Wednesday, January 28, 2015

JET of the Day: LovesVintageDelights

Like New and Redesigned Vintage Jewelry

 Many jewelry lovers collect vintage jewelry featuring glass rhinestones, plastic or glass pearls and plated metals. Why? The sheer beauty of the designs! Just look at the "ruby" brooch on the left ...

Many of these pieces were created to mimic styles worn by celebrities - no different than people who follow current trends, trying to create affordable versions of the jewelry seen on popular actors and actresses at award shows.

The fact is - jewelry does not have to be expensive or even "real" to be beautiful!

LovesVintageDelights brings this type of jewelry to you; and Phylly (the owner of this shop) takes it a step further by offering redesigned jewelry made from vintage components.

Here's a fantastic example of a "rescued" vintage piece ... The enameled flowers in these dangle earrings are from the late 1960s. The pearlized center cabs and the gold petal components they sit in are also vintage, but from different pieces.

The chain and ear wires are new, and were added by Phylly when she redesigned the cool floral dangle earrings at right.

People sell unsearched boxes of jewelry at garage and yard sales, flea markets and swap meets. Some of the pieces in these lots are broken and can't be repaired. Many times there are usable parts that can be used to create "new" items from them! This is a great way to recycle things that would otherwise be thrown out and dumped in a landfill.

These Lovebirds would be a really nice gift for Valentine's Day! They're in excellent condition; no missing rhinestones, the enamel is bright with no chips, and the pinback is in good working order.

This is a signed brooch from the 1970s. Any designer signed jewelry in this condition is something a collector would want.

Many of these brooches were worn until they broke; rhinestones dropped out or the plating wore off. This makes the remaining pieces in good shape valuable to collectors.

The bracelet to the right is a redesigned, upcycled piece made by this artisan. The five big faceted components are glass buttons. They're accented with various Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals to add sparkle. The findings are silver.

This amazing new creation made with vintage buttons is just one of the "delights" you'll find in this jewelry maker's very interesting and wonderful shop. This is a great place to spend your lunch hour rummaging around for something special!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

JET of the Day: LoveStoneArts

Handcrafted Jewelry from LoveStoneArts

While exploring this shop, you'll see there is a very diverse group of jewelry creations to choose from! The artisans who own this shop have a wide range of talents to draw from, and this means they have a very interesting and fun shop to browse through.

It must have taken Denise MANY hours to join all these beads and flowers together, and the result is truly spectacular! Her Floral Statement Necklace really is amazing, and with spring not too far off this necklace will soon be "in season". The combination of colors and textures here is stunning ...

The Descendents Personalized Necklace you see on the right is the ultimate in the Mother's Necklace category. In this example, the names of three generations in a family are hand stamped onto individual sterling silver pendants.

Between the names are chain drops with pearl dangles as separators. This is an amazing way to celebrate family ... a truly thoughtful gift for Mom or Grandma.

Mother's Day is closer than you think. This necklace would be an appreciated gift!

The long oval Botswana Agate and silver ring at left was created by Craig. This oval "bullseye" agate looks really great in this handcrafted setting.

The scalloped bezel is something you don't see all that often, and the beaded accent surrounding it really does add to the look.

This stone is a fabulous neutral color, and it will look very nice with anything you've got on. The stone's center pattern is gorgeous. It makes this cabochon really interesting and attractive. This ring could easily find its way onto your finger every day. Just a great ring!

Jewelry SHOULD be fun to wear. After all, it really is the type of thing you wear because you want to, not because you NEED to.

And this ring is like that. Because you can play with it! The center beaded band moves! It can be spun with the touch of a finger.

These used to be called worry rings because they gave the nervous person wearing it something to do, taking their mind off the problems of the day. Now they're a popular design! These rings are not just for people who need something to do with their hands ... this classic style just looks fantastic on just about anyone. I think its awesome!

Browse through LoveStoneArts today. I think you'll find something YOU love in this shop!

Monday, January 26, 2015

JET of the Day: LittleBrownBird

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry by Mary Ryan

Eco - Friendly Silver, Copper, Bronze and Gold Jewelry

Today we're looking into LittleBrownBird! Mary, the artisan / owner of this shop is a long time JET member. The jewelry offered here is feminine and fun, great designs made to wear every day!

Mixed metal jewelry has become very popular. The rich colors contrast and the result is very easy to see in the Tiny Leaf Earrings shown on the right.

These earrings are a fantastic but very simple design. Light in weight, these nature inspired, woodsy leaf design dangles will truly compliment anything you wear. These are completely handcrafted, from the stamped leaf designs to the handmade ear wires. The layered look gives them dimension, which makes the two colors really stand out. 

Here's a very cool bracelet from Mary! This one would look great on a woman or a man. 

Silver tubes on leather, accented with beaded rondelles and turquoise drops give this bracelet a classic look that will be fashionable for many years to come.

The colors in this piece make it very easy to wear day in and day out; the brown leather and gleaming silver are great neutral tones that match well with almost anything, and the pretty blue / green turquoise beads add just a touch of fabulous color.

This bracelet could easily become a favorite!

Here's a very interesting mixed metal piece! Mary used a new material made for artisans named BronzClay. This is amazing stuff! It allowed her to make the focal pendant completely by hand. This pendant is solid bronze - with a hand applied Zinnia pattern.

The uneven edges are intentional. This gives the necklace a more organic look. It is a pure brushed bronze color.

By mixing the bronze pendant with a bright silver chain, glass beads and brass accent beads, Mary has created very attractive piece with a lot of character. This artisan wants to create jewelry that can be worn with many colors and styles; she certainly hit the mark when she put this wonderful mixed metal Zinnia necklace together!

Here's a pretty, very feminine necklace that would be a nice gift for Valentine's Day. The floral print was placed in the antiqued brass pendant frame, and encased in resin by Mary. The clear dome protects the flower print from aging and fading.

The antique style pendant dangles from a brass LOVE element, which is suspended from the antiqued brass chain.

To finish the piece this jewelry designer added a small brass heart charm. The perfect Valentine's necklace - flowers, a heart and LOVE charm all in one piece of amazing handmade jewelry! Any woman would love this beautiful antique style necklace.

Stop in to visit LittleBrownBird today and make shopping for a Valentine's Day gift easy!

Friday, January 23, 2015

JET of the Day: LimeintheSky


Citrus and Sky Theme Handmade Jewelry

Today we're featuring LimeintheSky! This JET member creates several lines of unique handmade jewelry. The necklace on the right is one of her Upscaled T-Shirt pieces; the cord is made from a t-shirt. The name fits ... the colors in this necklace are bright and saturated, as in a rainbow ...

The beads are stone, glass, bone and resin. This eclectic mix of materials gives this amazing necklace more than color. The different textures and shapes are simply stunning. The length is adjustable to fit you!

On the left is one of this jewelry artisan's Music Geek line. This bracelet is made with hand carved citrine beads and peridot disc beads. The beads are laid out in the pattern of a musical scale ... in half and whole steps!

Terry and I both see it, because we can play and read. If you aren't a musician you can still enjoy this pretty bracelet - the beads are great colors that go together very nicely, and linked bracelets like this one are very comfortable to wear.

Another interesting line is Anne - Marie's Ceramic jewelry. The necklace at right is a simple rectangle with a blue glaze. The color, texture, shape - all were created by this artisan for this specific purpose. It really is simple, and also beautiful!

There are more ceramic pieces here as well - I really like several of them very much. This small house necklace is a really nice one; sort of a reminder about what is important in life - home and family.

I also love this quirky ceramic honeycomb patchwork necklace! These ceramic components were made to fit together, and you can tell it was a well planned piece because of the hole placement in each tile.

This JET member has a Tiny Stones line that is both beautiful and very wearable! These necklaces and bracelets are made with small size gemstone beads and pearls.

They're sterling silver; some with a bright finish, and some oxidized, like the moonstone and labradorite example on the left. There are quite a few of these available;
the Tiny Pearl double necklace would be a great piece to wear at a wedding. Two of these necklaces feature raw diamonds.

If you love handmade jewelry, you'll really love LimeintheSky. Visit today and treat yourself!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

JET of the Day: LeesEarringBoutique

Artisan Wire Wrapped Jewelry at LeesEarringBoutique

LeesEarringBoutique is a fantastic place to buy wire wrapped gemstone jewelry! This shop is well stocked with absolutely gorgeous earrings, pendants and more, all featuring gemstone beads and pearls.

The pretty green earrings on the right are typical of the high quality components and workmanship you'll find at Lees. This artisan uses wire to frame the beads she uses to create in a very attractive way. Graceful curves and a well thought out design. A mix of vivid green jade and emerald gemstone beads. Rich gold filled wire and corrugated gold filled beads. These Emerald Green Jade Earrings are so unique - and you'll only find them at LeesEarringBoutique!

 Blue topaz is a very popular gemstone. These wire wrapped earrings by Lee prominently showcase sparkling faceted sky blue topaz briolettes. If you wear a lot of blue, these would be a really nice accent.

This is a good example of Lees amazing "wire sculpting" style. The briolettes are free to move in the center of the wire frames that make up the open area at the bottom of these very pretty dangles. The yellow gold color looks amazing with the blue topaz briolettes ... these are so elegant they would be fabulous worn to a wedding or any special event or a formal party - a prom, anniversary party or an awards dinner!

 Here's a pair of Lapis Lazuli earrings made with Argentium Silver wire. This wire is a bit more pure than sterling silver at .935; and the silver is alloyed with Germanium in place of copper so they are very tarnish resistant.

So ...these are not just beautiful, but are an easy to care for pair of handmade earrings. The deep blue lapis beads look amazing with the bright white color of silver. The design is quite pretty and earrings like these will go with every type of wardrobe, from casual to business.

They're attractive enough to wear out for an evening with a fabulous blue dress, or with jeans and a sweater for a weekend trip to the supermarket. These earrings are good to wear every day!

The focus here is definitely on earrings; they are obviously Lee's specialty. But if you browse through this outstanding artisan's shop, you will find there are other jewelry items here! On the left, you'll see a really nice amethyst and gold filled wrap bracelet.

There are gemstone bracelets, a really nice selection of earrings with posts and backs for those who don't like wearing long dangle earrings, Lee's Statement Earrings and her spectacular Wire Art Earrings.

I have been told many times ... a woman can't have too many pair of earrings. So if you're a guy and you need a nice gift ... or an earring collector shopping for yourself ... you owe it to yourself to check out the unbelievable variety offered at LeesEarringBoutique!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

JET of the Day: LauraStamperDesigns

Fabulous Art Jewelry by LauraStamperDesigns

Laura Stamper was a portrait artist - a painter - before she began making jewelry. This has carried over and is a big influence on her current work as a jewelry artist.

The first thing I see when I look at her work is color. Lots of color. Some of her pieces are more subtle, but many are bright and vibrant, like the enameled stacking rings you see on the right side of the page.

Statement Art Brooch: Mermaid on Reef with Fish and Seaweed

These stacking rings are one of her more "traditional" designs. Browsing through her shop, you'll see that many pieces have a sculptural quality.

This is evident in her figural pieces; the Mermaids, Goddesses and tribute pieces that celebrate famous women - Like Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe.

The Mermaid Brooch at left is a fantastic example of Laura's sculptural style. The mermaid brooch is just part of what you see here. She sits in a stand; when she's not being worn this brooch can be displayed as the art piece it really is!

 Laura makes a line of "eco friendly" jewelry that is made from recycled metals. These can be .999 fine silver, .925 sterling silver or high karat gold.

Most feature gemstones that are unfinished, rough gems or gemstones with unusual qualities, like the large rutilated quartz set in the ring on the right.

You'll also find a variety of asymmetrical earrings in this shop. These unique and unusual earrings ARE pairs - they belong together - but they're not exactly the same. Some are top to bottom mirrors of each other ...
the gemstone order is different, but the types of stones are the same. Or the stones will be a different shape, like these. And some have both qualities, like the earrings on the left!

If you love art jewelry, you'll appreciate this artisan's creations - because they ARE different. That is an essential quality when creating art of any type - the unique factor is just SO important.

By combining her traditional art with jewelry, Laura has created lines that are so different from anything else out there I believe her jewelry will stand out at any show or venue she chooses to participate in.

The artists that have influenced her style vary from the classic Rennaissance artist Leonardo DaVinci to the fabulous Frida Kahlo, the Mexican self portrait artist - to abstract and cubic artists like Salvatore Dali and Pablo Picasso.

The Picasso influence is evident in her tribute piece, the bracelet on the right - which Laura named "PiCATso". Each link is different, very cubist - and cats are very prominently featured. This wonderful piece would make Picasso smile!

Visit LauraStamperDesigns today!