Friday, July 22, 2011

Jet of the Day - Elizabeth of Foret

Our celebrated Jet of the Day today is Elizabeth, of Foret...emporium of the unique
The home of artisan jewelry and  accessories with a luxe, sophisticated, ethnic flare; a bit of magic, and a healing touch.

If you know Elizabeth, you know she creates spectaular handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants using  materials with metaphysical, healing, and symbolic significance, and you will learn of about these materials as you shop and read through her listings.

As July winds down, we will take a look at Elizabeth's  peridot collection, the birthstone of August. Relax while her descriptions and photography take you on a little journey.

All Good Things are Green
 According to Elizabeth:
Peridot: also called Olivine, for tonifying, regulating, healing, physical regeneration, inspiration, insight, purification, a money stone (putting it together with citrine helps draw in money and then be able to retain it), Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, the numbers 5, 6, and 7 (Peridot is one of the stones said to have been used in the breastplate of the High Priest as mentioned in the Old Testament.)

Peridot Lariat Necklace with Baltic amber and yellow jade.
Be transported by Elizabeth and this wonderful peridot lariat necklace to Peridot Paradise!
"Brilliant grass green peridot polished chips are interspersed with butterscotch shade Baltic amber nuggets and sterling silver beads with gold stars (handmade in Rajasthan…very special!) The lasso of this lariat is made of tiny olive green freshwater rice pearls and round peridot beads. The pendant tassel end of the lariat which is captured in the pearl and peridot loop is a beautiful carved yellow jade and rough faceted peridot briolette, wire wrapped in sterling silver. The yellow jade endless knot is a traditional Chinese carving which depicts one of the Eight Auspicious shapes in Tibetan Buddhism."

Olivine Peridot and Gold Earrings

Peridot is the brightest of greens...the color of new growth in Springtime as well as a healing stone and, as mentioned, a money stone.

Chandelier Style Wealth Earrings with Peridot, Pearls and I Ching Coins 

"Three strands of genuine peridot gemstone, brass beads and freshwater peacock coin pearls hang from authentic antique Chinese brass coins which are 300-500 years old. This kind of coin is used to cast your I Ching oracle. They have four characters on one side, two on the other side. Coins have been worn by all cultures to both attract and express wealth."

"Pearl: the stone of sincerity, fidelity, purity, wisdom, balance, higher truth, Cancer, Gemini, the number 7"

August babies will have a holiday in Elizabeth's shop. Now, I could not  visit Elizabeths shop without sharing what I have learned about this crystal:  a Left Activation Tibetan Quartz Pendulum

Elizabeth explains the significance of this piece as follows:

 "A Left Activation Crystal is recognized by an inclined window, or facet located on the left side of the primary face of the crystal. It primarily activates and increases performance of the left brain function. Used with the Right Activation crystal, it brings a melding of the right and left brain abilities and a synthesis of same. It is sometimes called a "time link". The left leaning link is said to be a time link to the past." On a more simplistic level, as a healing tool this kind of crystal can be intended to draw out energy."

It would be wrong not to share with you the  Talismen at Foret,  which can be worn, or kept close to you in your pocket, car, on your desk, etc.

A talisman is an object with a presence that exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.  It is often an "amulet",  a small charm which is worn to ward off evil, harm, or illness or to bring good fortune.

Shopping at Foret is like an escape to an exotic locale. Elizabeth has a second shop, quite worthy of a visit, as well. At Foret Two,  she sells supplies you will not find anywhere else,  and vintage items that will have your imagination running wild with creative ideas.

Visiting Foret and Foret Two will make you happy. You will feel Elizabeth's calming and healing energy as you are tempted by the the aesthetic beauty and healing power of each unique artisan piece of jewelry.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter and do not pass up a visit to "Foret's Divine Designs and Medicine Show"on Facebook.


Beadsme said...

What an array of scrumptious goodies in Elizabeths store.

Rough Magic Creations said...

I've loved Elizabeth's work since I first laid eyes on it, her shop always uplifts and inspires me, and her peridot designs make me want to change my birthday to August!

jemsbyjb said...

Peridot is my birthstone and I just love these beautiful designs. Great talent.

Bob J24-7 said...

Foret is chock full o' goodness ... if you like gemstones, this shop will make you very happy. I like this Pearl, Gemstone and Silver Necklace ... its just fabulous! Bob:J24-7

JillreOzmay said...

Lovely peridot - one of my fav stones. Beautiful work by Foret. Great shop, great artist :)

Tracy said...

I just love Elizabeth's work and the thoughtful creativity that is behind everything that she creates! Everything has meaning and purpose which adds something special to each piece.

trentongal said...

Wonderful shop! So much handmade jewelry that is totally unique!

Ribasus said...

Norah kindly offered to write this for me today. I am so grateful. THANK YOU DARLING. What a great, focussed piece! Yes! Let's Be Brilliant and enjoy peridot...that color may well heal the planet.

Copyboy said...

Love the Chandelier style earrings. If you're interested I'd love to feature your group on my site –


Jesse Cohen

Michele said...

What a great feature, the peridot necklace is so stunning!!
Elizabeth's shop is one to browse so many lovely items offered!!

Erika Price said...

Lovely shop! Erika

SendingLoveGallery said...

I love Foret's fabulous jewelry! what a glorious array of peridot she has
: )

Brooke said...

Great post and very pretty jewelry here and in Foret's shop!

Made By Tammy said...

All your jewelry is so stunning. I love how you inform us on the meaning behind the gemstones and their healing power.

Rebecca - Fuchsia Bloom Studio said...

Foret's jewelry is so refreshing and unique and you feel transported to a lush exotic locale when you see it and wear it. And behind all of it's beautiful appearance she shares her wisdom of gemstones and healing. Be sure to visit her shop!