Wednesday, November 26, 2014

JET of the Day: BrookeJewelry

Vintage Trade Bead, Leather and Sterling Silver Bracelet
Today we're showcasing BrookeJewelry as our JET of the Day! Brooke creates a wide range of handmade silver jewelry.

As artisans, we sometimes find pieces we're comfortable creating and we fit ourselves into a niche, or specialty.

While this can help with marketing online it also limits our skills and can stop us from exploring what we are capable of.

Brooke uses many techniques to make the fantastic rings, pendants and bracelets you'll see when visiting her shop. Only top quality gemstones and components are used in her jewelry.

You'll find a good variety of items, featuring different materials to sort them into different price ranges. Metals are pure, not
plated; copper, brass, silver and gold all have their place in this shop. Gemstones can be set or strung; while the bracelet above features turquoise beads, the ring on the right shows off a hand cut, bright green Chrysoprase cabochon.

Brooke is a metalsmith but still retains and uses ALL of her jewelry making talents. There are pearl earrings and
pearl with gemstone pendants created with wire wrapping techniques, and more complicated creations like her wonderful Blush Pink Druzy and Silver Ring.

Of course, classic handmade silver jewelry has it's appeal, and so this artisan aims to please. Brooke's fantastic Double Super Hoop Sterling Silver Earrings (below) are a fabulous example of the wear - it - everyday jewelry created by this amazing jewelry maker.

Brooke offers her creations at very reasonable prices, and you can't get better quality handcrafted jewelry. Visit her shop at today!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

JET of the Day: Blucha

Our JET of the Day is Blucha. If you love vintage glamour, this shop is for you!

Featuring classic style jewelry made with glass rhinestones and crystal, the earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants offered in this shop are just fabulous!

Colorful glass and crystal jewels are set into components that link together to create pieces like the sparkling red crystal earrings shown on the right. This type of jewelry also includes linked bracelets and necklaces. And Blucha jewelry isn't only beautiful. It's affordable, so its great for holiday gift giving!

If you are a ring person, you might want every ring in this shop! These glittering, glam beauties will add lots of color to anything you wear. Want to be noticed?

Wear the Art Deco Blue Cocktail Ring shown on the left, and every time you move your hand it will attract attention ...

Rings like this are available in many colors, and interesting color combinations.

Stunning and spectacular jewelry is always a major part of any Bride's big day, and so Blucha is now offering exquisite Bridal Jewellery made with the same care and attention to detail this jewelry maker puts into the  colored crystal and rhinestone jewelry the shop is known for.

The earrings shown on the right are a good example of the Bridal Jewelry line at Blucha.

These amazing earrings feature crystal teardrops and CZ accents set in rose gold plated components. The ear wires are sterling silver. They're nice quality, high end fashion jewelry; handmade, one of a kind!

The artisan / owner of Blucha is Erika Price. Erika donates all the profit from sales in this shop to Cancer research and her local parish. So take a look today!

Visit Blucha and spend some time browsing. You'll find your shopping list getting smaller!

Monday, November 24, 2014

JET of the Day: Beads for Blanche by BlancheB

The name of this shop - Beads for Blanche - is a tribute to the memory of a much loved pet. The owner of this shop - Stacey - began selling jewelry to raise funds that helped to pay medical expenses for the smiling pup you see in the picture above ...

Since that time, BlancheB has evolved into a shop that sells brand name vintage jewelry and handmade jewelry with vintage parts.

You'll find vintage rhinestone necklaces, hair ornaments like bobby pins made with antique jewelry parts and vintage buttons.

Stacey likes to group her handmade bobby pins by theme, like floral, rhinestone, grouped by color, or maybe a pearl set.

This Etsy shop offers jewelry items by collectible makers like Coro, Lanvin and even a ring by Hattie Carnegie!

Browsing in this shop is a lot of fun; there are some really interesting and beautiful things here. There are some true treasures hidden at BlancheB just waiting to be uncovered - like the heart shaped box by Tiffany & Co. shown on the right, and this Antique Diamond Filigree Brooch.

Some people prefer vintage over new. Things were more likely to be handmade, and standards were higher because products were made to last. It seems many things are designed now to last just so long. It began with paper plates and disposable lighters ...

So if you like to explore Etsy shops and hunt for hidden gems, a visit to might be just what you need to find the perfect gift.

Friday, November 21, 2014

JET of the Day: BellaVea

Lavender Quartz, Amethyst, 14k Gold Filled Necklace
For a contemporary look grounded in traditional style, you just can't beat gemstone jewelry made with sparkling, colored gemstones. That's what you'll find at BellaVea ... gorgeous, color saturated, bright gemstones paired with gleaming .925 silver or gold filled metal components!

Gaiana, the owner / designer at BellaVea loves to design her jewelry with graceful, flowing curves, loops and patterns, giving it a natural, very feminine feel and a look that is unique - a modern and boho fusion!

Gemstone Statement Earrings by BellaVea
On the right, you'll see a great example of Gaiana's fantastic design and jewelry making skills!

These opulent gemstone earrings were carefully wire-wrapped in luxurious 14k gold filled wire, with the artisan carefully spacing out the vivid green onyx for an almost random pattern that has balance and symmetry, and ending with richly colored Amethyst briolette drops. Perfect!

Be sure to check out the gemstone bracelets and beautiful necklaces as well!

Pearl, Crystal and Rhinestone Bridal Necklace
BellaVea offers elegant handmade Bridal jewelry that can be customized with a nice selection of colored pearls. Some Bridal items can be made to order from a good variety of Swarovski crystal colors.

Your entire Bridal Party can wear matching, custom made necklaces, bridal earrings and wedding bracelets for a coordinated look, and the prices are so reasonable that giving this jewelry as gifts to your bridesmaids can be fit into just about any budget.

Planning on doing some gift shopping soon? Remember to add this shop to your favorites because you'll want to visit again ... and again!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

JET of the Day: BeadzNBling

Rust Brown Bronze Biwa Stick Pearl Necklace

Look at any picture of "treasure" spilling from an open chest, and some of the most prominent valuables shown are gemstone bead and pearl necklaces!

BeadzNBling is a REALLY good source for all your gemstone bead and pearl jewelry needs! Whether you just want a pair of labradorite earrings for a birthday gift or a multi - strand pearl necklace for an upcoming Wedding, this shop has it all.

Love Baroque pearls? A traditional white "round" necklace? Or gorgeous, satiny smooth gray pearls? They're all here!

Biwa Stick Pearl Bridal Necklace
This shop offers fabulous gemstone jewelry made with turquoise, kyanite and more! Shop for gemstone earrings and artisan made necklaces you'll want to wear every day ... and if you're shopping for an amazing gift, BeadzNBling makes it easy and affordable!

Set of 3 Red Bracelets
Visit this shop today and find out how BeadzNBling can make Holiday shopping easy! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

JET of the Day: BeadsMe

Montana Blue Glass Teardrop Earrings

Our JET of the Day shop is BeadsMe! Owned and operated by Mandy Harvey this fantastic Etsy shop features pretty and feminine jewelry along with original photography by Mandy.

You'll find a HUGE variety of items to choose from. Traditional jewelry, photos set into jewelry like pendant necklaces and earrings, and her art prints that add interest and beauty to your home. Many of her subjects feature the beautiful, natural settings of her surroundings; horses, landscapes and seashores are all depicted in her work.

If you love traditional handmade jewelry, you'll love BeadsMe! Sparkling gemstones and crystal are featured in many of Mandy's creations so there is a lot of color in this shop! Take a look at the necklace on the right. Hand wrapped, this glittering Red Topaz necklace on a sterling silver chain is an amazing bargain at just $58.00!

I love the photo above! Lighting, composition ... all amazing. Even the star filled sky ...

Visit BeadsMe today. You'll want to spend at least a half hour looking around ...!