Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buy Handmade For the Holidays

In a time when people are feeling the pinch from the economy, it's important to remember the things for which we are thankful. Family, friends, furbabies; these are the things that make our lives rich. Yet, it's also at this time of year that we want to show our appreciation to those loved ones. Sure, we could camp out in line for the all early bird deals at the big box stores, or spend hard earned cash on the latest video game or "Tickle Me Elmo". But do those things really mean something? Will that gift that they begged for be sitting in a closet somewhere in a month, a week, by the end of the day?
"I like the idea of the handmade not just to consume, but to get gifts that are more unique and special because they're handmade. Supporting individuals rather than large companies feels much more meaningful in this economy, when everyone is having a hard time financially."~ Julia from Juliaa

ITS aMAZEing Topaz Teardrop Garnet and Tanzanite Pendant

by JewelrybySolange

Let me suggest getting them something that will be treasured long after the holidays are over. When you invest in a gift that is carefully and skillfully handcrafted by an artisan, you are investing in something that may become a treasured heirloom. Artists take great pride in the work they create. Ask any artisan, no matter what their genre, and they will tell you that it is the love of their art, their heart and soul that is within every piece they create.

Bali Style Lampwork and Sterling Silver Bracelet

by stoutdg2

"I love the look and feel of homemade products. They just feel like more love and care has been put into them for the most part. There are so many unique things that people make. I love unique, colorful and different things."~ Judy from jemsbyjbandcompany

"Hands down, the handcrafted items are superior in construction, design, and spirit. And I speak about ALL types of items from paper goods to scarves, clothing, bird houses, etc., not just jewelry. The inherent care and pride cannot be purchased over the counter – unless, of course, it’s handmade!"~ Pam from cooljewelrydesign

Many artisans will even create custom works just for you. These are truly unique, one of a kind pieces that will hold a special place in the heart of its recipient.

"I like to support small businesses by buying something personally handmade directly from the artist. Cut out the big box stores and get something special, direct from the artist's hands to you."~ Mary from LittleBrownBird
The holidays are upon us and I haven't even begun thinking about what gifts I might be giving the loved ones in my life. Whatever those gifts will be I know three things: that they will be special, they will be made with love, and they will be handmade.
Happy Holidays Everyone!
All of the pieces shown above and many others from the Jewelry on Etsy Team can be found by searching JETTEAM in the search box on Etsy's home page.


DG Jewelry Designs said...

Mary - A wonderful write-up. Appreciate you posting my bracelet. *Buy handmade for the holidays from the talented Jewelry on Etsy Team designers*.

Lisa Lehmann @StudioJewel said...

Great choices! thanks for pointing them out! i will have one of each please! :)

JuliaA said...

Wonderful article! Handmade gifts are so special–the most meaningful gift I've ever given came from Etsy. It was before I found the wonderful community and varied talents of the jetteam.

I came across a sterling silver handmade focal–Cala lilies. It was strikingly beautiful, and I knew that my mother would love it. Cala lilies were her wedding bouquet. So I had it made into a lapel pin, because she wears those a lot with her work clothes. The seller was wonderful about making the focal into a pin for me.

When I surprised my mother with it, she was so touched that she cried.

That gift was exquisitely special because it was a sentimental gift that had unique handmade beauty.

Looking through the listings of the multitalented jetteam, there is so much of that amazing beauty. You just can't find that sort of gift in a department store.

cooljewelrydesign said...

Very accurate feature, Mary...thanks for this as we reach out to the general public who may never have heard of Etsy. Oh the notion of handmade lies in the hearts of those for whom it really matters -- they will appreciate the difference.

Cher said...

Thank you for saying what many of us already know, Mary... those to whom I give handcrafted gifts are always so appreciative. I also believe that most of our Etsy shoppers are here for that very reason... they want to support the handmade movement by finding unique, quality items that have been made with the love of the artisan :)

capitalcitycrafts said...

This has been my mantra for a long time! Thanks for sharing some beautiful examples.

Made By Tammy said...

Awesome post! And Fantastic jewelry!

Most handmade items are created out of inspiration and / or have a story behind them. Plus they are made with love.
Items tend to be more environmentally friendly, higher quality and you get better personal service.
I support artist to made it possible for them to create one more day and do what they love!

Unknown said...

Great article! Love the quotes and the items featured!

Erika Price said...

Great article - I completely agree! All my friends and family will be receiving handcrafted gifts this year, and I know they will appreciate them more because they know how much thought, time and effort has gone into each one :)

marciejanedesigns said...

This is a wonderful and very supportive post. We live in an age of hurry up, quick and instant gratification, so I appreciate all my fellow artists that go to pain staking lengths to create handmade. When you receive a unique artisan piece, know that is comes with devotion and belief that we can make a difference in this crazy world we live in. Peace!