Thursday, December 23, 2010

JET Shine: Pam Robinson

Pam Robinson...and "friend" in Greece
Pam Robinson is the artist behind cooljewelrydesign and cooljeweryjr . A self-described eccentric/eclectic person who uses the "formula" of random chaos to create her beautiful works of wearable art.
"Emotional" Bracelet

Perhaps her eccentric personality was handed down from her beloved grandmother.

"My grandmother whose nickname is Roxie, was a real chick and full of glorious colorful stories. I remember her wearing mules with boa feathers and she held a cigarette holder with pastel cigs and GOLD filters." (Author's note: Grandma Roxie sounds really cool!)

Pam's grandmother has been a great influence on her, from her early years and throughout her life. After running away from home at age 14, it was to Roxie's house where Pam headed- her safe place. A favorite watch and some vintage oriental prints are some of her grandmother's things that hold a special place in her heart. But what Pam cherishes more than anything are her grandmother's stories and the memories of ...

"that rockin’ creative woman who had 3 husbands, pets, and was an extremely talented seamstress...I am proud to realize I have become her."

Pam has her own furbabies that are a comical group. Her two cats, or as she likes to call them her "psycho poopie kitties" create havoc around the house. And then there's Florence, her dog, whom I'm sure is completely innocent.

What does Pam do for fun? Well, she does take out the garbage on Wednesdays. But cooking, traveling, watching movies, and getting together with friends are tops on her list. A cherished item of hers is a little ceramic kitty made by a former neighbor's little girl. She also loves to collect some very wonderful things such as friends and memories.
"One photo collage of a bunch of nutty friends, ALL up to no good, resides in my office and never fails to bring about a smile."
When asked where she would like to see herself in ten years...
"I’d LOVE to be in NJ with a chauffeur and butler, but I’ll settle for here and a new car. I take each day, so long-term forecasts don’t work for me. Just more laughs, good times, traveling…so I don’t see life changing drastically. If there is a Prince Charming out there, I hope he looks like Steve Martin, is 6’4” with silver hair and considers dressing up wearing a t-shirt and shorts."
Thanks, Pam, for sharing a terrific insight into your world. Your jewelry certainly reflects the fun, free-spirit that you are!

You can find all of Pam's great designs at cooljewelrydesigns and cooljewelryjr.

Monday, December 20, 2010

JETs on the Move: Jennifer Smith-Righter at The Revere Academy of Jewelry Art

Our very own Jennifer Smith-Righter of WearableByDesign is a magnificently talented jewelry artist. Back in June, Jennifer was honored with an Honorable Mention Award in the 2010 Silver Accessories Contest in Tokyo, Japan. Her winning necklace, Equilibrio , was the only US entry to win an award out of 647 worldwide submissions in this year’s competition. The piece was held on display at the National Art Center, Tokyo from June 23 – July 5, 2010. Recently, Jenn took a course geared toward perfecting techniques for the professional jeweler. The course Jenn took was the Jewelry Technician Intensive course at the Revere Academy . It was a total of 320 hours of instruction and lab time. The classes were 8 weeks, 5 days a week, where they learned the basics of the jewelry trade. The courses were broken down into the following components with materials to learn and to practice with: Casting Fabrication 1: Beginning Fab 2: Chains & Carving Fab 3: Construction Polishing & Finishing Repair 1: Basic Repair 2: Intermediate Setting 1: Basic Setting 2: Prongs Setting 3: Beads & Pave Trade Practices The sessions were split up into morning and afternoon sessions. Students were taught mainly by Alan Revere himself as well as Vaskin Tanielian and occasional instruction in other subjects by various members of the staff. It was very cleverly crafted so that each new subject taught built directly upon the previous project and felt very natural. The largest and most time consuming project they did was a box ring. This was one of the few projects where students were able to incorporate their own design. The project was to create a box ring and to decorate it using a sheet of roughly 1 inch square 14 k gold. They were to use less than 8 hours total time spent and could incorporate any other components or processes that they felt comfortable with. You can see the entire class' finished rings here. "My box ring was not the most creative ring -- there were several who were far more creative, but I was in a very serious frame of mind and wanted to focus on doing the task at hand rather than being a clever designer. I figured I could do that when I had my solid foundation of principles to draw from (insert giggle here!). "~Jennifer Smith-Righter

"So now, I'm eager to use my newly minted skills to create designs that incorporate gold and gems in ways I was unable to accomplish before. If anyone is even considering taking this course, I cannot recommend it highly enough!"~ Jennifer Smith-Righter

Congrats Jenn on your award and on completing such a rigorous course! You are an inspiration to the whole team!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

JET Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Vintage Jewelry

When I think of the Ghost of Christmas Past, I imagine her in the most stylish vintage bling! Here are some great ideas to turn Christmas past into Christmas "presents"! Stunning and sparkling are these Vintage Rhinestone Clip Earrings from BeadzNBling. Or if you crave something eye-catching around your neck, this Vintage Gemstone Trillium Shaped Pendant Necklace from ForetTwo should do the trick.
Soft and feminine are these Vintage Rose Quartz and Gold Earrings from DesignsbyCher.
Or, if the person on your list is looking for something more casual, this Vintage Hinged Wood Cuff Bracelet from LittleBrownBird might be just what they need.
You can find lots of fabulous vintage jewelry from the Jewlery on Etsy Team by selecting "Vintage" in the search box on Etsy and search the term JETTEAM.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

JET Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Alternative Gifts

Although our wonderful team is centered around jewelry, our members are certainly multi-talented! Here are some great gift ideas from our team members for the person on your list who, for some unknown reason, doesn't want jewelry this year. (**cough cough** I think that last part got stuck in my throat.) BirchhillStudio, the alter-ego of OliviasGarden offers this gorgeous print titled Red Velvet Dahlia

EmotionalOasis has this super cool fused glass Pulsate Keychain

Juliaa has an alter-ego as well. Her shop Knitorama has these clever little stitch markers. They come in all different phrases, even custom. These Cake or Death stitch markers are among my favorite.

AbacusBeadCreations has lovely watches in her line. Here is her beautiful Pink Green Blue Lavender Pastel Watch .

EndlessBounty makes some wonderfully yummy lotions. This is her Cross Cage Lotion Set.

SatinDollCo has this adorable Queen of Morocco Yoga/Pilates Mat Wrap.

Search JETTEAM on Etsy to find more fabulous gift ideas from our wonderful Jewelry on Etsy Team.

Treasury Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas Part 2

Part 2 of our treasury challenge on Etsy featuring the theme "The 12 Days of Christmas" Challenge treasury by beadsme

Challenge treasury by peacesofindigo

Challenge treasury by jemsbyjbandcompany

Challenge treasury by TheBrassHussy

Challenge treasury by Dashery

Challenge treasury by DesignsbyCher

Challenge treasury by thebeadgirl

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Treasury Challenge: The 12 Days of Christmas

Today, I decided to present my teammates with a challenge. Make a holiday gift guide treasury on Etsy featuring the 12 Days of Christmas. I asked that the curator use at least four teammates in the grouping and find, among our team and the rest of the Etsy community, representations of all 12 days. The 12 Days of Christmas, as the song goes, are as follows:

1 Partridge in a pear tree
2 Turtle Doves
3 French Hens
4 Calling Birds
5 Golden Rings
6 Geese A-laying
7 Swans A-swimming
8 Maids A-milking
9 Ladies Dancing
10 Lords A-leaping
11 Pipers Piping
12 Drummers Drumming

The first treasuries of the challenge are in, and I have to say, the curators did an outstanding job! I can't wait to see the rest of them!

The first is done by Maureen of mcrdesigns. You may click on the picture below to see the actual treasury and the items included. Please take the time to check out each of the fantastic items by some wonderful Etsy sellers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Sales with JET

Find out what JET team members are having special promotions! New sales are happening all the time! (And make sure you subscribe to your favorite JET member's shop to keep up on the newest items listed.) You can find all the Black Friday Cyber Monday deals at ***************************************************************************** LittleBrownBird is having a store-wide sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday. You can find all the Black Friday Cyber Monday deals at Here are the details: BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY SUPER SALE!!! Now through November 30, 2010 SAVE 50% ON MOST JEWELRY & ACCESSORY ITEMS! SAVE 50% ON CLEARANCE ITEMS! SAVE 20% ON FINE SILVER,PERSONALIZED ITEMS, AND RINGS! Little Brown EARLY Bird sales are throughout the shop. From now until November 30 find huge savings on jewelry, accessories, fine silver, even custom orders and clearance items! Discounts are already reflected in the prices. No coupon codes needed. Free shipping on most items. Discount excludes vintage items. ************************************************************************** Designsbycher is having 10% off everything in the shop Sale is from Sat midnight until Mon midnight Nov 29,2010 ************************************************************************** Stoutdg2 is having a sale 5:00 a.m. Friday to 11:00 p.m. Monday Nov 29. 15% off on everything in the shop. ************************************************************************** Brookejewlery is having FREE SHIPPING on everything! ************************************************************************** Judesjujus is having FREE SHIPPING and 20% off ************************************************************************** mcrdesigns is having 15% OFF NOW THROUGH NOVEMBER 29TH!!! Prices reflect sale price. ************************************************************************** thebrasshussy is offering from now thru Cyber Monday FREE SHIPPING on the entire shop! ************************************************************************** ArtMadebyTammy Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale! Save up to 60% on most items. They are all ready marked down - so No need to wait for an invoice. Happy Holidays! ************************************************************************** thebeadgirl is having BLACK FRIDAY THANKSGIVING Holiday Sale! 15% off and FREE SHIPPING on all items within the U.S. and FREE gift wrapping on request. We can also drop ship your wrapped gift, with an enclosed card. Don't forget to check out the clearance section too! ************************************************************************** AdroitJewelers is having a Black Friday Sale ~ 15% off everything Small Business Saturday Sale ~ 15% off everything Cyber Monday Sale ~ 15 % off everything ************************************************************************** Cserpent is offering 10% off with coupon code BFCM10 ************************************************************************** fuchsiabloomstudio is having a Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sale in my shop- 10% off everything. ************************************************************************** Cystalimpressions is having a black fri/cyber monday...."pre holiday sale" ***PRE HOLIDAY SALE 11/26 - 11/30..40% OFF ENTIRE SHOP..*** ************************************************************************** Foret has a Stocking Stuffer section. ************************************************************************** Search JETTEAM on Etsy to find fabulous jewelry from the whole Jewelry on Etsy Team.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buy Handmade For the Holidays

In a time when people are feeling the pinch from the economy, it's important to remember the things for which we are thankful. Family, friends, furbabies; these are the things that make our lives rich. Yet, it's also at this time of year that we want to show our appreciation to those loved ones. Sure, we could camp out in line for the all early bird deals at the big box stores, or spend hard earned cash on the latest video game or "Tickle Me Elmo". But do those things really mean something? Will that gift that they begged for be sitting in a closet somewhere in a month, a week, by the end of the day?
"I like the idea of the handmade not just to consume, but to get gifts that are more unique and special because they're handmade. Supporting individuals rather than large companies feels much more meaningful in this economy, when everyone is having a hard time financially."~ Julia from Juliaa

ITS aMAZEing Topaz Teardrop Garnet and Tanzanite Pendant

by JewelrybySolange

Let me suggest getting them something that will be treasured long after the holidays are over. When you invest in a gift that is carefully and skillfully handcrafted by an artisan, you are investing in something that may become a treasured heirloom. Artists take great pride in the work they create. Ask any artisan, no matter what their genre, and they will tell you that it is the love of their art, their heart and soul that is within every piece they create.

Bali Style Lampwork and Sterling Silver Bracelet

by stoutdg2

"I love the look and feel of homemade products. They just feel like more love and care has been put into them for the most part. There are so many unique things that people make. I love unique, colorful and different things."~ Judy from jemsbyjbandcompany

"Hands down, the handcrafted items are superior in construction, design, and spirit. And I speak about ALL types of items from paper goods to scarves, clothing, bird houses, etc., not just jewelry. The inherent care and pride cannot be purchased over the counter – unless, of course, it’s handmade!"~ Pam from cooljewelrydesign

Many artisans will even create custom works just for you. These are truly unique, one of a kind pieces that will hold a special place in the heart of its recipient.

"I like to support small businesses by buying something personally handmade directly from the artist. Cut out the big box stores and get something special, direct from the artist's hands to you."~ Mary from LittleBrownBird
The holidays are upon us and I haven't even begun thinking about what gifts I might be giving the loved ones in my life. Whatever those gifts will be I know three things: that they will be special, they will be made with love, and they will be handmade.
Happy Holidays Everyone!
All of the pieces shown above and many others from the Jewelry on Etsy Team can be found by searching JETTEAM in the search box on Etsy's home page.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Come Join the Jewelry on Etsy Team TRUNK SHOW!

The Jewelry on Etsy Team will be having a team-wide on line Trunk Show on Sunday, November 21, 2010. Come meet this wonderful team of talented jewelry artisans, share some laughs, and view the collections. It's a fantastic way to interact with the artists while checking off items for that ever growing holiday gift list. The show will be at 8pm EST in the Virtual Labs on Etsy. Team members will be featuring some of their favorite works, tell us how they were made, and ready to answer any questions LIVE! This show was a huge hit last year so come early and grab a seat in the virtual lab. You don't want to miss a thing! You must be a registered Etsy user to participate. It only takes a minute to register, but then you can come join the fun, mark your favorites, and purchase on the spot during the show! And, as always, you can view beautiful handmade jewelry from the entire Jewelry on Etsy Team by searching JETTEAM in the search box on Etsy's home page.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Thank you to everyone that nominated and voted for the Top 10 JET Items. It was a tough decision as all the items were so beautiful! The final list is in no particular order because we were choosing the top 10, not a voting for 1st, 2nd, etc. Here is the final list: Silver woodgrain texture ring-turquoise blue accents by peacesofindigo All Dressed Up Sterling Handcrafted Chain Stone Charm Bracelet by thebeadgirl Silver Pink Pearl and Crystal Flower Necklace--Pink Ophelia by WearableByDesign Ancient Coin Bracelet with Pearls and Baltic Amber by Foret Custom Personalized Handprint Fine Silver Dangle Earrings by LittleBrownBird Acorn and Leaf Toggle Necklace by capitalcitycrafts Golden Shadow Cosmic Wire Wrapped Cluster Earrings by abacusbeadcreations Gold,white,Murano glass,chalcedony handmade necklace Rave On by cooljewelrydesign Peridot sterling silver earrings- LIME by mcrdesigns Steampunk Necklace for the Unlocking of Arcane Treasures OOAK by dbvictoria Congrats to the top 10!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vote For Your Favorite Top 10 Jewelry Items

Now is your chance to vote for the top 10 jewelry items from the Jewelry on Etsy Team. Nominees were chosen by members of the team and are listed below. Take time to view the items and then cast your vote down at the bottom of the page. Consider these criteria when voting: A) "Fabulousness" of the item B) Clear picture with great "ad-worthy" composition C) Best representation of the Jewelry on Etsy Team
Sterling Silver Queen Chain Maille Square Mail Plus Size Bracelet with Toggle Clasp by Dashery