Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful Handmade Jewelry by BeadsMe

If you love unique handmade jewelry and are shopping within a budget, you'll love BeadsMe! This jewelry artisan makes lovely pieces with a great variety of beads, combining them with a mix of metals to bring you a fabulous variety of handcrafted jewelry at low prices! We'll start with the Earthy Glow - Bracelet shown on the left. This beautiful bracelet was made entirely by this artisan; she made the coiled beads and clasp from brass wire, and combined them with pretty tiger eye beads and a gorgeous green and brown terracotta focal bead to create this one of a kind bracelet. The earthy colors in this beauty go so well together, and the coiled beads are amazing! This attractive bracelet is just $22.50. Here's a pretty pair of earrings from this artisan! Her Black And Green Must Be Seen Earrings are cute dangles featuring peridot color crystals, jet black Czech glass trumpet flowers, black cloisonne silver plated bead caps and silver plated findings. Peridot green and black go really well as a combination! These pretty dangles measure about 1 1/2" from top to bottom. These are very well made earrings, with good tight even wire wrapping. They could easily become one of your favorite pair. They're yours for $13.50! Peacock color pearls are fabulous! This Midnight Whisper Necklace is fashionable and will bring many compliments your way. The freshwater pearls are a nice size and are evenly matched for shape and color as well. Each pearl was individually hand wrapped by the artisan, and attached to the silver plated chain drop by hand. These are genuine freshwater pearls. Pearls of this type are normally dyed to produce a uniform color; these have even color and are quite lustrous. All of the metal in this piece is silver plated. The assembly was done by the artisan herself, and her work is excellent. This necklace is ready to ship ... its yours for $35.00! Just one more pair of earrings to share today ... the beautiful, sparkling Summer Fun Earrings! This pair of dangles features long sterling silver ear wires, with a cluster of multicolored Czech glass beads at the bottom. These glass beads have wonderful color and sparkle! Each bead is individually attached to a silver plated twisted wire ring, which is attached to the sterling silver earwires in turn. You'll love the combination of colors! These pretty earrings are $28.00 ... Stop by BeadsMe today! Browse through the necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so much more ... this shop has a huge variety to choose from ... at the time I wrote this, there were 314 items in on display. This is a fabulous place to find handmade jewelry, so be sure to bookmark BeadsMe!

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in handmade gemstone jewelry and plus size bracelets. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Handmade Jewelry at ArtMadeByTammy

Today we're going to take a few minutes to showcase a few items from Jet member ArtMadeByTammy! Today - May 25 - marks Tammy's third year selling her creations on Etsy - her "Etsyversary"! To celebrate, this artisan has lowered prices on everything in her shop, so now is the perfect time for you to discover this talented artisan jewelry maker. The lovely Wild Flowers Bracelet Original Art Piece shown on the left spotlights an original painting by Tammy! The focal piece was hand painted with a brush - it isn't a decal or a reproduction of any kind. This is a true one of a kind art jewelry piece! Made with red aventurine oval beads, lucite flowers and a tarnish resistant gold plated chain, this special piece is just $50.00! This pretty flower pendant necklace was designed and made by Tammy from copper components. Tammy made this piece with aqua colored crystal, but can make this lovely pendant in a variety of colors! Tammy's Antique Copper Flower with Aqua Crystals Pendant Necklace is a great summer accessory. This piece would look fabulous with a casual tee shirt and jeans, or also with business attire - worn to the office. Jewelry like this is very versatile, and necklaces like this can be worn everywhere! This beautiful handmade necklace could be yours for just $22.00 ... These pretty Silver Heart Hoops with Cyclamen Opal Swarovski Dangle Earrings will add a nice colorful accent to any outfit! Fun and fashionable, the heart design adds a touch of romance, making these a great gift for a birthday or ... just because. The Swarovski Cyclamen Opal crystals are fabulous, with an amazing opal - like color! This style is a very comfortable earring to wear. Tammy's wire wrapping is neat and secure ... these are very well made. The hoops themselves are silver plated; these beautiful fashion earrings are only $14.00! Here's another original art piece by Tammy! Her Cat Eyes - Mini Painted Art Pendant Necklace is a whimsical necklace every cat owner would love to wear. This is an original art painting - by Tammy - on a wood base. Tammy sands a wooden blank smooth, primes it, creates her outline and paints the piece. This particular pendant was done with a combination of brushed on paint and colored pencils. Finally the pendant is sealed with epoxy resin to protect and preserve the artwork. This cute pendant is signed and dated by Tammy, and is a one of a kind piece. It will arrive ready to wear on an adjustable 16"-18" gunmetal chain. Just $45.00! Spend some time with Tammy on her Etsyversary! While you're there take advantage of her low sale prices and treat yourself to a piece of handmade artisan jewelry. Remember to bookmark this cool shop!

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in handcrafted silver jewelry and custom length silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Sunday, May 23, 2010

AmbersJewelry - Luxe Bohemian
.925 & Gemstone Jewelry by Amber Bryce

Today we're visiting AmbersJewelry! This artisan makes sparkling gemstone jewelry - earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Amber wotks in sterling silver, and likes to design pieces with briolettes. She seems to favor transparent or translucent gemstones, mostly varieties of quartz. Pieces with iolite, blue topaz, smoky quartz and more are featured here, beautifully wrapped in sterling silver wire. The earrings to the left are her Baisers de framboise Sterling Silver, Dark Hot Pink Mystic Quartz Earrings. These sparkling beauties feature absolutely fabulous Mystic Quartz in a sparkling pink color faceted briolette. These stones break light up like a prism and display beautiful flashing colors. Mystic Quartz is a recent development in the gemstone industry; clear quartz is coated in a fairly durable treatment to give it color and enhance the prismatic effect. These briolettes are wrapped with silver wire and dangle from handmade silver ear wires. These handmade earrings could be yours for just $26.00! The next item we're spotlighting today is this pair of citrine earrings on the right. This artisan's Amaunet Earrings - Sterling Silver and Citrine are made with a bright, sparkling yellow pair of faceted citrine briolettes wrapped with oxidized sterling silver wire and suspended from handcrafted oxidized sterling silver earwires. Citrine is a variety of quartz, usually found neat amethyst deposits. These are beautiful, bright gemstones! This gorgeous pair of gem earrings is $28.00 ... The beautuiful Lotus Flower Necklace was made with Rhodolite garnet rondelles and an amethyst briolette, and the pendant was hand wrapped with many feet of oxidized sterling silver wire. This is a really attractive piece that will bring lots of compliments! This beautiful pendant was then attached to a handcrafted chain made of sterling silver wire and whisky quartz rondelles. This beautiful gemstone pendant necklace is only $73.00. This fantastic trio is one of Amber's Three's A Charm Necklace series! Three sparkling briolettes, wire wrapped in gleaming silver wire, and suspended from a sterling silver snake chain. These three briolettes are smooth labradorite at the top, faceted amethyst in the center and ruby moonstone at the bottom - moonstone that is permanently dyed a bright reddish pink color. This gorgeous necklace can be worn with one, two or all three of these gemstone dangles for a dramatic look. Just $30.00! Stop by Blue Scarab for handmade jewelry today. This shop - AmbersJewelry on Etsy - offers really great gemstone jewelry at reasonable prices. Be sure to bookmark this cool shop! Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in custom made silver jewelry and handmade bracelets. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Creative, Fashionable, Affordable
Handmade Jewelry by AdroitJewelers

AdroitJewelers is a fascinating shop; I love it when people collect local materials and turn them into handmade jewelry! This artisan lives and works in Maine, and makes some of the jewelry you 'll find in the shop from sea glass she picks up on local beaches. The pendant shown on the left is a great example! I love the color -a beautiful light violet. This artisan jeweler is very good at wire-wrapping, and created this two piece pendant with plenty of movement. The Shapely Genuine Purple Seaglass pendant is a frosted beauty! This handmade pendant could be yours for $54.00! These root beer colored Sterling Silver Caged Brown Genuine Sea Glass Earrings are very pretty! Encased in a silver spiral cage, these earrings are an unusual color for sea glass. The metal parts are all sterling silver, and they're about 1.25" long. Take them home - just $27.00! This next pair are a similar style, but made with the very hard to find bright green color sea glass. The Sterling Silver Caged Green Genuine Sea Glass Earrings are a fantastic, vivid green hue that is so well known it has a name ... bottle green! These lovely earrings are just $29.00. Everyone who collects and loves sea glass knows ... blue is the rarest of colors ... very hard to find. The Deep Blue Sea Necklace - Genuine Seaglass is simply beautiful. A well worn piece of deep blue sea glass is simply drilled and dangled from the bottom of a beautiful wire form sterling silver pendant. This pendant arrives on a silver rope chain; it is priced at $69.00. There is one more sea glass piece I want to mention ... the Genuine Sea Glass Sterling Silver Cage Bracelet! Made with links similar to the caged earrings above ... brown, white and green sea glass, linked together to form a fabulous one of a kind bracelet! Bargain priced - at $46.00! Click into the bracelets category, where you'll find the Copper Viking Knit Handmade Bracelet! Viking Knit is an ancient wire weaving technique that produces a beautiful chain ... if you wear a copper bracelet, this is a great style you'll love! Very stylish and pretty, this bracelet is $38.00. It may seem like everyone is pierced everywhere these days, but believe it or not there are plenty of women who don't have pierced ears. This artisan knows they want earrings too ... and so she designed a new type of earring just for them! Check out her Earrings Non pierced section for a nice variety of styles designed to look great, wear comfortably and stay in place! These beautiful Peridot Green Czech Glass Slip on Hoops - non-pierced are made with gleaming gold filled wire, hand formed and hammered - with a peridot color Czech glass bead dangle. Just $42.00 ... There is a LOT to see at AdroitJewelers. When you browse this shop be sure to see the Earrings Pierced category, the Necklaces/Pendants section and the Rings. There is also a Gifts and Vintage section, a SALE Section and a Supplies category for the DIY crew. So stop by for a visit and treat yourself to some great summer jewelry! Be sure to bookmark this shop ... you'll want to come back here again! Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in artisan made silver jewelry and custom length silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Friday, May 21, 2010

Handmade Jewelry by AbacusBeadCreations!

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years. People love wearing jewelry for many reasons, and no one knows exactly how it started. One thing we do know is that jewelry made with beads is one of the oldest forms of jewelry found to date; natural fiber, pierced seeds and shells were among the first materials used to create jewelry. One of the most amazing things is that no matter where people exist - in the most remote places, isolated from the rest of the world - handmade jewelry plays a role in their lives! AbacusBeadCreations has helped to keep this traditional method of jewelry making popular in our modern world! The handmade jewelry created by this artisan is a far cry from the seed, shell and bone jewelry made by those first jewellery makers; made with modern materials, the jewelry made by this talented artisan is very different. But the basic idea hasn't changed; people love to wear jewelry ... When you visit AbacusBeadCreations, you'll find the jewelry has been arranged in convenient categories to make shopping easy. You can visit each section , go right to the type of jewelry you prefer, or browse aimlessly through the item pages; whatever you choose to do, you'll find beautiful pieces that fit into your everyday lifestyle. There are lots of pieces to choose from - pretty necklaces, fashionable bracelets and sparkling earrings that are colorful and fun to wear! Jewelry can also be functional, and Peg - the artisan who makes the handcrafted jewelry displayed in this shop - is very aware of that! Offering a great selection of lovely beaded watches, handy eyeglass holders and popular lanyards for holding ID badges, keys and whistles allows you to look good while keeping these important items in a convenient place. The Mohave Green Turquoise and Chalk Turquoise Eyeglass Holder is a great example of the functional jewelry made by this artisan. The dyed blue chalk turquoise and the beautiful Mohave green turquoise are complimented by silver beads, and sections of green, turquoise blue and white seed beads. The ends are finished with Wire Guardians to prevent the beading cord from wear; and each end terminates with a rubber eyeglass holder. This 30" beauty is just $22.00! At work you have to wear your ID badge all day. Or keys. If you're a coach, maybe you wear a whistle. So you wear these things on a lanyard. Thing is ... most lanyards are boring. They all look the same ... cord. Sure, maybe you can find a different color cord. Well, now you can look good while keeping your essentials right where you can find them! This artisan offers fabulous beaded lanyards like the Indian Jasper with Picture Jasper and Bronze Lanyard that will make all your co-workers jealous! Made with two different types of jasper, bronze colored Czech glass beads, green and copper colored seed beads, a silver plated swivel and a nice big split ring, this piece isn't only functional - it looks fabulous! This lanyard is 32" in length and is just $20.00 ... Peg makes gorgeous jewelry, and her bracelets are no exception! This Vintage Rose Crystal, Gray Pearl and Sterling Silver Bali Bead Bracelet is so pretty, and quite affordable at $22.00. You may prefer something with a brighter color, like the Carnelian and Multi-Colored Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, also affordably priced - at $20.00! Or you might like the eclectic mix of colors in the fabulous Tiger Iron Moukaite Crystal Copper Chunky Bracelet, shown above - at only $32.00! This jewelry artisan tries to keep her jewelry priced reasonably, but the design quality is top notch. Just look at these Baby Blue Pearl White Curved Pearl Earrings with Ornate Silver Findings ... they're glamourous earrings with a very sophisticated appearance ... and they're just $20.00. THAT is amazing! So wander in to Abacus Bead Creations today and you'll be thrilled with the selection, the quality of this artisan's work and the fabulously low prices. Do some shopping ... treat yourself! Remember to add AbacusBeadCreations to your favorites ... this is a great place to buy a gift! Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in personalized silver jewelry and custom length silver chains and bracelets. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Handmade Jewelry at WearableByDesign

Good morning! Today we're visiting WearableByDesign. This shop showcases handcrafted fine silver jewelry made by an award winning artisan jewelry maker! The handmade jewelry on display in this shop is so unique you know right away it is very special ... The Silver Gears Industrial Steampunk Harley Chic Necklace you see here is made of .999 fine silver with a sterling silver chain. Each gear is individually created by the artisan, and they're linked together to create this absolutely amazing necklace. Making a piece like this takes a LOT of time ... the skill to do the labor ... and a real eye for design. It is no wonder this Harley Chic necklace was voted Favorite "Bike Item on a Roll" on Etsy 2009! This necklace is just about 18" long. It isn't available anywhere else ... you are dealing directly with the artist when you shop at WearableByDesign! Every piece of jewelry in this shop is fabulous. The variety is good; you'll find a nice assortment of handmade necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and Cuff Links. This jewelry maker is influenced by her interests in mechanical objects and natural forms. Two polar opposites ... and it makes this a fascinating collection. Above, you see her industrial side; but look at her Silver Red Crystal Pearl Flowers Scarlett Ophelia Necklace and you'll see an entirely different line. Graceful, flowing lines that are so feminine and pretty ... yet this is an amazingly detailed necklace with gorgeous texture. It also features red pearls and crystals, and since each component is separately attached to the chain the parts move freely. Truly beautiful. Another nature influenced piece, the Silver Oak Leaves Necklace is also fine silver. Each leaf making up this necklace is unique; they are graduated in size and the piece is finished with a handmade sterling silver hook clasp. This fabulous necklace is a choker length piece. The Silver and Red Cabochon Pendant - Shakespeare's Rose is a petite fine silver pendant with a bright pink CZ and a lovely floral design. This pendant arrives ready to wear on a sterling chain! If you like a larger size pendant, the Silver and Red Faceted Stones - Victoria in Red Pendant might be just what you're looking for. The pattern is in a vintage style, with a pretty border design and a vine with berries design. The pendant is set with six CZs, six in a ruby red color and a larger clear CZ in the center. This pendant is about 1.5" across, and arrives on a silver chain! I like the Handmade Silver Squares Ring. This is a one of a kind ring, entirely handcrafted in .999 fine silver. A great style that will always be fashionable, this ring is a nice fashion accent! If you're looking for a nice gift for a man, this artisan has a couple of pieces you might like. The cool Bicycle Gear Man's or Unisex Necklace is a fine silver gear pendant on your choice of a black rubber cord necklace or a sterling silver chain. This is a really nice casual accessory for a man! For more dressy occasions, men like to wear a nice pair of cuff links. Consider this awesome pair of Silver Bicycle Gear Cuff Links! The same basic design as the pendant above - but smaller - these could easily become a favorite pair of cufflinks. The gears are fine silver; the backs are sterling. Stop by WearableByDesign today and take a look around. You'll be very impressed by this artisan's designs, and you might even decide to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of fine silver artisan jewelry! Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in artisan made silver jewelry and silver chains by the inch. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Handmade Designer Gemstone Jewelry by VanDiva

Its time for a visit to VanDiva! I love going through this shop; there is always plenty of new handmade jewelry to check out! These jewelry artisans are always creating fresh designs and coming up with fabulous new ideas. They're always trying something different; and I love the new line of agate slice rings they've been recently listing in their shop. Its such a simple idea, and sometimes ... the most basic ideas are the best! These polished agate slices are beautiful - and by simply attaching a ring shank they've produced a line of fabulous handmade gemstone rings. This blue agate ring is so pretty ... and I love the way these designers have allowed the stone to take the spotlight. The natural "skin" of the agate provides a natural border that is very attractive! The blue color is intense and the ring has a true natural beauty that shines through and demands attention. The ring shank is an adjustable base metal shank, simply attached to the underside of the agate slice - I'm guessing with epoxy resin. But in this case the shank is just a way to wear the agate slice ... the metal component is secondary! This is fabulous fashion jewelry at its best ... and it is extremely affordable! This beautiful ring is just $16.00, and there are a lot of these pretty agate slice rings to choose from! Just about all of the jewelry on display at VanDiva is made with gemstones - mostly big, bold chunky bead necklaces and bracelets - and fantastic earrings! In the Designer Necklaces category you'll find handmade jewelry fashions like the Huge and Chunky Chalk Turquoise Nugget Necklace. This beautiful turquoise necklace features bright blue nuggets of chalk turquoise - which means the stones are dyed and stabilized (chalk turquoise IS turquoise, but it is white). These big and bold turquoise stones are simply fabulous! This blue color is perfect for spring and summer wear, and because the turquoise is stabilized the color will not fade - it will always look its best! A necklace like this made with natural turquoise nuggets would cost well over $1,000 in a retail store. Because these nuggets are dyed chalk turquoise you can have the same look for a LOT less ... only $119.00! I really like this Wave - Gemstone Necklace in Yellow, Orange and Red. Made with a huge assortment of gemstone nuggets and beads graduated in color from yellow to orange to a bright red, this necklace ... rocks! Lets face it ... jewelry can make ALL the difference ... a stunning necklace like this can transform everyday dress into dress-up in no time flat. This beautiful gemstone necklace could be on its way to your door for the low price of just $129.00! Have a love for all things green? VanDiva has a necklace that's perfect for you! Take a look at this Genuine AA Grade Malachite Pendant Necklace ... Made with 14x10mm flat oval malachite beads, all silver components and a fantastic malachite focal pendant from Mexico, this is a really special necklace. The color is awesome, and the stones have great banded patterns on them! This fabulous necklace surely does make a statement ... LOOK at ME! A bargain at $119.00 ... If you favor lariat necklaces, the Tourmaline Nugget 14 Kt Gold-Filled Lariat Necklace is a style you might like! Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors from black to clear, and this necklace is made with a variety of colorful nuggets in a very eye-pleasing design. It would look great on a black tee shirt ... and would be just as attractive worn with business attire or a nice cocktail dress. This fantastic lariat necklace could be part of your jewelry collection for just $119.00! There are a couple of pieces in the Designer Earrings category I want to mention. These artisans seem to have discovered that raw gemstones are gorgeous ... and they're taking advantage of it in a big way. The Citrine Raw Cut Cluster Sterling Silver Earrings are a unique pair of gemstone earrings that features drilled citrine points - natural crystals. They are hand wrapped with silver wire, and dangle from hook style sterling silver ear wires. If you prefer citrine's cousin - rich purple amethyst - the Amethyst Raw Cut Cluster Sterling Silver Earrings will make you very happy! These gorgeous earrings - your choice, citrine or amethyst - are only $32.00! These designers have a Top Shelf Jewelry category you'll want to see. And be sure to go through the Clearance section, where you'll find fab bargains on items from last season. These talented designers also have a shop where they sell handmade and custom made Clutch purses! Take a break today to browse VanDiva - for fashionable handcrafted gemstone jewelry that is affordable and fun to wear. Be sure to bookmark this shop so you can find it anytime!

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in custom designed silver jewelry and unusual silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nature and Vintage Inspired Handmade Brass Jewelry by TheBrassHussy

Today we're visiting TheBrassHussy - a fantastic shop to find handmade brass jewelry! Handcrafted jewelry can be made of many materials. One of the most important is metal; it provides strength, a framework, functional parts like clasps and other components; and in most cases determines the price point of the piece. The best fashion jewelry - or costume jewelry, as it is sometimes called - is made with brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is strong, it can be polished or it can have an applied patina to give it an antiqued appearance. And it is affordable. These days that is important, because precious metals are so expensive. And of course there are many people who prefer it to other jewelry metals - they just like the way it looks! TheBrassHussy has been making and selling brass jewelry for almost 3 years on Etsy and is a well established, popular shop with almost 1000 sales. This jewelry artisan makes beautiful, classic pieces that are very original, and many items are one of a kind pieces. The ring on the left was made with a standard brass locket. This artisan created the pretty Hidden Treasures Tiny Poison Locket Ring - Floral Brass Design by attaching the locket to a ring blank. This makes it a one of a kind, unique piece you won't see elsewhere! Not only is it unusual and fabulous looking but you can't beat the price ... only $14.00! Debbie - artisan and owner of TheBrassHussy - has other Handmade Locket Jewelry pieces on display in her Etsy shop for you to check out! If you like the ring shown in the featured photo, you might like the Brass Heart Poison Locket Ring! A similar style made with a heart shaped locket, this beautiful piece is also a great value, priced at just $14.00. You might like the pretty Pink Posie Oval Brass Locket Necklace - an oval locket with a raised floral design in an antique finish, dressed up with a bright pink flower and on a brass chain. It could be yours for $20.00! Visit this shop's Handmade Rings gallery to find popular Lucite floral design components mounted to antiqued brass ring shanks - available in many colors! These rings are so pretty and very affordable - between $12.00 and $15.00. You'll find rings featuring Lilac Chrysanthemums, Blue Flowers, Peach Lucite Flowers and a lot more ... This artisan's Handmade Necklaces gallery is a very popular collection, and there are good reasons for that - innovative and creative designs, attractive pieces and great prices. One of Debbie's best selling pieces, this Squirrel and Three Freshwater Pear Acorn Nuts Asymmetrical Brass Necklace Jewelry is a great example! Take a quick look at her sold items and you'll see many of these necklaces have found their way to happy jewelry lovers. This whimsical squirrel is a lovable character, and the necklace is one of TheBrassHussy's original designs, not available anywhere else. You could add this fabulous necklace to your collection for only $29.00! Double strand necklaces are very popular, and there are some nice pieces to see here! The very cool Under Lock and Key - Coral and Brass Necklace with charms is an eye-catching piece you'll want to own. Made with bright red dyed coral beads, a brass heart shaped lock and a key charm are combined with brass Infinity chain to create a really great fashion jewelry necklace! Take this one home with you ... for just $28.00! Red is just not your favorite color? The Narcissus - Teal and Swarovski Brass Flower Necklace may be something you would like! It features sparkling teal/blue/green beads, antiqued brass components and chain, and a narcissus flower with a Swarovski crystal center. This fabulous piece will accent a dress very nicely, and is priced at only $26.00 ... This shop's biggest section is the fantastic Handmade Earrings gallery. There are currently 70 pair of gorgeous earrings on display here, all waiting and ready to accent your wardrobe! Debbie likes to make her earrings with brightly colored glass beads, and they provide a great contrast with the antiqued brass metal components. The Ruby Red Earrings Drops are the perfect illustration ... bright red glass teardrop shaped beads dangle from brass rings and ear wires with a gorgeous vintage patina. The red just jumps combined with the brass ... and they're $12.00! These pretty Green Glass and Brass Chandelier Earrings are a fabulous deal at just $14.00 ... Prefer polished, golden colored brass? These Shiny Golden Brass and Amethyst Earrings on 14k goldfilled earwires are an awesome buy at the bargain price of only $14.00! Natural themes are big here ... these Green Glass Pearl Acorn Earrings are fabulous at $14.00! I could easily list dozens of pieces here. They're all attractive, very well made and SO affordable! But I'm going to leave the rest ... so you can have fun exploring this fabulous shop! This artisan has created a beautiful line of handmade jewelry items that are fashionable and fun to wear. If you're looking to buy a gift, you've found a great place to do it! Visit TheBrassHussy today - you'll be so happy you found this shop!

 Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in custom made silver jewelry and plus size silver bracelets and chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Sunday, May 16, 2010

StudioJewel - Handcrafted, Unique,
Modern Metal Jewelry by TheBeadGirl

Happy Sunday! Today we're going to take a look at Studio Jewel ... and there's plenty to explore in this shop. This jewelry artisan has been very busy creating beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and her shop has a lot of great new handcrafted jewelry to offer. Her handmade silver jewelry has wide appeal, with items suited for both casual and business dress. There is a variety of spiritual jewelry and a nice selection of MOM jewelry that can be personalized by custom stamping. On the left you'll see the Swirls of Silver Ring. This Alexander Calder inspired ring was part of a collection Lisa created on commission for the Grand Rapids Art Museum. This classic design is a great everyday ring; completely hand forged from a single piece of silver wire, it will always be in style. You'll also find other pieces in this wonderful collection available here! This Sterling Silver Wire Cuff Bracelet is another great Alexander Calder inspired piece; I also like The Artist bracelet and the Delicate Silver Swirl and Copper Mix Necklace. Lisa carved the LOOK at me - edgy sterling silver band ring from wax and cast it in sterling silver. Its a nice, raw looking design outside - and a silky smooth interior you'll find very comfortable. A great casual accent, this is simply a fun to wear silver ring! This WIDE silver band with a hand hammered texture for a Man or Woman was also carved in wax and cast. It is a classic looking 10mm wide ring with a beautiful textured finish, and it can be worn every day. Lisa originally made this design to create her husband's wedding ring! The Sterling Silver Plain Band Ring with Scattered CLEAR Cubic Zirconia CZ is a really nice piece. The ring has small CZs set into it all the way arround in a scattered pattern. A nice sparkling silver ring for everyday wear, you'll love this style. Other stones can be set on request! I think this Sterling Silver Hand Wired Cuff Bracelet with Aqua Blue Amazonite is an amazing piece of jewelry! A hand made frame is wrapped with sterling silver wire and amazonite stones to make a fantastic looking handmade gemstone and silver bracelet you'll love to wear! And this Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Perfect for Everyday - well, it is! Just a simply beautiful design, this wire cuff will match anything you decide to wear, season after season. The type of bracelet every woman who wears silver jewelry should have in her collection! As an active mom, Lisa understands you need handcrafted jewelry that fits your lifestyle. She designs jewelry she would - and does - wear herself! So if this fantastic handmade jewelry sounds like it might be what you're looking for, spend a few minutes browsing Studio Jewel today. The items in the MOM jewelry line are perfect as gifts - for birthdays, to celebrate a new child, and of course for holidays like Mother's Day and Christmas - so add Studio Jewel to your favorites. You'll want to come back - this is a really great shop!

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in custom made silver jewelry and plus size silver bracelets and silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade Beach and Sea Glass
Jewelry by SuperiorStones

This morning we're going to take a look at SuperiorStones! This handmade jewelry artisan makes beautiful sea glass jewelry. She lives near Lake Superior, and every spring the lake washes new glass in to the beach. The lake is like a giant tumbler, filled with sand and other abrasive materials ... over time, old glass bottles are broken up and transformed into lovely, frosted beach glass that is collected and made into beautiful pendants, like the one you see on the left. This artisan's Sea Glass, Pearl and Crystal Quartz Cluster Dangle Front Toggle Sterling Silver Necklace is a pretty necklace in frosted white! The pearl and the quartz crystal bead are great accents, bringing out the lovely frosted appearance of the seaglass and balancing the necklace out in a very attractive way. This piece will arrive ready to wear on a 16" silver cable chain; its a great buy at $45.00! Sea glass washes up in many different colors, and the frosted appearance gives the color an outstanding saturated appearance. Just look at this Emerald Green Sea Glass Pearl Pendant Necklace! Accented with three pretty freshwater pearls, this piece almost glows ... the color is a bright, vivid green you'll simply fall in love with on sight! This beautiful pendant will arrive on a 16" sterling silver snake chain, and is very reasonably priced at just $35.00 ... This Cobalt Blue Glacier Sea Glass Pearl Pendant Necklace is the most amazing blue color. It was made in the same style as the green one (above) with three freshwater pearl accents, and will arrive at your home ready to wear on a 16" silver snake chain. This beautiful necklace is $40.00. Another type of jewelry made from local shores, this Slate Gray Beach Stone and Black Onyx Necklace is interesting. This necklace would be good for a casual accent or for wear at the office! A bit more reserved than the beach glass, but a similar style - unusual and very unique. There are a couple of sea glass pendants made with ruby accents I want to mention. First is the pretty White Sea Glass Ruby Pendant Necklace. This is a beautiful piece of clear glass that was tumbled by nature until it became a smooth, frosted piece that seems to glow ... It was drilled to fit a bail, and three 3x2mm ruby beads were added as accents. It arrives on a 16" silver snake chain; this one of a kind necklace is bargain priced at $40.00! The second one is a subtle aqua color; this is a very hard to find seaglass color. The fabulous Aqua Sea Glass Ruby Pendant Necklace is a long piece of beach glass - 1.5" long - and has that unmistakable frosted appearance only good quality seaglass has. This pendant is also accented with three wire wrapped 3x2mm ruby beads; on a 16" snake chain, this necklace is $45.00. When you visit this shop, check out the Carved Bone and Horn jewelry category! Take a few minutes this afternoon to visit SuperiorStones. You'll see some great handmade jewelry in this shop! This is a nice place to find a gift - bookmark this shop so you can visit again!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Handmade Gemstone and
Art Glass Jewelry by DG Designs

We're visiting DG Designs - stoutdg2 on Etsy - and if you love handmade designer jewelry there is certainly a lot to get excited about in this shop! This artisan jeweler has a natural ability to create fantastic pieces that feature some of the finest art glass beads you'll ever see ... giving them center stage in her jewelry in a very eye pleasing way. Browse through her gorgeous necklaces, designer bracelets and stylish earrings - you're sure to find a few of these fabulous handcrafted jewelry designs calling your name! fruit salad handmade bracelet by DG DesignsJust take a look at her colorful Fruit Salad Bracelet! It was made with genuine vintage glass fruit beads. This designer brings it up to date, creating a contemporary piece with brass chain and clasp and accenting the glass fruit with peridot color Swarovski crystal. This bracelet will add a rainbow of color to any outfit, and will go well with almost anything in your wardrobe. If you have always wanted a fruit salad bracelet this is your chance ... add it to your collection for just $19.00! This is a very popular style, and it won't be around for much longer ... so far 19 Etsy shoppers have chosen this bracelet it as a favorite ... with a heart! Since we're on the fruit subject, take a look at this outstanding Citrus Lampwork and Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Bracelet ... the lampwork art glass beads in this piece are just beautiful. A gorgeous contemporary design, this bracelet could find a home with you ... for just $40.00. And if you MUST have them, there are earrings to match at $19.00! If you want a stunning gemstone bracelet, this Pink Tourmaline Nugget Bracelet could be what you've been searching for. Deep and rich in color and amazingly clear, the pink tourmaline in this bracelet is fabulous! This designer paired the gemstone nuggets with rich gold filled wire, tube beads and clasp. There is also a pretty vermeil fern charm and a couple of vermeil beaded spacers in this stunning piece; you could be wearing this handcrafted beauty for just $45.00! These Genuine Faceted Emerald Rondelle Earrings are another great example of the fine quality gemstone jewelry offered at DG Designs. The emerald beads are a truly stunning green color, and are fairly translucent. Paired with beautiful gold filled components and vermeil spacer beads, these special earrings will be treasured and proudly worn for many years. A great buy - $28.00! I like the beads in these Blue Metallic Stacks...Lampwork Earrings. They're a great shape; almost a square pillow ... and a fantastic blue and silver combination. This artisan has put them together with gold filled and vermeil components to make a lovely pair of dangles. Just $22.00! There are quite a few sea - themed pieces here ... perfect for summer fashion at the beach! You might like the Day at the Beach...Lampwork and Sterling Silver Bracelet - featuring some fabulous lampwork and silver beads. This fabulous piece is listed at $68.00 ... Or you may prefer the Aqua Reef...Lampwork and Sterling Silver Bracelet ... a lampwork seashell focal has been combined with silver seashell and starfish beads, spacers, extender chain and clasp. You could be wearing this to the beach soon ... and the price is only $58.00! I could easily write more here. This jewelry is easy to talk about, because its so beautiful. But I really want you to visit this shop and explore this artisan's handmade jewelry first hand! If you like bead jewelry, you'll want everything in this shop ... so put it in your favorites - and treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry from DG Designs today!

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in bracelets for big men. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hammered Silver Wire Wrapped Inspirations -
Handmade Jewelry by SilverSmack

SilverSmack has been busy making new jewelry ... This shop has grown considerably since our last visit, so there is a lot to see ... and you're going to want it all! This jewelry artisan makes pretty earrings, fabulous pendant necklaces and cool rings. Every handmade jewelry item you'll see in this shop was designed and handcrafted by the artist, and many are one of a kind pieces that can't easily be duplicated. I went through every page of this shop, and I have to say any of the items offered by this artisan could have been the featured piece. I finally chose the pendant you see to the left just because I love chrysoprase so much! Made with an outstanding AAA grade briolette, the Chrysoprase Wire Wrapped Silver Necklace is just gorgeous ... great quality chrysoprase like this seems to be luminous ... like it has a deep glow inside. If you've never actually seen it, the picture is pretty accurate ... the color is a bright apple green, just an amazing hue ... Wire wrapped briolette jewelry is very popular now and you'll find a nice assortment of it here at SilverSmack. The Blue Labradorite Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings feature faceted 16mm labradorite briolettes. They're beautifully wrapped, and dangle from sterling earwires! Briolettes are cut in different shapes, and these Purple Amethyst Onion Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings are made with ... onion shaped briolettes! The deep cut makes the beautiful purple color of the amethyst nice and dark ... thinner stones would show a lighter color. These have real sparkle! These Peridot Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings also feature onion shaped briolettes. These earrings were made with oxidized silver wire to accent the bright green, sparkling peridot. They're very pretty and versatile dangles ... great for casual wear! Peridot is the August birthstone ... SilverSmack has been listing a lot of herringbone design wire wrapped jewelry lately. These pendants and earrings have a distinctive style and were made with an ancient basket weaving design. The Large Genuine Sapphire, Pearl and Kyanite Woven Herringbone Wire Wrapped Silver Necklace is a great example of jewelry made with this technique; the shape of the piece changes with the beads that are used to make the jewelry. Other examples are these Sodalite and Black Onyx Herringbone Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings, and these Stacked Smokey Quartz and Green Kyanite Herringbone Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings. SilverSmack also likes to make hammered metal jewelry! That IS where the name came from, after all! Thing is ... its not just silver anymore! Check out these fabulous Hammered Copper Earrings - made from 1" copper discs, hand hammered for texture, and on sterling silver earwires. Of course if you prefer silver, there are hammered designs for you too ... these cool Hammered Fine Silver Hoop Eternity Circle Earrings are simply gorgeous! The rings are awesome. Hammered styles and stack sets ... in silver and copper! The Hammered Copper Wide Rainbow Ring Band is the first piece I want to mention here ... the artisan used a flame technique to create a fire patina on this ring, bringing out a rainbow of colors in the finish. She then sealed it to protect this beautiful finish. The result is an attractive art jewelry piece that can never be exactly copied - it truly is unique! Do you like a combination of silver and copper? This Copper Hammered Spinner Silver Oxidized Wide Ring is beautiful ... wear it, and it won't only look good ... you can play with it! The Hammered Wide Silver Ring Band is a classic style everyone who wears jewelry should have. Gleaming sterling silver picks up light from any angle because of the brightly polished, hammered finish and just sparkles. You'll want to wear this ring every day ... I want to wrap this post up with this cool set of Stacking Hammered Multi-Colored Fine Silver Eternity Rings. One polished; one partially oxidized to accent the texture; and one dark, fully oxidized. All are hammered, and the contrast is fabulous! They can be worn together, or stacked with other rings in your collection. This is a great set of stacking rings! So take some time to browse this artisan's handmade silver jewelry today. I think you'll agree ... this is a really cool shop! Don't forget to bookmark SilverSmack - you'll probably want to come back very soon ...  

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in plus sized bracelets. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chainmaille Jewelry, Wire Jewellery & Fine Silver PMC Jewelry by Shazzabeth

Today we're going to visit Shazzabeth Creations, featuring the work of a very talented artisan jeweler. She likes to make very intricate chainmaille jewelry; and you'll find amazing wirework jewellery in her shop. Lately she has begun making fine silver jewelry with PMC. The Fine Silver Vine and Amethyst Earrings pictured on the left were made this way; the fine silver clay allows the artisan to make beautiful one of a kind textured pieces. This shop is organized by category; first is Chainmaille Necklaces. The beautiful Trizantine Blues Chainmaille Necklace is a station necklace with chainmaille sections linked together with sodalite nugget wire wrapped links. This is a special piece you'll love to wear! Guaranteed to get MANY compliments ... Burgundy Ripple is just awesome ... a combination of silver chainmaille, Swarovski crystal and a fine silver PMC focal pendant makes this a stunning one of a kind necklace! This is a fabulous creation ... If you visit the Chainmaille Bracelets gallery you are going to want this jewelry ... One of the most popular chainmaille patterns is the Byzantine design. Shazzabeth has a nice Sterling Silver Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet listed; of course there are a lot of other styles also! This Sterling Silver Barrel Chainmaille Bracelet is a cool style you won't see everywhere; finished with a silver toggle clasp, its a really nice looking design! I also like this Sterling Silver Lacy Chainmaille Bracelet; the chain is a very dense weave and has an almost round appearance; and the pattern is gorgeous! Very different ... There are a few pair of Chainmaille Earrings you should see. The Diamond Chainmaille Earrings are a traditional style flat European chainmaille design; they'll go with just about anything in your closet and are fabulous. For something very different, check out these cool Cleopatra Chainmaille Earrings - long dangles made of silver rings in a beautiful pattern, with copper beads running down the length for contrast and color. They're just amazing ... In the Necklaces category, you'll find some truly spectacular pieces of jewelry. I love the fabulous Fuschia and Silver Diamond Necklace! This is a sparkling, romantic bib necklace made with glittering crystal and silver rings. It packs a lot of punch in a lightweight design you'll want to wear to a wedding or special occasion. The crystal color is lovely ... Speaking of spectacular ... this Emerald and Silver Coil Necklace certainly is! Without any doubt a unique artisan piece, this necklace makes a statement! Large faceted emerald drops are suspended from a bright silver coil at the front; emerald beads and smaller coils make up the chain. You'll never see another necklace just like this one ... Visit the Bracelets and Bangles section to see pieces like the Amethyst and Ivy Fine Silver Bracelet, made with PMC, fine silver wire and lovely violet amethyst beads. This is a really pretty bracelet you'll want to wear every day! The Oynx Geometric Squares Bracelet is a great wire work design with black onyx beads ... Shazzabeth's Earrings gallery has some very cool dangles on display ... I like these Sterling Silver Tornado Earrings! Simple ... but unique and attractive ... and I like these Prehnite V Style Earrings. Subtle green color and lots of sparkle ... There are also Pendants, Watches and Rings listed in this shop. There is a LOT to see here; I barely covered this shop in this quick tour. So take some time out and shop for some fabulous jewelry at Shazzabeth today. You'll be impressed by this artisan's handmade silver jewelry!

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in custom sized Figaro bracelets and chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Handmade Jewelry and Accessories by Satin Doll & Co.

Happy Mother's Day to every one of the great moms reading this post! Today we're going to take a few minutes to go through Satin Doll & Co., a cool shop to find designer fashion jewelry and accessories at a very affordable price. These are fun to wear jewelry pieces - stylish necklaces, pretty earrings and a really great bracelets and anklets category. This artisan makes the jewelry and hair accessories you'll see offered here. Let's take a look ... The pretty Capri Earrings shown in the picture on the left are a great example of the jewelry sold in this shop. These cute dangles are handmade with quality wood beads, silver plated ear wires and components. They're yours - for just $5.00! The Serenity Earrings are another great pair of dangles by this artisan. They're made with pale pink acrylic beads in a great vintage style shape. The acrylic beads are accented with bright red Czech glass beads, and are on gold tone ear wires - for only $12.00 ... If you love long dangles in bright summery colors, you're in luck! The Sunny Days Earrings are a nice 2" length and are a bright, almost electric yellow! These are nice beach earrings - $12.00! You'll want a new necklace to go with those earrings ... the Yellow Tundra Necklace shows off a fabulous bright yellow shell pendant on a cool necklace made with yellow and black acrylic beads for a bold look thats perfect for summer! This fab fashion jewelry necklace is just $28.00 ... Another outstanding necklace is Carnival Explosion! This hot necklace features a lime green focal pendant suspended from a dark green and red bead necklace. This necklace is made with genuine wood focal pendant and beads so it is big but lightweight! A great deal for $18.00 ... Looking for a dressy necklace on a budget? Satin Doll Co. has something for you ... the very pretty Touch of Elegance Necklace! Featuring white pearl beads with a fan of four leaf shaped, side drilled black glass beads in the front, this is a very elegant looking necklace that would go well with a nice cocktail dress. Priced at a very affordable $32.00, this necklace is a great buy! There are 28 choices in the bracelets/anklets category, and some of the ones I like are the cool Tribal Treasure Bracelet, offered at $12.00; Mariposa Garden, a multi colored piece for just $18.00; and another multicolored bracelet called Turquoise Delight - for only $18.00! So take a few minutes to explore Satin Doll & Co. today! There are 147 beautiful handmade jewelry and other items to choose from, and if you hurry ... you can still get 40% off your total , because Satin Doll & Co. is having a Mother's Day Sale! Remember to bookmark this shop ... you're going to love it! Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in custom length cable chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Handcrafted Metal, Gemstone, Crystal & Glass Jewellery by OVGilliesDesigns

Today I'm writing about OVGilliesDesigns, curated by Olga, a fantastic metalworker, wire artist and artisan jeweler. I love going through my fellow JET members' shops researching before I write these daily posts. I get to see lots of really cool handmade jewelry and I learn a bit about the artist who owns the shop and makes the jewelry. The JETs attract truly talented jewelry artisans from all over the world - we are an international group - and it really is amazing how we can all be so similar, yet - so different, each making handcrafted jewellery in our own way! This shop is arranged in categories, and the first is the Earrings Precious Metal section. Inside you'll find more than 40 pair of unique, colorful designs. Lets start with a pair of hoop earrings! The Large Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Orange Gold Dust Flower Dangles are a really nice pair of casual, playful hoops! They're a nice size - with the dangle, about 2" from top to bottom - and the bright orange - gold Czech glass flower adds a great splash of color. These earrings are available in several colors, so if you like blue, yellow or teal dangles you've got a choice! All are available at the same low $28.00 price ... Kyanite is hot ... it seems everybody wants jewelry made with this popular gemstone. If you're looking for a great pair of earrings, these GOLDEN OCEAN Earrings - Smooth Kyanite Gems Wrapped in 24k Gold Vermeil could satisfy your craving for this gorgeous blue - green gemstone. This artisan took her time making these earrings - the wraps are perfect and the rich pure gold color of the vermeil compliments the lovely color of the kyanite beautifully. They're just $28.00! If you like the deep gold color of the vermeil used to make the kyanite earrings, you might like these Purple Drops, 22k Vermeil Earrings with Smooth Purple Chalcedony Gemstone Briolettes. Chalcedony usually has a fantastic deep color, and these look like they're a really nice rich purple hue. These attractive handmade earrings could be yours for only $24.00! With over 50 choices, the Necklaces Precious Metal gallery has a lot to see! Most of these necklaces feature popular gemstones, pearls and crystal or art glass. The beautiful DROPS - Turquoise Briolettes Wire Wraped on Chain Sterling Silver Necklace is a pretty, classic gem drop piece featuring five blue turquoise briolettes, each wrapped in sterling wire and attached to a silver cable chain. This pretty necklace is priced very reasonably at $58.00 ... If you want a really unique necklace check out this Handcrafted Malachite, Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver One of a Kind Artisan Pendant. An amazing rough malachite specimen tops a glowing rainbow moonstone in an original open top setting ... a fabulous deal at $86.00! Another great piece, the Handcrafted Blue Continent Pendant - Australian Blue Opal, Green Chysoprase, White Moonstone and Sterling Silver Necklace is the kind of jewelry people notice. The pendant has an intentionally rough style to it, accenting the color of the lovely gemstones. You'll get lots of compliments wearing this piece and you'll never see another quite like it. This pendant features three beautiful stones, and they look really good together. The pendant arrives ready to wear on an 18" long sterling silver snake chain, and is priced at $245.00 ... The featured necklace is the Purple Pearl and Swarovski Tanzanite Crystal Cluster Pendant Necklace on a Bright Sterling Silver Chain. This pretty pearl necklace is a cascade of purple freshwater pearls ending with a sparkling 8mm faceted Tanzanite color crystal. Only $50.00! While you're at OVGillies be sure to explore the Oxidized Black Silver category. This is the largest category in the shop, with 75 gorgeous items to check out. This is very popular jewelry; gemstones, crystal and art glass take on a completely different look paired with the dark colored metal. Some of my favorite pieces by Olga are in this section; I really like this rough finished Jade and Oxidized Grey Hammered Sterling Silver Pendant listed for $43.00; and this FLOWERS, BLOOD DROPS - Unique Floral Charm and Ruby Colour Quartz Pendant on Dark Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain offered at $52.00 is a gorgeous, romantic necklace. One last note ... check out the Heather Clouds Fashion line! Beautiful earrings at great prices ... I think you'll love browsing OVGilliesDesigns ... definitely add this shop to your favorites!

 Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in handcrafted artisan silver jewelry and silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Handcrafted Jewelry by OliviasGarden

This morning we're stepping into Olivia's Garden for a visit! This jewelry designer makes pretty necklaces, bracelets and earrings with gemstone beads, pearls and art glass. Most of the jewelry in this shop is made with sterling silver findings, but you'll find some copper here also. Color is an important aspect of this artisan's work, and she uses a vast array of gemstone and glass beads to create jewelry in a fabulous rainbow of shades. The featured Yummy Earrings are a great example - made with pale green Korean jade, lavender briolettes, red Czech glass beads and sterling silver component parts, they are a beautiful mix of color and texture. The Yummy Necklace is a nice match to the earrings. The set would make a great gift! The Aurora Bracelet is beautiful ... Czech glass rectangle tube beads in an iridescent peacock finish seem to glow from within ... they're accented with sterling silver beaded spacers and freshwater pearls for a unique bracelet that is simply amazing. If you love the warm look of earthy tones you might like the Brick and Copper Bracelet. Fabulous flat red rainbow jasper rectangles, coppery color freshwater pearls and a copper toggle clasp combine for a nice chunky gemstone and pearl bracelet at a very affordable price! The Stormy Necklace is a lot of flash in a small package! Made with peacock color freshwater pearls, a stunning laboradite briolette and a silver toggle clasp, it will bring many compliments. I like Mary, Mary ... I really like the color combination. The purple and bright green reminds me of springtime ... like beautiful lillies and other spring flowers! Lampwork fans will love the Crocus Necklace. This necklace showcases a nice big lampwork bead in multiple tones and a great bumpy design! The art glass bead is accented with two pretty aquamarine rondelles and sterling silver end caps. This forms the center section of the necklace; the back is sterling silver cable chain. This necklace has a lobster clasp. Want a hot looking bracelet? The Mango Bracelet could be for you ... featuring fire agate ovals, carnelian rondelles, assorted sterling silver spacers and a silver toggle, this is a great bracelet for summer wear! Hot tropical colors just perfect for the beach ... Take some time out today and visit OliviasGarden! You'll find handmade jewelry perfect for everyday wear, a night out and every gift giving occasion. Remember to add this great shop to your favorites so you can visit anytime ... Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in one of a kind handmade silver jewelry and silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards