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JETS (Jewelry on Etsy Team) Will Not Forget the Philippines. Purchase Handmade Jewelry to Benefit Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort

ABC News, Dec. 22, 2013: UN chief calls for more aid for Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

"We must not allow this to be another forgotten crisis," Mr Ban told reporters a day after touring the storm-ravaged city of Tacloban.

Mr. Ban  said the UN had only achieved 30 percent of the $791 million in aid it had appealed for for relief  efforts in areas devastated by Typhoon Haiyan last month and is  appealing to the donor community, to speed up, and scale up their support."

The super Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the central Philippines on November 8, 2013,  triggering giant tsunami-like waves that swallowed entire sea-level communities.
The typhoon  left 6,102 people dead and 1,779 others still missing, according tothe most recent government tally. 

The JETS (Jewelry on Etsy Team) are not allowing this to become another forgotten disaster and you can help!  Check back here for our tally.  We are close to reaching our first goal of $1000.00 by January 1st, 2014 and we will keep the campaign running into the New Year. We are currently at $793.00 raised.

All of these jewelry pieces and more, directly benefit relief efforts in the Philippines. 
You can click from here to purchase or go to and search "JETTEAM Philippines " (no quotation marks) for items that are part of the program.

From Laura Stamper Designs:    Rough Garnet and Strawberry Quartz Chandelier Earrings 

If you are interested in donating directly, we have compiled the organizations we are donating to and their links for you here:

 Thank you to all of the JET members who have generously donated proceeds from the following handmade necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

White Freshwater Pearl Earrings by Eleven13

Sammy's Beadworks:

Autumn Leaf Charm Bracelet

and from Malves1009

Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant on 8-Strand Kumihimo Cording

and finally:

Bohemian Western Leather Wrap Bracelet - by WrappedinLeather

Thank you so much for visiting.
Please stop back and check on out fundraising efforts


Friday, November 22, 2013

Death Toll Rises from Philippines Typhoon Haiyan -JETs Continue Fundraising Effort

According to ABC news this morning, Philippine officials say the death toll from one of the strongest typhoons on record has risen to above 5,000 and is likely to climb further.

Typhoon Haiyan cut a path across eastern and central Philippines on Nov. 8, with some of fastest wind speeds on record. It killed or has left missing more than 5,000 people and displaced an estimated 4 million people. 

As you can see, the Philippines is mostly islands with the total combined land mass being  115,600, square miles; about the area of  less than half the size of Texas, or the same size as Arizona or New Mexico.

A major international relief mission is underway to help the survivors, many of whom will be dependent on aid for months and probably years to come. 

The Jewelry on Etsy Team stepped up to help the moment the news broke, just as they have in the past for countless disasters and individuals who are in need of help.

You can help us help the Philippines! Shop for a good cause.  Here are just a few of the items with proceeds going to relief efforts for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. 

A tally will be kept here and funds will be donated through the following organizations:

Even better then knowing you are shopping and doing good at the same time, is that many if the JET shops are having huge sales and/or free shipping  over the next few weeks.

Search " Jetteam Phiippines", "Jetteam Black Friday"  "Jetteam Cyber Monday"
(do not use quotation marks".)

Take a look at some of our fundraising items. We will be listing a lot more here so check back!

Perfect for  your Tween or favorite pink-lover from Donna's Artisans Designs  (Oh, and Donna's Black Friday sale has started already!)

Pink Crystal and Pearl Earrings

This gorgeous necklace of Copper and Sterling has already sold once and a great donation was made!  Michelle of Eleven13 Jewelry will gladly take a custom order and make a new one just for you.

Mixed Metal Heart Necklace

Wanda, of Gemstones on my Mind is donating an all-inclusive gift item so you can check one woman right off your list. It is a gorgeous smooth black gemstone necklace and earrings set!

Black Sardonyx Necklace and Earrings Set

If you have not fallen in love with Jasper yet, you will now. Jasper comes in every shape, pattern and color imaginable. This necklace showcases some of the prettiest Jasper I have seen.

I am sure you want to see more, and there is lots more jewelry to come! Right now we are at $318.00 reported donations. Please check back for our latest items being donated, an update on the tally, and what shops have started  having sales.

Thank you so much for visiting, participating, and caring!
On behalf of the JETs,
Your Daily Jewels

Please visit our team Facebook page
and Pinterest Page too!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The JETs - Jewelry on Etsy Team’s - Fundraising Efforts for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Many of the JETs are donating profits of their jewelry sales to raise money to help the aid efforts in the Philippines since Typhoon Haiyan made Landfall on November. 8th. The minute the idea was broached to the JET team, members jumped in and the donations have already been rolling in! In just a few days we have raised $301.00. We plan to keep this drive running until the New Year and are hopeful that we can really make a difference.

By now we have all heard the  horrific stories and seen heart wrenching  photographs of the wreckage and human suffering  in the Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan on November 8th. No need to go through more of this According to NBC News the numbers will give you a good idea of the devastation.

Typhoon Haiyan by the Numbers:

370 miles: The width of Typhoon Haiyan as it surged through the Philippines
195 mph: The speed of sustained winds with gusts reaching 235 mph
6: The number of times Haiyan made landfall on Nov. 8
17 feet: The height of the storm surge in Tacloban, the biggest city in the hardest-hit central Philippines
27 inches: The most rainfall recorded by NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
13 million
: The estimated number of people affected by the typhoon, according to a situation report by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affair (OCHA) on Saturday
4.9 million: Children affected
1.5 million: Children under the age of five who are at risk of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM), a
measurement of nutritional status used to assess the severity of a humanitarian crisis
4,200: The U.N. estimated death toll last Thursday
2 Americans: Identified among the dead, according to the U.S. State Department
12,501: The number of individuals injured, according to the Philippine disaster council
1,186: Number of those still missing according to the council
3 million: The number of people that have been displaced
2.5 million: Number of people in need of food assistance, according to U.N. estimates due to “severe logistical difficulties
360,000: The number of pregnant and lactating women who need specialized services for prenatal,
postnatal, child health, health promotion and family planning services
494,611: Number of homes that have been damaged or destroyed following the typhoon
628: Number of schools sustained damaged, with half the country yet to report

As a team of individuals, many of us have our own ideas of where our donations should go. With this in mind. We are keeping a team tally of donations being made to several different organizations.

If you are interested in donating directly, here are some links:
However, if you would rather have more fun, and shop for a good cause, keep checking back. I will be posting more of the beautiful jewelry items created by Jet members. You can purchase knowing your money is going to one of the above organizations.

Here are the first few items with proceeds being donated to Typhoon Haiyan victims:

Lynn for Urban Pearl Studio Sold Two Items Already!

Here is a note Lynn from Urban Pearl Studio received from a customer:
"A few years ago I found Craft Hope for Haiti on Etsy and I wear the necklace I bought then all the time. I was wondering this morning if there was something similar for the Philippines. I have a feeling I will love the items you offered. Double happiness in a time of such devastation."
Melanie See's Item was already picked up and covered by another blog!
Dancing Sky Earrings by Seemomster
Black, Grey, Brown Agate Necklace by Nancy's Crystal Fantasi
Ruby and Gold Filled Dangle Earrings

Once again, the Jet team has come  together to show strength in numbers. It is such an honor to be a part of this team. I will be posting a lot more Donation items over the next few weeks.

In the meantime you can always visit and search: "JETTEAM PHILIPPINES" (no quotation marks)

Thank you for visiting and reading.


Friday, September 27, 2013

JET Artisan Profile:
Jennifer Bower of JBowerEngraving

Hello! I'm Jennifer, the artisan at JBowerEngraving, my shop on Etsy.

There hasn't been a period of my life when I didn't like jewelry, it started young for me! I started making bracelets with beads and string as a kid.

As I grew older I looked for unusual items or vintage pieces to assemble into brooches and necklaces.

It's only in the last 4 years that I got heavily into engraving.

I love hand engraving; I've always been an artistic person and particularly love calligraphy and typography.

Bee Square Silver Necklace
A few years ago, I met a man who was a hand engraver and completely fell in love with the art.

Engraving was a natural transition for the type of artwork I was already doing. A hand engraver I know was willing to take time to show me a few pointers to get me started in engraving. I decided right away it was something I wanted to pursue and purchased the equipment so that I could get started on my own.

Hand Engraved Tree of Life Necklace
There aren't any people near me who teach engraving so I'm mostly self taught with a lot of trial and error. Engraving is something you just have to get the feel for. It takes a lot of practice and I'm still learning.

I enjoy engraving silver and brass more than other metals.

I'm very inspired by vintage jewelry, the Art Nouveau period and things found in nature (specifically birds, leaves, insects, etc.). This is why you'll find much of my jewelry depicts natural objects, like the Bee and Tree of Life designs, pictured above.

There are many others, like my Teeny Tiny Dragonfly, or my popular Bird on a Branch Necklace. But my most ordered items are designs with Monograms, Initials, Double Initials and Leaf Script Initials. Personalized jewelry is very fashionable and popular!

Most of my business is making pendants but I'm currently working on some ring designs and finding that I really enjoy that. Engraving rings is totally different for me than flat pendants.

Engraving is an old art form, and the tools used are the same tools that have been traditionally used by engravers for centuries.

 I couldn't do what I do without graver blades for engraving but even more basic than that is a pencil. All of my engraving starts with sketches so it's essential!

Of course SOME of the tools are more modern! As you can see, I work while viewing through a microscope, and use modern tools to help me hold the work in a comfortable position as I carefully remove metal a bit at a time.

Engraving gives this antique pocketwatch an entirely different appearance!

Instead of using a brush, pencils or pens to add a design to metal, I use a graver to draw lines, creating my artwork by removing metal. I do this by hand - not with an engraving machine.

Like most people I am always improving my skills and adding new techniques that help me to grow my business by offering new and different items to my customers. I'm currently learning how to solder silver, which will help me create other types of jewelry. I would very much like to learn stone setting and hand cutting with a jeweler's saw.

This is a fairly new business, and I am just learning about social networks. You can find me on Etsy, of course. And Facebook. I have the beginnings of a website, which will grow over time.

Please visit me here:

I hope you enjoyed your visit. And I hope you've learned a bit about me, and how I create!

Here's a look at what you'll find at JBowerEngraving ...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

JET Artisan Profile - Niranjan Khalsa of nikhajewelry

Hi! I'm Niranjan, and my shop is named nikhajewelry. I make my jewelry with sterling silver or mixed metals. Much of it is  hand stamped. I use diverse methods to create - wire wrapping and metalwork techniques are both used extensively in my handmade jewelry.

When browsing my shop, you'll find most of my unique jewelry is made with a variety of gemstones, and also many metals, including sterling silver, genuine copper, brass and bronze components.

I create lots of jewelry that appeals to "nerdy" types; I'm a  scientist myself, and my creative inspiration leans toward what I love - earth science, mathematics, chemical composition, gemstones and minerals. I'm a working Geologist, and this background is easy to see in my jewelry!

Here's a great example ... my stamped necklace with a bright, sparkling wire wrapped Peridot briolette. The hand stamped  tag is the chemical formula for peridot, or olivine.

Since I was a small child I have been interested in jewelry, gemstones and minerals. I used to tell my mom that I was gonna be a geologist, volcanologist, archaeologist and gemologist when I grew up. Learning to make jewelry was a natural extension of my love of the Earth, minerals, crystals and jewelry.

Nerdy pickup line necklace
My first jewelry making experience was with my Aunt. She used to make knotted and strung necklaces and prayer beads. I made my first piece with her in 1997. It was a mother of pearl and iolite necklace.Since then jewelry making has become one of my favorite things to do!

 Jewelry can be made with just about anything.

But of course I do have my favorite materials to work with, which include various types of Metal clay - copper, silver, and bronze. I use a lot of sterling silver and copper wire and sheet, and of course gemstones.

I make bracelets, and I also like to create earrings. But my favorite type of jewelry to make is without any doubt my necklaces. I make several different types, but most of what is in my shop right now leans toward my science / geekery genre.

The necklace on the right - my
Cute Genius - Periodic Table of Elements Necklace in Sterling Silver piece is the perfect illustration of science / jewelry fusion!

 As most metal workers will tell you, it takes a lot of tools to make jewelry. But my favorite is the Swanstrom disc cutter!

I make a lot of stamped science and math formula necklaces like the Honey Pi Necklace shown on the right, and my disc cutter is essential for those! Also, my 100 pound Vulcan anvil is GREAT.

And I absolutely LOVE my lapidary tools.  I have been learning to cut my own gemstones (faceted as well as cabs) and have my own equipment to do so. I love it!

Next I want to learn to make my own Mokume Gane billets. Mixed metals are fascinating to me, and Mokume is the ultimate mixed metal art form. I also want to become more experienced with chasing/repousse.

As I mentioned above, I'm currently working as a mining geologist in the state of New Mexico. I'm an avid rockhound/mineral/fossil collector and love to go hunting for Earth treasures in my beautiful state. I have one amazing daughter, a wonderful husband and three quirky cats - Kilauea, Newton and Sugar. Someday, my husband and I hope to sell my jewelry and his awesome black-smithed creations full-time, and work for ourselves.

My AWESOME studio ...

Please follow my shop on Facebook:

My Twitter page:

Here's a look at what's in my shop:

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JET Artisan Profile:
Kerry of WanderingJeweler

Hi! I'm Kerry, and my Etsy shop is named WanderingJeweler. My specialty is bicycle chain jewelry - but of course I make other things too!

I've been a creative person for a while now. Do you remember gimp plastic lacing?

I must have made about a hundred of gimp plastic bracelets in a rainbow of colours and some that glowed in the dark.

I tried creating many different things from candles to T-Shirt designs and I found that making jewelry really got my creative juices flowing.

I’m mostly self-taught and I’ve taken several weekend workshops: in soldering, foldforming, sawing, resin, etching, riveting, etc.

Bike Jewelry Pendant

I was working on my bike one day and I decided to replace the chain. When I removed the chain I thought I could make a piece of jewelry from it that I could wear everyday!

I sold my first piece of handmade jewelry at a Farmers’ Market in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada.

I live in Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with my husband and our energetic dog Kodi. I love to search for sea glass on the weekends with Kodi.

Bicycle Chain Earrings

I really enjoy making pendants. More than any other type of jewellery. But I do make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and resin pendants.

Of course the largest section in my shop is devoted to my bike or Bicycle Chain Jewelry! But lately I've been exploring other jewelry making methods and techniques, and one in particular appeals to me.

I recently began making etched brass and copper jewelry like my Haven Guard brass circle pendant (above) and my Hot Pink Etched Spiral Brass Circle Pendant (on the left).

Etching metal using electricity is a lot of fun and I think it taps into the scientist part of my personality!

I want to improve my skills in soldering and stone setting.  Learning these techniques would allow me to expand my line.

When I’m designing a new piece I like to just dump items out on my desk and I shift them around and combine them until I see a combination I love.

One of my favorite places is my workshop. I love getting a new tool and learning how to use it. But I love all my tools, and the basic tools are the ones I could never do without.

My favourite tool is my 3 lb sledge hammer, I love the sound it makes when it strikes the metal.

My other favourite tool is my riveting hammer, it’s tiny and can get into small spaces.

The hammers are favorites but you can see ALL of my tools are important to me. Just look at my collection of pliers!

Bicycle Chain Metal Flower Pendant

You can find my jewelry in my Etsy shop, here:

And also on my website, here:

I'm active on these Social Networks:

RSS feed -
Google plus

Bike riding is great exercise and it really is fun!

My husband and I have toured parts of Canada, the United States and Europe on our bicycles.

We have cycled over 10,000 km in 2 years.

Many of my pieces are inspired by my travels by bicycle!

I get the recycled bicycle chains I use to make my jewelry from my bikes and also from my friend's bikes.

I hope you visit me on Etsy! I think you'll love what you find. I make unique jewelry you won't see everywhere.

In my shop you'll find many examples of cycling inspired jewelry as well as beautiful jewellery items made with glass, metal, shells and resin.

I love experimenting with lots of different materials and techniques so my shop is continually changing and evolving.

There is always something new to see at WanderingJeweler!

Our bikes need a rest too!

Poor things are loaded down like pack mules!

There is a lot to see in my Etsy shop, and just so much space here. So please visit!

Here's a look at some of the jewelry you'll find:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

JET Artisan Profile -
Denise and Craig of LoveStoneArts

Hello! I'm Denise (photo on left). Craig (photo right) and I make everything we sell in our shop, LoveStoneArts. We're new to selling jewelry, though we have made things for many years.

My first pieces of jewelry were not sold but bartered. A girl who was selling trade beads in a little general store told me what she wanted made and that I could keep the rest of her beads as payment. No real sales until our Etsy shop opened in 2011.

Craig and I are both so generous that we would give you anything you wanted!!
Necklace of Sun-Kissed Stones, Crystals and Copper

I grew up an avid rock hound and received a rock hammer and cold chisel for my 8th birthday. It was my absolute favorite gift! I gravitated to the artists in my circle of family, friends and neighbors.

I'm incredibly sentimental about pieces of jewelry that hold happy memories of loved ones. Example, a gorgeous hand drilled turquoise nugget that my grandma bought me when I was about 4 years old. We got off of the train in Yuma Arizona where an old Navajo artist had his silver jewelry displayed on a blanket spread out on the platform. The memory is so vivid.

Happy Hearts Necklace Celebration of Dia de los Muertos
Almost every family visit becomes a jewelry workshop. The photo of Craig has him teaching our nephew Sam how to make a brass spider. All the kids in our extended family from age 9 up have some soldering experience.

I began making unglazed stoneware beads to use in macrame and free form crochet necklaces in my late teens. My good friend was a potter and her mother was a fiber artist so the "Crazy Bead" necklace was born!

Puka shell necklaces were next- my Hawaiian sister in-law and I collected the shells on remote stretches of the Kona coast

Then - African trade beads, I love them to this day!! I learned my earliest techniques from helpful
Anasazi Earrings Emerald Valley Turquoise and Sterling Silver
ladies in craft stores. I would show them what I had, explain what I wanted to do, and they would sell me the supplies and demonstrate the techniques. I tried this with silver soldering in 1990 but never quite got my momentum. Note- I still have a little silver that I bought at $15 an ounce!

Craig and I have taken two silver classes from Nicole Valentine of Victoria Canada.

I'm especially fond of silver and opaque stones like turquoise, malachite, coral and lapis.

Love, love color changing stones- opals especially. It is probably obvious that my favorite material is the one that has most recently caught my eye!

Fire Opal in Wide Sterling Band

Craig likes to make rings! I like to make necklaces most of all. I wear something around my neck every single day even if I'll be in the woods. That's my thing!
Botswana Agate Sterling Ring Generous Oval

Both Craig and I draw from our travels and a shared interest in diverse cultures for design inspiration. We often start with a classic design and give it a rustic or contemporary twist.

We especially like to custom design a piece with the recipient's preferences in mind, translating a little information into a One Of A Kind piece of jewelry!

Our favorite tools have to be our Smith torches. I can't do without the round nose pliers of course.
Yes ... Coffee IS an important part of our business!

We love all of our tools lots and lots!!

We're always learning new techniques.

The latest thing I've learned is to add household ammonia to liver of sulfur solution for a very black patina on silver.

I plan to begin making lampwork beads and working with precious metal clays.

I also want to work with gold.
I need a sponsor!

We love tools!
We are avid mushroomers, avid cooks, avid
photographers, home remodelers- we have lots of interests and we're avid about them all!!

Love our bulldogs Sitting Bull and Mucho Gusto and the parrots Poppers, Archie and Zsa-zsa.

We have a supplies shop but I have not really launched it. I have been working on tutorials to feature in this shop. The photos and editing required are what is slowing me down in getting more supplies listed. Here it is:

You can visit us on Facebook. Please LIKE our page while you're there!

Follow us on Twitter here:

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JET Artisan Profile:
Jennifer Smith-Righter of WearableByDesign

Hello! I'm Jennifer and my Etsy shop is named WearableByDesign. Most of my jewelry is made with fine silver, gold or sterling silver, and many of the pieces feature top quality gemstones. I also enjoy working in metal clay.

I took a jewelry class as an elective while going through a program in Art and Architecture.

When I got out of school I decided I preferred to work on a much smaller scale and I loved working in metals. I also needed to be able to have a skill that is portable as I move around a lot.

I took my first jewelry making class in college. Later, I took the Jewelry Technical Intensive at the Revere Academy. I've since taken a few Master's Symposium classes at the Academy. 

Working for myself making jewelry seemed like just the right thing for me. And I've loved it!

I opened my shop - WearableByDesign on Etsy in May of 2008. I sold my first piece of jewelry in my Etsy shop (pictured at right), and Etsy has become a very important part of my business.

Since that first sale, I've sold many pieces in WearableByDesign. My jewelry is traditional in many ways, though I do have some pieces that could be considered "unusual". They are ALL unique designs that will not be found in chain jewelry stores or in department stores.

If you wear one of my pieces, chances are you'll never see anyone else wearing the same thing!

 I was a creative sort of person at a very young age. Like most kids, I made a pair of earrings out of copper wire and beads in elementary school.

They were pretty crude!

But I loved them and never forgot how making my own jewelry gave me a satisfied feeling.

Of course I became much better with practice and education

I make pendants, necklaces, and earrings - but my favorite things to make are rings.

Rings are more personal than other types of jewelry. People bond with rings. My rings are very classic in appearance, but the designs are mine. Some are bands, like the Handmade Silver Squares Ring pictured on the right. I make this style to order in a limited range of sizes.

One of the bands I make in a full range of sizes is my pretty Silver Olive Leaf and Berries Ring.

I also enjoy making rings with gemstones. Some of my rings feature faceted gems in prong settings; others are bezel set, and can be made with faceted gems or cabochon cut gems like the ring below ...

My Silver Tourmaline Ring with Dark Red Plum Cabochon is made with a hand formed open back bezel setting.

The band is an embossed sterling silver shank that measures just over 2 mm wide and architecturally supports a gallery wire compartment, above which is the platform holding this spectacular 12mmX10mm tourmaline. This is a unique, one of a kind ring!

  Only one is available. Some things just can't be made in multiples.

Like most artisans, I'm inspired to create by my surroundings. With me, its mostly from seeing a new
scene. I can get in a rut so I often go to museums and travel as often as possible.

Also, other people's work can inspire me so a trip to a museum I've never been to is exciting!

 An example of this type of inspiration is my Silver Alhambra Pendant, pictured at right.

From the item description:

"Irrigation may not be particularly interesting or beautiful, but the Alhambra Palace sure is, and so is this pendant, inspired by the palaces architectural forms. Made from sterling silver, the design is a geometrical arabesque – a rhythmic linear pattern of interlacing tendrils of foliage common in Islamic art."

Just like other jewelry artisans I have my favorite tools ... and for me that would be my rotary hand piece and my engravers ball. These tools are used very often at my bench!

I am always expanding my skills and looking for new ways to make my jewelry unique.

The latest techniques I am learning and bringing into my new designs are micro chasing, piercing and repousse. I took a class from Tom Herman of Seven Fingers. His work is just AMAZING!

Next I want to learn more about mechanisms. Anything that is mechanical intrigues me. I've made several pieces that touch on this, and I want to explore this genre.

There are many things you would never expect to see in or as jewelry that are fabulous miniaturized, polished and made into wearable jewelry art. Pictured on the right is my award winning
Chain Reaction Industrial Gears Necklace, and in my shop there are other examples.

My Silver Industrial Chain Necklace is based on a classic suspension bridge design and my cool Silver and Brass Transformer Riveted Kinetic Necklace is a unique movable necklace that can be transformed for a different look!


I recently opened a second shop with my Daughter Shannon named SimplyWearable. This shop features smaller, lighter, feminine styles in sterling silver and Argentium silver (tarnish resistant) at a very affordable, lower price point - with the same quality level of design!