Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's My Birthday & I'll Shop if I Want To!

(by cserpentDesigns) January is my birthday month and I decided to wander through the wonderful world of Etsy to see what pretties caught my eye. My favorite color is purple - so I had to start there ... Here are some beautiful, fun and chunky amethyst earrings from Ambersjewelry (and they're on SALE!!!!). Or maybe these purple scroll earrings by TheBrassHussy would be better .... They're both absolutely lovely. And, of course, one has to have chocolate cupcakes on one's birthday - and they're even better in purple ...
chocolate purple cupcake earrings purple cupcake keychain
A January gal has to have some garnet pretties. I found a BEAUTIFUL pair of garnet and rutilated quartz earrings by SurfAndSand and this gorgeous garnet and sterling silver ring by TheBeadGirl.
garnet and rutilated quartz earrings garnet and sterling silver ring
The chocolate ice cream that I'll have with my chocolate cake would look even more delicious in this fun, happy fused glass bowl by EmotionalOasis (or Emo as we call her). These purple, lampwork fish just make me laugh - and they're PURPLE!
party fused glass ice cream bowl purple, lampwork fish pair
I hope you enjoyed my birthday wander through Etsy. Why don't you do the same and see what handmade goodies just have to make their way to your house?
------------------------------------------------ Cserpent and all of the artists seen her are proud members of the Jewelry on Etsy Team. Please search JETTEAM on Etsy to find more from our talented team!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Birthstone: Garnet

January's birthstone is garnet. It's nearly impossible to resist this delicious gemstone. Although sometimes seen in green, it is usually found in a rich deep wine color. Firelight Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings by Metalicious Garnet is believed to be the healing stone for ailments such as depression, anger, and low self esteem. Traditional folklore also makes a connection between the deep red garnet and healing diseases of the heart, lungs, and blood. Garnet Charm Necklace with Sterling Silver by Foret Wearing garnet promotes courage, self-confidence, success, fidelity, energy, faith, consistancy, and truth. Faceted Oval Garnet & Sterling Silver Ring by Jewelry24Seven And if one wants to increase their chances of finding love or recalling past lives, garnet is your go-to gemstone. Brilliant Garnet Stud Earrings by OneGarnetGirl You can see more of the lovely garnet items from the Jewelry on Etsy Team by searching JETTEAM garnet on Etsy. Red Garnet & Madagascar Ruby Victorian Choker by dbVictoria