that I need. It's my therapy after a long week of work, kids and deployed husband.
Eventually I'd like to reintroduce my crocheted items, but crochet is something I reserve for those times it's impractical to pack my beads and tools along.

Thank you for reading!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Jet of the Day - Fuchsia Bloom Studio

Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca and my Etsy shop is Fuchsia Bloom Studio. As you can probably tell from the name I chose for my business, I love flowers! I recently have added many more floral inspired pieces to my jewelry selection that I wanted to share with you. I also have a passion for vintage and am constantly scouring Etsy for vintage and vintage - inspired floral beads and findings.

I made these with little lavender vintage enameled flowers and pink freshwater pearls that I paired with a hand-hammered sterling hoop. I love the look of hammered metal and I especially like hoop earrings.

Here are more of the same enameled flowers in a pretty buttery yellow color with a french hook of sterling wire that I formed and hammered. I think these earrings embody the spirit of Spring!

I love these Czech glass flowers and have made vintage-style earrings with pretty brass beadcaps and brass stamens. I have these in many colors such as aqua blue, lavender and pumpkin orange. I think these have a bit of Victorian-meets-artsy feel to them.

My Mom's favorite flower is the daisy and that inspired me to make up this hammered sterling daisy flower with a little colored glass flower in the center. I handmade a sterling wire french hook to complete the look. You can't help but have a smile on your face when you wear these!

Thanks for letting me share my passion for flowers and vintage with you! I hope you will visit my shop to see more of my jewelry!

Remember to search "jetteam" for lots more gorgeous jewelry by my wonderful teammates!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jet of the Day - Elizabeth of Foret

Our celebrated Jet of the Day today is Elizabeth, of Foret...emporium of the unique
The home of artisan jewelry and  accessories with a luxe, sophisticated, ethnic flare; a bit of magic, and a healing touch.

If you know Elizabeth, you know she creates spectaular handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants using  materials with metaphysical, healing, and symbolic significance, and you will learn of about these materials as you shop and read through her listings.

As July winds down, we will take a look at Elizabeth's  peridot collection, the birthstone of August. Relax while her descriptions and photography take you on a little journey.

All Good Things are Green
 According to Elizabeth:
Peridot: also called Olivine, for tonifying, regulating, healing, physical regeneration, inspiration, insight, purification, a money stone (putting it together with citrine helps draw in money and then be able to retain it), Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, the numbers 5, 6, and 7 (Peridot is one of the stones said to have been used in the breastplate of the High Priest as mentioned in the Old Testament.)

Peridot Lariat Necklace with Baltic amber and yellow jade.
Be transported by Elizabeth and this wonderful peridot lariat necklace to Peridot Paradise!
"Brilliant grass green peridot polished chips are interspersed with butterscotch shade Baltic amber nuggets and sterling silver beads with gold stars (handmade in Rajasthan…very special!) The lasso of this lariat is made of tiny olive green freshwater rice pearls and round peridot beads. The pendant tassel end of the lariat which is captured in the pearl and peridot loop is a beautiful carved yellow jade and rough faceted peridot briolette, wire wrapped in sterling silver. The yellow jade endless knot is a traditional Chinese carving which depicts one of the Eight Auspicious shapes in Tibetan Buddhism."

Olivine Peridot and Gold Earrings

Peridot is the brightest of greens...the color of new growth in Springtime as well as a healing stone and, as mentioned, a money stone.

Chandelier Style Wealth Earrings with Peridot, Pearls and I Ching Coins 

"Three strands of genuine peridot gemstone, brass beads and freshwater peacock coin pearls hang from authentic antique Chinese brass coins which are 300-500 years old. This kind of coin is used to cast your I Ching oracle. They have four characters on one side, two on the other side. Coins have been worn by all cultures to both attract and express wealth."

"Pearl: the stone of sincerity, fidelity, purity, wisdom, balance, higher truth, Cancer, Gemini, the number 7"

August babies will have a holiday in Elizabeth's shop. Now, I could not  visit Elizabeths shop without sharing what I have learned about this crystal:  a Left Activation Tibetan Quartz Pendulum

Elizabeth explains the significance of this piece as follows:

 "A Left Activation Crystal is recognized by an inclined window, or facet located on the left side of the primary face of the crystal. It primarily activates and increases performance of the left brain function. Used with the Right Activation crystal, it brings a melding of the right and left brain abilities and a synthesis of same. It is sometimes called a "time link". The left leaning link is said to be a time link to the past." On a more simplistic level, as a healing tool this kind of crystal can be intended to draw out energy."

It would be wrong not to share with you the  Talismen at Foret,  which can be worn, or kept close to you in your pocket, car, on your desk, etc.

A talisman is an object with a presence that exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.  It is often an "amulet",  a small charm which is worn to ward off evil, harm, or illness or to bring good fortune.

Shopping at Foret is like an escape to an exotic locale. Elizabeth has a second shop, quite worthy of a visit, as well. At Foret Two,  she sells supplies you will not find anywhere else,  and vintage items that will have your imagination running wild with creative ideas.

Visiting Foret and Foret Two will make you happy. You will feel Elizabeth's calming and healing energy as you are tempted by the the aesthetic beauty and healing power of each unique artisan piece of jewelry.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter and do not pass up a visit to "Foret's Divine Designs and Medicine Show"on Facebook.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Jet of the Day - Lisa of Emerald Pixie

I guess my obsession began when I was about 7 years old. Whenever I would get a piece of jewelry that had a gemstone, I would take the stone out of the setting. I have always found gemstones fascinating.

In high school, I loved buying pieces from the thrift stores and adding my own style to I was always looking for necklaces and bracelets I could shorten to just the right size for my 4' 10" body( hence the nickname "Pixie").

As an adult, I've done everything from beading to metal clay, but it was silversmithing and gemstone setting that have become my passion. My favorite items to create are cocktail rings. Currently, I am working on some three stone rings and mother's rings. An idea inspired by my two kids.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jet of the Day - Eleven13 Jewelry

Hello and welcome to Eleven13. I have to say it's really Eleven13Jewelry but a quick hand of mine hit enter one day while setting up my Etsy online store and the "Jewelry" part never made it in. You can also find me on Artfire, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr at Eleven13Jewelry.
A lot of people ask me about the name Eleven13 and what it means. I am a numbers person and have always loved the numbers 3, 11 and 13. Eleven has a lot of meaning to me and is also known as a very lucky number, while Thirteen is viewed to some as an unlucky number. Personally I like and think both numbers are lucky but the name Eleven13 is a good and bad combined to create a Balance if you will

I must say I love all Jewelry but adore Shiny, Sparkly bright Jewelry that gets attention and is unique in some way.

Genuine Turquoise- I love the Natural Earthy feel to it and the beautiful rich colors which come from the ground. I buy all my Turquoise direct from a Miner in Nevada. Here are a pair of light Sky Blue Turquoise Earrings

In keeping with the Natural Earthy Feel I also have a preference for Pearls. I love the variation of colors, shapes and sizes and the lustre and iridescence of them. I love these long dangling Freshwater Barrel Pearl Earrings with the bright Sterling Silver Chain and golden Pyrite Gemstones.

I did mention I love shiny and sparkly, right? Yes I love Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestones as seen in my Crystal Ball Earrings, and very blingy,  Rock Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet and in my Signature Peacock Feather Jewelry with a bright crystal in the "eye" of the feather.

 Last but not least, in the past year I have started Soldering Classes and really enjoy making completely handmade Jewelry and mixing Metals such as Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass. I just love the combination of the mixed metal  colors and the ability to have create what I envision.

I hope you will find that special something for you in my Online Handmade Jewelry store. I try to create a little something special for everyone to enjoy.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

And the Winners Are....

The JET Summer Challenge has wrapped up and we want to thank everyone who took part in creating, promoting, and supporting our fun!

The most popular ankle bracelet and winner of The Anklet Contest was designed and created by Lime in the Sky.

You will learn more about this creative artisan in an upcoming spotlight feature (that she won as part of her winning prize!). She also won a gift certificate to Emotional Oasis; the opportunity to choose the next JET Challenge coming up in The Fall; and bragging rights :)

Now, the announcement you have all been waiting for...

The Winners of the Gorgeous Jewelry Prizes are as follows:

RoughMagic Creations will be happy to know that they have won the $20 gift certificate to EmotionalOasis!

LobsterOnAString is the winner of the perfectly pink crackle quartz earrings by Your Daily Jewels.

David & Amanda - Congratulations are in order as you are the winners of the fantastic Butterfly Wing Pendant by Debras Divine Designs.

Kari  "lucky pants" Rose won the lovely  Pearl & Garnet earrings by Beadz n Bling.

Carolian fortuitously won The luscious Lemon Earrings by Malves 1009!

GrandmaMarilyn is the very lucky winner of the Blue Topaz Necklace by Nikha Jewelry

Foret is the  fortunate winner of the The Yummy Blue Earrings by mssmith03

Important: We need your email so please leave it here in the comment section. In the meantime, we will be trying to find you too, so you can claim your prize. Feel free to click on the shop that made your prize and contact them directly with your mailing information. Please leave a comment here that you have contacted them to help us wrap up this Challenge.

Thank you again for taking part and playing along with The Jewelry on Etsy Team and we hope to see you in The Fall for our next event. Meanwhile, follow our blog, Facebook Page, and Tweets for news about sales and events; and  shop The JETS for only the best jewelry on Etsy.

The Jets