Friday, November 30, 2012

The 2012 JET Holiday Shopping Video Guide

Here is a look at some of the fabulous jewelry being offered by the JETS for the Holiday season! This video was put together by JET member Deb of DebrasDivineDesigns. Thank you Deb!

The JETS make a wide variety of jewelry at all price levels, so there is something for everyone!

Here's your link to over TEN THOUSAND handmade jewelry items made by JET members ...

Happy shopping, and ... whatever your holiday is ... The JETS hope it is truly fabulous!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A New Beginning ...

I 'm writing here today for several reasons. First, I want to introduce myself. I'm the new editor or chief blogger or whatever you want to call me for the JET blog. My name is Bob Edwards, and my shop on Etsy can be found here:

I've been a JET member for about five years now, and have written here many times before. I did a daily post here for the JET of the Day for a long time, and have written feature articles here as well.

But this blog is not about me. I'm going to do my best to promote every JET member shop here, and make the blog an interesting, informative and fun to read destination for members, other bloggers and jewelry makers. I also want people who just love jewelry to find things here that will interest them!

I have many ideas when it comes to content. I want to introduce every JET member with a short profile. Sort of a Meet the Artisan type listing. I'll be looking for regular contributors from the Team who want to write a column - once every two weeks, or even just once a month.

I want to post articles that show "how it was made". Tutorials and tips. Reviews of tools.

And of course I plan to show off our jewelry creations. We'll have a JET Gift Guide for Holidays!

I am always open to ideas. This will be a collective effort; I am just the person who will put it all together. Please contact me with your ideas, articles, tips ... whatever you want to contribute.

Let's make the JET blog a great place to visit every day! I know we can do an outstanding job.

Send me a convo on Etsy ... I would love to hear from you!