Thursday, December 17, 2009

Foret - Emporium of the Unique

This morning we're visiting Foret! This artisan's shop is jammed full of fabulous handcrafted gemstone jewelry. You'll find a great variety of styles and stones here ... Elizabeth designs with the finest gem beads, looking for the best natural color and patterns to give her jewelry that unique quality that is so hard to find. Click into her Earrings section, and you'll find a fantastic selection - all one of a kind styles that you'll simply love. This designer has a great sense of balance; and it shows in her handmade jewelry creations. If you prefer handcrafted necklaces, you will not be disappointed! These are gorgeous, and so versatile ... wear them to the office or a party; they'll get plenty of compliments. The featured gemstone brecelet is one pretty example of what this jewelry artist does. You'll love her style! So visit Foret and treat yourself - or someone you love - to beautiful gemstone jewelry!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MarcieJaneDesigns -
Handmade Silver and Gemstone Jewelry

MarcieJaneDesigns has a lot to offer! If you love silver jewelry but don't want the same tired, mass produced jewelry sold everywhere else, visit her shop and you'll be pleasantly surprised! This designer offers top quality handmade silver jewelry that is fresh, unique and very affordable. Marcie Jane designs her pieces with colorful gemstone beads, sterling silver wire and chain, freshwater pearls and art glass beads. This jewelry is made to wear, and you'll love showing it off to your friends. Take a look at her one of a kind handcrafted earrings. There are dozens to choose from, and every pair is fabulous! In the Necklaces section you'll find oxidized silver pieces, chain necklaces with pearl stations, pendant necklaces with hand hammered components and so much more. One of my favorites is The Oyster and the Pearl. This gorgeous design is an instant classic that would be a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe. The featured item can be found in the Leather Necklaces section. This pretty necklace features a stamped silver heart accented with beautiful rondelles, and is perfect for casual everyday wear! Stop into MarcieJaneDesigns today. You'll want to bookmark this wonderful shop - and visit often!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fuchsiabloomstudio -
Unique Artisan Jewelry With a Twist!

Fuchsiabloomstudio is a beautiful shop! This handmade jewelry designer makes her pretty earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more with first quality beads, pearls and wire. You'll fing many styles and designs in this shop, including wire-wrapped earrings, colorful, sparkling crystal and pearl bracelets and much more! There are over 90 pair of earrings to choose from - made with everything from gemstone to natural wood beads. The prices here are very reasonable, and you'll love the holiday special - spend more than $50.00, get a 10% discount. AND - shipping is free - worldwide! The special runs through December 31. So get over to Fuchsiabloomstudio today and get that last minute shopping done!

Monday, December 14, 2009

TheBeadGirl - StudioJewel - Handcrafted,
Unique, Modern Metal Jewelry

One look and you know this is a special shop. StudioJewel offers handmade sterling silver jewelry that is customized for you! Many of these beautiful pieces are hand stamped so you can have personalized jewelry. Some pieces can be stamped with a message of faith, like the Custom Sterling Silver Message Cuff Bracelet shown in the featured photo. Tag necklaces are popular with Moms and Grandmothers. A name disc is added to the necklace when a new child joins the family! You can have TheBeadGirl make a Tag Necklace in Sterling Silver, Hand Stamped and Personalized just for you! Maybe you're not a Mom. Don't feel left out if you're a single girl ... or guy - you can wear the TMI Necklace! This cute and trendy piece lets everyone know your marital status. Want it out there? This necklace tells the world you're available! StudioJewel offers great silver jewelry for everyone. From Hand Hammered Band Rings to pretty silver earrings, you'll find a wide array of beautiful designs. Visit StudioJewel by TheBeadGirl today and put this wonderful shop in your favorites!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

InTheRaw - Creative Supplies
For Artists and Jewelry Designers

InTheRaw has some basic supplies everyone who makes jewelry can use in their designs. You'll find pretty Swarovski Crystal set slider beads, sparkling amber colored glass bicone beads, and a couple of cool metal charms to choose from. If you like Big Raw Balls ... you'll find them here! These 20mm wood beads come in a natural wood finish you can paint or stain to any color you prefer. The item featured in the photo above - Rectangular Glass Beads-Multicolored mix - are very pretty and would make some fabulous jewelry. So stop in today and take a look at InTheRaw!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Art Made byTammy -
Unique Artisan Jewelry and More!

Jewelry IS art; and it has no defined borders or limitations. A true artist knows this and uses it to push their art in new directions, creating objects from raw material. Tammy has her vision when it comes to handcrafted jewelry; her artwork is visually beautiful but also very wearable! Browsing at ArtMadebyTammy could take hours. This fabulous artisan has jammed her shop full with over 200 of her creations, and you don't want to miss a thing! The pieces are unique but quite fashionable, full of color and sparkle. Some have a vintage feel, with antique finish brass and copper component parts. Others are made with gorgeous sparkling art glass. This artist likes to alter existing pieces and make them her own. Tammy adds gorgeous color to sterling silver pendants and earrings with enamel paint and a protective finish, creating what is essentially a brand new piece. Check out her Precious Metal Art Lagoon Poppy Flower Sterling Silver Necklace for a great example. Be sure to check out her Mini ArtPaintings where you'll see her extraordinary talent on display. The featured necklace in the photo above - the Pink Butterfly Lounging on a Flower necklace can be found in this section with her other pretty hand painted art jewelry pieces. ArtMadeByTammy has very reasonable prices. There are many items on sale for less than $10.00, and lots more under $20.00 so this shop is a great place to find those handcrafted stocking stuffers. Visit ArtMadebyTammy today and save it to your favorites!

Friday, December 11, 2009

DivineDesignbyForet -
Metaphysical Mercantile

This morning we've wandered into DivineDesignbyForet - a VERY interesting and unique shop! This Etsy store features metaphysical art, jewelry and supplies. Healing crystals are a major focus in this shop, and the owner does a fabulous job explaining the properties of each piece on display. People have attributed natural powers to crystals and stones for thousands of years, and for those who feel a natural connection to the earth these beautiful rough gems are objects that hold very special significance and meaning. There are also awesome fossils like the fabulous Opalized Ammonite shown in the photo above! This artisan also features her line of ELEMENTALZ in this shop - miniature sculptures that may be worn as jewelry or can be enjoyed for their stand alone beauty. Wire-wrapped stones and crystals are combined to form figures; the artist explains what went into each of these creations and what makes them unique - and so special! Something new at DivineDesignbyForet are her Milagros, or Miracles - small charms used to pray for healing. There are tiny figures of praying people and - well, body parts - arms, legs ... even eyes. In the Astrology section, you'll find Astrological charts customized just for you! Provide your time, date and place of birth and Elizabeth will prepare your unique astrological chart! There are other charts available that address specific events - for instance there is one available for birthdays that would make a nice gift. Visit DivineDesignbyForet today and add it to your favorites! This is a very cool and different shop - and you'll want to come back often!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

JemsbyJBandCompany - Semi Precious
Gemstone and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Every shop is unique. That's the great thing about Etsy; because everything is handmade, each shop has something truly special to offer. JemsbyJBandCompany offers one of a kind handmade jewelry, and these artisans do it right! The beautiful earrings, pretty necklaces and fabulous bracelets are colorful and made with a nice mix of components - top quality sterling silver, gemstone and glass beads. Click into the handmade earrings category and you'll see many different styles, many featuring colored gemstones - citrine, rhyolite, coral and more. There are pearl earrings and earrings made with lovely art glass! The beautiful earrings pictured above are a great example of what you'll find - the Smoky Topaz and Botswana Agate Drop Earrings can be worn with or without the colorful agate cubes, so its like getting two pair of earrings in one! That's not all ... while you're browsing be sure to visit the Necklaces and Bracelets. The prices are more than reasonable, and you'll love the fantastic quality and workmanship that goes into every piece made by JemsbyJBandCompany! Visit JemsbyJBandCompany today and save it to your favorites. You'll want to visit this wonderful shop again!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

MoonMystic -
Sterling Gemstone Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Do you love wire-wrapped jewelry? MoonMystic may be just what you've been looking for! This lovely shop features pretty pearls and gemstones, wrapped with sterling wire to create cool handmade jewelry. Browse through and you'll see earrings made with many gemstones - ruby, kyanite, amethyst and emerald beads accented with gorgeous freshwater pearls. The necklaces and pendants are very attractive, and also feature gemstones like prasiolite, coral and chalcedony! Some of these pretty pieces are made with oxidized sterling silver wire to add contrast, like the pretty oxidized coin pearl necklace in the featured photo shown above. When you visit, be sure to check out the Sale category! Visit and bookmark MoonMystic - our Jet of the Day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

BeadsMe - Beautiful Jewelry
Handmade In Australia

Shopping for handmade jewelry at BeadsMe is fabulous! This artisan offers a line of pretty bracelets, necklaces and earrings anyone would love to call their own. These designs run from traditional to trendy, with lots of color from gemstone beads, art glass, pearls and crystal. There truly is something here to satisfy every woman on your shopping list! Browse through this shop and you'll find a great variety. The Necklaces category has over six dozen gorgeous pieces to choose from. These pieces range from short to long styles, and are made in very diverse ways. There are wire wrapped link necklaces, designs incorporating chain and beads, and pretty gem bead necklaces made in the traditional way with beading cord. Maybe you collect bracelets ... if so, you could spend hours in this shop. Gemstones like labradorite, garnet and jade, lampwork beads, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal all add their sparkle to these lovely designs. The earrings section is amazing. There are over a hundred styles here, and they're all beautiful. There are so many different designs you'll find it hard to choose! These make great holiday gifts, and the prices are just right - earrings start at $6.00, with most styles under $20.00 so they are very affordable. Take a look at the featured necklace in the photo above, and you can see the quality of this jewelry designer's work. At only $35.00, the Midnight Whisper Necklace is an astounding value! BeadsMe ships worldwide at very reasonable rates. So take a look at her store and save it to your favorites - you'll want to visit this wonderful shop again!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Vandivalicious -
Semi-Precious Gemstones and Pendants

When a jewelry designer needs supplies to create new pieces, it can be difficult to find good trustworthy sources. We need to know the jewelry parts supplier we choose is reliable and honest. Vandivalicious is a member of the JETs and the shop has a fantastic record of Etsy sales, with a perfect feedback rating. This is a source you can trust! The gemstone strands, pearls and jewelry components sold in this shop are gorgeous and the prices are excellent. You'll find pretty gemstone beads, lovely briolettes, freshwater pearls, coral strands and so much more - and you'll want them all! Vandivalicious offers a wide range, from amethyst nuggets to tiger-eye lentils. Shops like this one inspire the artisan to create new designs ... we look at the supplies offered and envision the gorgeous new handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets we can make with these colorful new raw materials. The Luxurious Green Garnet Faceted Briolettes in the featured photo are just one sparkling example! So if you're a JET Team member, take the time to visit and if you need supplies, support your fellow JET by shopping for some fabulous jewelry parts. And if you're a jewelry maker that isn't familiar with our team, visit Vandivalicious today and see why this supply shop is a trusted source you should bookmark and visit often for top quality gemstone jewelry components!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dashery Jewelry on Etsy -
Handmade Jewelry

Dashery is simply a great shop to find and buy handmade jewelry. The shop features the work of Lorian, a very talented wireworker and designer who has been making and selling jewelry on Etsy since 2006. Her work is simple and straightforward, with an emphasis on clean design, graceful curves and the gemstones featured in her work. Her elegant designs will please anyone who loves to wear beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry! Browse through the shop, and you'll find pretty handmade earrings featuring gemstone beads and silver components. Earring prices start at just $8.00, so they're very affordable. Maybe you're a bracelet collector who needs a larger size ... if so, Dashery's Plus Size Bracelets are perfect for you! Dashery Jewelry features a nice selection of handmade necklaces. Traditional sterling silver wire linked gemstone necklaces like the featured Aries Necklace in Blue Chalcedony and Sterling Silver shown above in the photo is a fabulous example of her work. If you love unusual pieces her signature Spider Web necklaces are available in large and small sizes, and are also made with silver or copper wire. Visit and bookmark Dashery Jewelry - our Fabulous Jet of the Day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Foret Two -
Extraordinary Vintage and Supplies

Jewelry makers have a lot in common with artisans who work in more traditional media. Many of us like to use color as an element in our designs. Our art can make use of color in many ways, but one of the more popular ways to add color to jewelry is by incorporating gemstones. Gems are available as beads, cabochons and faceted jewels; and providing them is the focus of Foret Two! Making handcrafted jewelry takes three things - talent, skill and great jewelry supplies. Raw materials are very important; when a customer looks at finished jewelry they see a pretty necklace; the artisan sees a delicate balance of color and composition. We look at strands of gemstone beads and we see possibilities. Beautiful cabochons inspire the artisan to create. In many ways, we build frames to show off nature's artwork; surrounding pretty gem beads with gold, silver or copper beads to accent their beauty or wire-wrapping a polished gemstone cabochon to compliment the gorgeous patterns and colors nature has created. Many of us make necklaces are centered around a focal component; one gorgeous example is the Blue Flash Labradorite/Spectrolite Pendant shown above! In this way, Foret Two is full of inspiration and ideas. The jewelry supplies offered in this fabulous shop will get the creative juices flowing as you browse through the pages of unusual beads and cabochons; you'll find everything from large ruby and sapphire beads to tiny tourmaline chips. There are carved beads, amber strands, and focal bead pendants. There really is so much to see, you have to visit this shop and explore it yourself! When you visit be sure to bring your wallet ... you will want it all. Like the proverbial kid in a candy store. ForetTwo is an amazing shop with fantasic supplies that will open your mind to all the things you can do - making raw material into one of a kind wearable art pieces your customers will love! So take an hour or two and explore ForetTwo today. You'll find a lot to inspire the creative artist in you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Handmade Eclectic Artisan Quality Jewelry by CoolJewelryJR

CoolJewelryJR is a fun shop to visit. There are surprises on every page; this artisan's method of design is truly unique. She likes to use the word eclectic to describe her artisan jewelry, and it truly is. Using design elements most people would never put together in the same piece, this artisan makes the proverbial square peg fit into the round hole beautifully! You'll find everything in her jewelry except the kitchen sink and if that would fit, it would find its way into one of these fabulous designs! CoolJewelryJR makes fantastic handcrafted bracelets; this designer uses contrasting colors, textures and shapes to create pieces that you'll never see offered anywhere but here by this artisan. The beads she includes in her designs may be art glass, gemstone, polymer clay, acrylic and even wood! The metal elements can also be mixed colors, and usually are ... silver, copper, brass and bronze all find their way into these beautiful one of a kind handmade jewelry designs. You'll find dozens of choices in the handmade earrings section at CoolJewelryJR, and they are without any doubt unique. Bold and fun dangles made with bright colors or more traditional styles that will accent your favorite dress are available here, and you'll love the prices. Most of these earring designs are under $20.00! Handmade jewelry is very affordable at CoolJewelryJR. One fabulous example is the featured item in the photo above - the pretty Apricot Jamboree - mother of pearl and czech glass earrings. Somehow the colors just work together! Visit CoolJewelryJR today and make sure to put it in your favorites. If you wander in today, you'll find a SALE at CoolJewelryJR! Search for the BOGO image and you'll get your second, lower priced item at a 50% discount!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OVGilliesDesigns - Modern Bridal
Luxe Floral Urban Jewellery

The jewelry made and offered by OVGilliesDesigns has character. It has a style that sets it apart; you know this jewelry was made by an artist. This beautiful shop is jammed full of unusual and unique items any jewelry lover would be happy to call their own! Pretty handcrafted necklaces showcase luxurious gemstones, gorgeous designer earrings sparkle with jewels and pearls, and a large variety of oxidized silver jewelry capture your attention; you'll find yourself browsing through dozens of fabulous pieces, and you'll want them all! OVGilliesDesigns features jewellery with a lot of gemstones; you'll find chrysoprase, amber, labradorite, turquoise ... and more, all paired with quality solid metal wire, chain and component parts. This handmade jewellery isn't just pretty, it is made to wear - and it will compliment your style with just the right touch of luxury. At OVGillies, you'll find there are more traditional designs like the handcrafted Bridal Hair Accessories, and contemporary art jewelry pieces like the featured Green Orbit Necklace made with hand forged sterling silver and Nephrite jade. Plan on spending some time in this shop browsing her wonderful handcrafted jewelry - you won't want to miss anything! There are fresh, new designs added to this shop often, so be sure to put it in your favorites so you can visit anytime!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Malves1009 - Elegant Vintage
Inspired Jewelry by Michele

There is a saying ... everything old becomes new again. This is the absolute truth and the secret behind the beautiful vintage inspired jewelry made by this talented designer. Many of the pretty handmade jewelry pieces in her shop had a past life ... and now they've been re-imagined, re-purposed and recycled into fabulous new handcrafted rings, sparkling handmade earrings, pretty necklaces and more. If you love vintage style jewelry, Malves1009 is going to be your favorite new place to shop! This artisan turns vintage jewelry parts into beautiful new pieces you'll simply fall in love with. Browse through the lovely necklaces to find fantastic pieces like the gorgeous Antique Silver and Blue Swirled Necklace, made with vintage glass beads. You will appreciate the way this jewelry is made; quality components and workmanship go into each piece, so you know you'll be wearing this handcrafted jewelry for many years. One stunning example of Michele's work is the recycled Emerald Green Filigree Ring pictured above. It began its life many years ago as a button! This artisan has re-worked it, and now it has been renewed - and will be around for a long time as a pretty ring. If this jewelry inspires your fashion sense - and fits your style - you'll just LOVE Malves1009. The prices are not just reasonable - they're very affordable! You'll want to bookmark this wonderful shop so you can come back again - and again!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shazzabeth - Specialising in
Chainmaille Jewelry & Wire Work Jewelry

The handcrafted artisan jewelry created by Shazzabeth is amazing. There is no better way to describe it; you need to slowly go through this shop and actually look at each piece this wonderful artisan has on display. Her wire skills are top notch; and while the technical aspect of her pieces will make you think "how did she ever do that?", the beauty of this handmade jewelry is truly astounding. This designer specializes in wire-wrapping and chainmaille, two very different techniques. The wire-wrapped pendants in this shop are gallery worthy - the type of jewelry you see on the cover of handcrafted jewelry magazines. Combining unbelievable lengths of wire and fabulous cabochons, these pieces are truly one of a kind. You'll love the intricate wirework on display here! Chainmaille jewelry is made by fashioning wire into rings, then linking them together to produce jewelry. Shazzabeth has a fantastic array of beautiful chainmaille bracelets, necklaces and earrings, many using traditional patterns - but also newer designs, some accented with fabulous beads to add color. This can give these traditional jewelry creations an inner glow - as in the featured bracelet shown above, the luxuriousSterling Silver Box Chain with Swarovski Crystals. There are hours of labor and untold lengths of silver wire in some of these pieces, so yes ... most of them are higher-end jewelry that can be expensive. But Shazzabeth also has less expensive items, like this pretty Rhodonite and Sterling Cocktail Ring for just $12.00! There are fabulous gifts in this shop, so get over to Shazzabeth today and check it out. You'll find yourself falling in love with this designer's gorgeous handmade jewellery!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Handmade Earrings by JuliaA--
Lovely, Feminine, Classic.

Do you wear earrings every day? If you do, you'll love JuliaA! This cool Etsy store is a fun place to shop for your favorite obsession. JuliaA creates pretty earrings for every occasion, and they're all available in either solid sterling or silver plated metal - so just about anyone can afford to wear this artisan's handmade earrings. Even if you don't have pierced ears, JuliaA offers a clip-on option! Most of her fabulous designs can be converted to a clip-on style for just an extra dollar. This artisan likes to offer options, so you'll see choices - sterling silver kidney wires or french hooks, gold plated hook earwires and components or even different colored beads for an entirely new look! These handcrafted earringa aren't just beautiful - they're priced very reasonably, so this is a good place to buy holiday gifts on a budget. Prices start at just $8.50 and the most expensive pair listed in the shop is only $15.00. A perfect example are the featured pair shown in the photo above. JuliaA's lovely Aqua Dangles look like they should cost much more ... but they're very affordable at only $10.00. Visit and bookmark JuliaA today!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vandiva -
Fabulous Designer Gemstone Jewelry

Today we're visiting Van Diva - a cool Etsy shop owned by a fabulous designing duo - Angelika and Vanessa! Their designs feature gemstones and pearls - necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that you'll simply love to wear. These lovely handmade jewelry designs are very diverse - you'll fing multiple strand gemstone and pearl necklaces to accent your favorite cocktail dress, and sparkling handcrafted earrings that would look great with a casual sweater and jeans. The beautiful featured item shown in the photo above is a luxurious amethyst wire-wrapped ring that would make a great gift! VanDiva is a great place to do your holiday shopping. These items can cost much more in boutiques - you're buying direct at VanDiva, so the prices are very reasonable. Check out VanDiva today - you'll love this shop!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jude's Jujus Jems and Jewelry

JudesJujus is a fun shop to visit! This JET specializes in bracelets and earrings made with gemstone beads, lampwork and top quality sterling silver component parts. This artisan makes one of a kind handcrafted jewelry that is classic and playful. There are holiday themed earrings and bracelets, and traditional silver and gemstone pieces like the featured Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Bali Sterling Silver Bracelet. While you're there, be sure to check out the Sale items. Take a few minutes to visit JudesJujus - our Jet of the Day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

TexasBeadz - Silver Box Clasps,
Pearls, Pendants & Beading Supplies

Everyone who makes jewelry needs supplies, and TexasBeadz has a lot to offer! This JET supply shop is a cool place to spend some time browsing for fantastic deals on freshwater pearl strands - there are rice shapes, baroque, top drilled and coin shape pearls - in a great range of colors and sizes. These pearls are fabulous accents and will help you create jewelry in your own unique way! TexasBeadz also features a great variety of stone-set box clasps for single and multiple strand necklaces and bracelets. These beautiful clasps can make your handmade jewelry stand out from the crowd! You'll find a good selection available featuring gemstones like labradorite, chalcedony and black onyx. And of course there are many other beads and jewelry making supplies! There are pewter toggle clasps, bead caps and jump rings, beautiful glass beads and even supplies like earring cards and bubble wrap for shipping your jewelry. The pretty red garnet beads featured in the photo above are a small sample of the wonderful supplies waiting to be made into attractive handmade jewelry. Get over to TexasBeadz today and put it in your favorites - you never know when your creative urges will demand new supplies to play with!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

AbacusBeadCreations - Handmade Jewelry
Necklaces Bracelets Watches and More

AbacusBeadCreations is a wonderful shop to spend some time browsing handcrafted jewelry. This artisan makes her pieces with gorgeous beads and excellent quality components, but it is the thought behind each design that makes her jewelry so special. Peg designs her pieces to be visually stunning - and in a very logical manner with intricate patterns a simple glance may miss. Take your time looking at each design, and you'll soon see this artist pays attention to the slightest detail. These are one of a kind creations, and are outstanding in every way. Check out the fantastic variety of handmade Eyeglass Holders, browse her fantastic Necklaces and the beautiful Christmas Holiday section, where you'll find pretty handmade holiday jewelry like the item featured above - Christmas Tree Earrings in Emerald, Gold and Crystal Copper. At just $16.00 for the pair, they're a true bargain! Why wait? Head over to AbacusBeadCreations now and get some early holiday gift shopping done!

Friday, November 13, 2009

SuperiorStones - Beach Sea Glass
Beach Stone Sterling Jewelry

One of the great things about handmade jewelry is the sheer variety - there truly is something for everyone and every taste. At SuperiorStones, you'll see pendants that appeal to those of us who love natural objects. Most of the handcrafted pendants here are made from glass or stone that has been processed in nature's tumbler ... in this case, Lake Superior. These fabulous beach sea glass pendants are made smooth over time by water, sand and the gentle movement caused by tides and weather. This artisan searches for these beautiful objects at the source and lovingly drills them for a cord, then wirewraps pearls to accent this cool handmade jewelry. You'll also find other stones fashioned into jewelry, like the featured Bear Claw Black Braided Necklace shown above - a great gift for your favorite guy! So stop by SuperiorStones and bookmark it today - this is a wonderful place to shop for gifts!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

DG Designs.....
Fun! Whimsical! Jewelry Designs

DGDesigns offers beautiful handcrafted necklaces, fun chunky bracelets and fabulous earrings made with outstanding quality lampwork beads, luxurious gemstones and great metal components - sterling silver and gold filled chain, earwires and beads. This artisan likes to use fancy handmade clasps in her creations, giving them a true signature look! This isn't the typical handmade jewelry you can find in many department stores that was made in a factory. This designer creates every item personally, and it shows. These pieces were created by an artist who loves what she does, and you'll love her work too! A good example is the Ruby Rondelle Necklace featured in the photo above. Made with faceted natural ruby rondelles, vermeil spacers and gold filled chain, this is a truly lovely necklace that will turn heads and bring compliments your way! DGDesigns is chock-full of handcrafted jewelry you - and everyone on your holiday gift list will want to wear every day. And her prices are so affordable! Be sure to check this wonderful shop out and bookmark it ... you'll want to visit again!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CoolJewelryDesign -
Handmade Artisan Jewelry -
Eclectic Quality for Her

This shop is simply fabulous! CoolJewelryDesign showcases this talented designer's eclectic style. You'll love the way she combines colors, textures and materials to create remarkable bracelets, earrings and necklaces you can't find anywhere else. Chunky, quirky and fun, this fantastic handcrafted jewelry is made to wear - and show off! Browse through these pretty creations and you're sure to find many favorites. There are dozens of pieces to choose from, all with an individual style that makes each one special. These designs are truly eclectic, combining different metals, lampwork glass beads, polymer clay beads, top quality gemstones and Swarovski crystals. If you love wearing handmade earrings, CoolJewelryDesign is a shop where you'll find fresh new designs to accent your personal style! The cool Street Smart Bracelet shown above in the featured photo is a great example of the cutting edge jewelry found in this awesome shop. These designs have wide appeal and there certainly is something here for every woman on your gift list. Its time to plan for holiday shopping and CoolJewelryDesign is a great place to find that unusual, handcrafted gift you've been looking for. Visit and bookmark CoolJewelryDesign today!

Monday, November 9, 2009

cserpentDesigns -
Handmade Artisan Jewelry and More!

Beautiful earrings, stylish necklaces, chunky bracelets ... you'll find all these and more at cserpentDesigns! This shop is a fantastic place to find unusual and unique gifts featuring luxurious artisan made lampwork beads. This extraordinary collection is truly top-shelf, but these items are offered at very reasonable prices - making cserpentDesigns a shop you'll want to visit often.

Handcrafted jewelry is the focus of this artisan, and there are many beautiful items to choose from! Browse through the lovely handmade bracelets featuring colorful glass beads. The shop has a nice selection of handcrafted earrings to choose from, and there are great gift items like letter openers and bookmarks, all lovingly crafted by this talented designer.

The featured Spring Gold bracelet in the photo above is a sample of what you'll find waiting for you in this fabulous shop. Check out cserpentDesigns and be sure to add it to your favorites - this is a great shop to visit for some holiday shopping!

Friday, November 6, 2009

RadicalGlass -
Interesting and Radical Glass Designs!

Today we're showcasing the work of a fantastic glass artisan - Mandy Harvey of RadicalGlass. Visit her shop and you'll find absolutely beautiful pendants, stud earrings, bobby pins and even cufflinks, all featuring layered glass made by this talented artist. Some feature dichroic glass; the shimmering colors flash different shades that change as light strikes these pieces from different angles. The pendant featured - the Herd of Zebras dichroic glass pendant is a fabulous example. There are fantasy pieces featuring faeries, nymphs and dragonflies you'll just love! To this artisan, glass is a canvas and she creates beautiful modern art you can wear anytime! Deep pools of color swirl througout these wonderful creations. Mandy uses contrasting colors to put emphasis on the designs she creates by fusing layers of glass, carefully timing the process so these glass pieces aren't just beautiful - they are properly annealed. If cared for properly, these gorgeous creations can last a lifetime! At RadicalGlass, top quality creations are very affordable. This wonderful artisan has priced her work so just about anyone can enjoy wearing these lovely one of a kind baubles. This is a fabulous way to buy handcrafted jewelry for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Visit RadicalGlass today - you're sure to appreciate these hot glass designs made by this very cool artisan!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jewelry24Seven -
Handmade Silver Jewelry

Disclosure: I'm Bob:J24-7. I write this post every day to promote my fellow JETs. Today I'm writing about our shop!

Our shop features the work of two very artistic people with completely different design ideas and styles!

Terry makes beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more using excellent quality gemstone beads, pearls, crystal and art glass. Terry likes to combine these beautiful beads with chain and wire using traditional wire-wrapping techniques to create jewelry you'll want to wear every day! Her creations go well with casual wear, but many styles are also great to wear to the office or a special occasion. The featured Moon and Stars Earrings shown above are a great example of her creative style.

I'm more of a metalsmith; I like to make rings, pendants and accessories like the featured Sterling Silver and Moonstone Barrette. My design style has a broad range from traditional to contemporary; I like to use gemstones in my pieces, and usually work in silver.

We do our best to offer jewelry at all prices, so there are lots of affordable pieces available. If you want a custom piece, please send us a convo with your request! I'm a very friendly guy and would love to hear from you. Jewelry24Seven - Fine Quality Handmade Silver Jewelry - Anytime!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DBVictoria - Handmade Jewelry
from the Classic to the Fantastic!

DBVictoria is a fantastic shop - truly unique! This artisan has a sense of balance, composition and color that she uses to create handmade jewelry you just will never see anywhere else. The items here are truly eclectic and beautiful; the Steampunk Collection is filled with contemporary handmade necklaces and earrings that have a vintage flair, like the featured Steampunk Necklace For the Unlocking of Arcane Treasures in the photo. There are awesome wire wrapped designs featuring hundreds of crystal dangles. Or browse through the cool Y Necklace collection, where you'll find pretty necklaces featuring chain, Celtic elements, wire wrapped pearls and beautiful gemstone beads. This very talented artisan also offers her creations in other mediums; there are embellished parasols, hats and accessories, and even a digital photo or two. Bookmark this shop today ... you'll want to visit again. Jets are very talented people, and you never know what surprises await you in DBVictoria's shop!

Monday, November 2, 2009

MCRDesigns - Contemporary -
Vintage - Handmade Jewelry

Want a unique gift? Head over to MCRDesigns! This artisan makes one of a kind pieces that everyone on your list will want to call their own. These gorgeous baubles are made with the finest components. You'll find pages full of pretty gemstone bracelets, beautiful necklaces made with vintage lucite beads and lots of fabulous handmade earrings. Check out the lovely Vintage Glass Sterling Silver Earrings shown in the photo above! If you like this artisan's style and want a custom piece, send her a convo - Maureen is a friendly and helpful shop owner who welcomes special orders. So visit MCRDesigns today for "Bold Beautiful Colorful Chunky Bright Fun Quirky Original" handcrafted jewelry!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

UrbanMetal - Sterling Silver,
Fine Silver, Artisan Jewelry

UrbanMetal is a new shop that shows lots of potential! There are only a few items for sale, but they are truly fabulous - and there will be more to choose from soon. The featured item (pictured) is a wonderful pair of handmade earrings made with garnet, citrine, pearls and sterling silver that you'll want as soon as you see them! Put this shop in your favorites - you'll want to check out this fabulous artisan's new handmade silver jewelry designs as they're added to her shop. Check out UrbanMetal - our Jet of the Day!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

AdroitJewelers - Creative, Fashionable,
Affordable Handmade Jewelry

Stop into AdroitJewelers and you're sure to find fabulous handmade jewelry! This cool shop offers jewelry featuring natural seaglass, pretty gemstones, pearls and sterling silver. Browse gorgeous handcrafted anklets, necklaces and bracelets, all wrapped in sparkling sterling silver wire. AdroitJewelers makes beautiful all silver designs as well, featuring spirals, coils and lots more! The luxurious Black Dot Earrings featured in the photo are one example of the excellent workmanship and style you'll find on every page at AdroitJewelers. The handcrafted jewelry displayed here is very reasonably priced and is a great value - these pieces are well made with the highest quality components. There's something for everyone at AdroitJewelers, so put them in your favorites and keep this shop in mind whenever you need a nice gift. AdroitJewelers is simply a great place to shop!

Friday, October 30, 2009

DesignsByCher - Unique Affordable
Handcrafted Jewelry Created with Love

It is no secret that Etsy is a great place to find handmade jewelry, and one of the reasons is DesignsByCher! This wonderful shop has a lot to choose from so take your time wandering through the pages of pretty handmade earrings, fashionable necklaces, beautiful rings and so much more! Cher creates from the heart, making jewelry everyone will love to show off to their friends and family. These gorgeous one of a kind designs are made with a fantastic array of natural gemstones, pearls and art glass. There are fun, playful designs for casual wear, more traditional pieces for business and formal occasions and a huge selection of pieces that can be worn every day. Everything in this shop is made with top quality metal components - solid brass, copper, sterling silver and gold filled wire, beads and findings. The luxurious featured item - the fabulous, chunky Rainbow Jasper Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Bracelet is just one example of the unique handcrafted artisan jewelry you'll see when you visit DesignsByCher. Put this shop in your favorites and visit often - you'll want to do some holiday shopping soon and this is a great place to start. Check out DesignsByCher today!

Monday, October 26, 2009

BrookeJewelry -
Brooke Scarborough Jewelry Designs

Click on over to BrookeJewelry and explore this lovely shop ... you'll find lots of pretty necklaces, handmade earrings and cool bracelets to choose from! This artisan designs her gorgeous handmade silver jewelry with top quality components and a fantasic array of natural gemstones. Most of these luxurious pieces are wire-wrapped with sterling silver, and they feature genuine pearls with gemstones like labradorite, turquoise, garnet and chalcedony. The earrings featured in the photo - the Rose Quartz and Pearl Earrings - are one beautiful example of the wonderful handcrafted jewelry offered by this very talented artisan. Check out BrookeJewelry today and bookmark her shop ... you'll want to come back often!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

LittleBrownBird - Sterling Silver Jewelry
and Fashion Accessories

Today we're visiting LittleBrownBird, and she's got lots to see in her shop! This very talented artisan creates beautiful handmade jewelry and accessories you'll love to wear. The pages are filled with fabulous handcrafted earrings like the Golden Plum earrings featured in the photo, and some very cool handcrafted necklaces. You'll find a great selection of pretty hair accessories and brooches made with hand assembled fabric flowers. Her handmade jewelry features art glass and gemstone beads with sterling silver component parts, and a line of fine silver pieces that should not be missed! This artisan is also creating toasty warm hand knit scarves and beautiful clutch purses. Visit LittleBrownBird and satisfy your need for handmade jewelry and accessories today! Find LittleBrownBird on Twitter @ LBBjewelry ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Satin Doll & Co. -
Handmade Jewelry & Accessories

SatinDollCo's Etsy shop is a fantastic place to find handmade jewelry! This fashion jewelry designer creates eye opening styles that are both trendy and affordable. You'll find necklaces like the featured Carnival Explosion Necklace in hot tropical colors, and gorgeous earth tone earrings featuring natural wood beads. Most of these pretty pieces are under $30.00, and earrings prices start at less than $10.00 - so this is a wonderful shop to visit for some holiday shopping on a budget. Visit SatinDollCo for handcrafted jewelry today ... you'll absolutely love this shop! ***Satin Doll October Blog Giveaway*** Prize: Tropical Earrings Ends: October 22nd at 9pm To enter and for more details,simply go to:

Monday, October 19, 2009

TheBrassHussy -
Nature and Vintage Inspired
Handmade Costume Jewelry

Vintage style jewelry is quite popular these days, and a great place to find fresh designs is TheBrassHussy! This artisan designs her jewelry with vintage style parts in a very contemporary way. The featured piece - the Dagger with Blood Red Teardrop Pendant Necklace - is a great example of the jewelry you'll find in this very cool shop. There are dozens of fabulous handmade earrings, pendants, rings and necklaces to choose from, all inspired by nature or with a vintage flair. Shopping for beautiful gifts just couldn't be easier, so visit TheBrassHussy today!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mabellecherie -
Modern Handmade Clutch Purses

JETs are multi -talented! One of our favorite members has opened a new shop featuring a line of truly fabulous handmade clutch purses. I'm a guy, and I don't use a purse of ANY kind ... so I really know nothing about them. But I can say these are beautiful clutch purses, made by a true artisan. They are handmade creations, and only the best quality fabrics are used to produce these clutch purses. You'll find many shapes and sizes, all featuring lovely prints or fabulous solid colors. Some are embellished with a removable fabric floral brooch, and some have a gemstone purse charm attached, like the pretty Margarita XL Clutch Purse featured in the photo above. If you're planning a wedding, you can have custom designed clutch purses for your Bridal Party! Just send this friendly artisan a convo and she'll work with you to create these perfect wedding accessories. Check out Mabellecherie for gorgeous handmade clutch purses today!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Metalicious - Delicious Metal Designs
and Handmade Jewelry

Many artists like to work in a medium that allows liberal use of color. Metalicious chooses to express her vision in a way that strips art down to its basics - composition, shape, and form using classic metalsmithing techniques. This beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry puts emphasis on clean design, graceful curves and the combination of basic shapes. These are unique handcrafted designs that bring out the raw talent of this artisan in a way that many people can appreciate. The edgy, urban and thoroughly modern style favored by Metalicious is contemporary, but in a very classic way. This jewelry combines well with any style dress, so these pieces are great for everyday wear, business attire or a formal occasion. The featured silver pendant in the photo - the Goddess Necklace - is a fabulous example of her style, and there are many more to choose from. Visit Metalicious today and see for yourself why this artisan's jewelry is so special!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Foret - Emporium of the Unique

Natural beauty is elegantly displayed at Foret in the form of handmade gemstone jewelry! Wander through pages of extraordinary gemstone earrings, luxurious necklaces and pretty bracelets. The lovely Carnelian with Stars earrings (featured) are just one example of the handcrafted jewelry offered by this very talented designer. High quality gemstones like turquoise, labradorite and amethyst are accented with pearls, coral and more to create truly unique pieces you'll treasure. And the fabulous jewelry offered by Foret is so affordable! This is a great shop to visit when you're looking for a special birthday or anniversary gift. Check out Foret today and get your holiday shopping off to a good start!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Marcie Jane Designs -
Handmade Silver and Gemstone Jewelry

At MarcieJaneDesigns the influence of nature is apparent in every piece. Graceful and feminine, this handcrafted jewelry has an organic quality that makes it stand out from the crowd. Marcie Jane is inspired by her surroundings and her love for the outdoors; the jewelry you'll find in this fantastic shop has a fresh and breezy feel that will make you want to wear it every day. Many of these handmade jewelry items are made with the finest gemstone beads and art glass. If you love silver or brass, there are also many beautiful designs made entirely of metal for those who like highly polished or hammered styles - like the featured silver earrings. If you love handmade jewelry this is definitely a shop you'll want to explore, so visit MarcieJaneDesigns right now ... our fabulous Jet of the Day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

StudioJewel - Handcrafted, Unique,
Modern Metal Jewelry by TheBeadGirl

This wonderful shop offers handmade jewelry that is more than just fashionable. You'll find bracelets with stamped spiritual messages, medical alert jewelry, necklaces to commemorate your marriage, awareness jewelry made to support charitable organizations and much more. Handmade wedding bands like the featured item (pictured), Bridal jewelry and personalized family bracelets for mom and stamped tag necklaces for grandmothers are also this artisan's specialties. And of course there is jewelry that you'll just love to wear - fabulous earrings, wire wrapped bracelets and sparkling silver rings. Visit StudioJewel and start your holiday shopping today!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

InTheRaw -
Creative Supplies For Artists and Jewelry Designers

InTheRaw is a very descriptive name for a supply shop! You'll find everything here from giant wood beads to the featured Swarovski Crystal Daisy Slider Beads, all waiting for you! Supplies can be a powerful Muse ... just looking at them gives an artisan ideas. Visiting this shop can inspire you to create new bracelets, earrings and whatever your designer's eye can imagine. The beads and jewelry parts you'll find here can be used in countless ways. So take a fresh look at InTheRaw today ... and feed your creativity!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ArtMadeByTammy -
Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

One look inside ArtMadeByTammy's shop and you'll know you've found a special place. The gorgeous handmade jewelry offered here is made or altered by this talented artisan, and you'll never see it anywhere else. Whether you're browsing for a pair of stylish lampwork glass earrings, a wire wrapped gemstone pendant or an art piece like the featured Sunset Poppy Flower Necklace, you're sure to find beautiful one of a kind items that will please anyone on your holiday shopping list, and at a very reasonable cost. Visit and bookmark ArtMadeByTammy today!

Monday, October 5, 2009

DivineDesignbyForet -
Metaphysical Mercantile

Foret is a jewelry artist with a talent for creating unusual handcrafted jewelry with a very organic quality. The featured Individual In The Universe ELEMENTALZ pendant is a great example. These pendants are statement pieces, and you'll never get tired of looking at one because each time you do you'll notice something you may not have seen before. These handmade gemstone pendants are truly an artform ... You'll love these very cool pendants! Made by Foret with natural gemstones to channel metaphysical energy and healing properties to the person wearing them, each gemstone pendant sculpture is unique; these pendants art that is meant to be worn, and you'll want to show them off to your friends. Visit Divine Design by Foret today!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cool Stuff for Urban Jewelery Makers

One of the most difficult things a jeweler has to do is hunt for supplies. It isn't easy to find great components. It is even harder to find jewelry parts at the right price! UrbanStash is a fabulous shop for artisans who crave vintage jewelry components. The vintage jewelry market has become very popular, and because these findings are no longer made and are so limited in quantity a supplier like UrbanStash can be a closely guarded secret. Wonderful vintage earring parts like the Copper Marquise Dangles (pictured), brass stampings and even bulk length chain are available only in limited amounts - when they're gone, new items take their place. So visit UrbanStash every day ... you never know what you'll find!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

JemsByJBandCompany -
Semi Precious Gemstone
and Sterling Silver Jewelry

A visit to this shop is just so refreshing! The jewelry has a playful yet sophisticated look that draws the eye - without being overwhelming. This artist creates unique earrings, handcrafted necklaces and fashionable bracelets you will love to wear! The colors are bright and will go well with many styles of clothing and any skin tone, complimenting YOUR style in the most beautiful way. The pretty Circular Motion Earrings (pictured) are just one example of the wonderful jewelry you'll find in this shop. Working with natural gemstones, fabulous glass and top quality sterling silver components, this jewelry designer offers great handmade jewelry at very reasonable prices. Come visit JemsbyJBandCompany today to see what this talented artist has to offer!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MoonMystic -
Sterling Gemstone Wire Wrapped Jewelry

We live in a very technology - centered world, surrounded by "things" we have developed to make our lives "easier". This has led to a need for many people to re-connect with a less complicated way of life. Nature has its appeal, and one of the beautiful things it gives us is gemstones. Wearing handcrafted gemstone jewelry is one way we can feel a bit closer to nature and the Earth. Nothing is more natural; gemstones are part of the planet we live on! At MoonMystic gemstones become jewelry. This artist has an ability to create beautiful necklaces, pendants and earrings that present these colorful, sparkling jewels in a very organic way. Handmade wirewrapped gemstone pendants like the Prasiolite necklace shown keep us connected with nature in a small but very important way. Check out MoonMystic for gorgeous, top quality handcrafted gemstone jewelry today!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RadicalGlass -
Interesting and Radical Glass Designs

A Radical Glass pendant is art you can wear! This talented artisan creates colorful, sparkling treasures that you'll love to show off to your friends. Some of these pendants feature abstract designs, like the Volcanic Eruption Pendant, while others depict figures like faeries, dragonflies and dancing imps. The fabulous colors and dichroic glass demand attention; this is truly beautiful one of a kind handmade jewelry! These attractive yet affordable pendants make great gifts that everyone will enjoy, and will bring compliments your way every time you wear one. Visit Radical Glass today and see what makes this jewelry so hot!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shop Today and Save with the JETs!

Today - Sunday, 9/27 - is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of our JET Team sale! So if you've been "window shopping" for the last two days, NOW is the time to get that special pair of earrings you've been promising yourself! Shopping with the JETs is easy and fun, and with the Holiday shopping season just around the corner this is a great opportunity to get a head start. Search on Etsy for our team tag - JETSALE - and find thousands of discounted items you'll never see anywhere else! The sale ends tonight at midnight, so shop today ... just mention the code "Weekend Deals" in the Notes to Seller during checkout to receive the discount!