Friday, July 8, 2011

Jet of the Day - Susan of cserpentDesigns

A little about design style...

Greetings fellow bead lovers! Happy Friday from Susan, creator of cserpentDesigns jewelry. I haven't met a gemstone yet that I didn't "have" to add to my bead collection! But I also love one-of-a-kind, handmade glass beads, metals of all sorts, and even many fibers and yarns! The problem I have in loving such a variety of beads, metals, yarns is finding a way to include it all in my jewelry designs. The challenge in designing with such a wide array of base elements is that it is hard to create a recognizable design style. I've read many articles about design style. Here is one that talks about some of the tradeoffs between embracing variety versus focusing on an identifiable "style".

I have to say that cserpentDesigns embraces variety. I don't know if that is the smart choice from a business perspective since my jewelry style is ALL over the map. In my shop you can find a basic, wire-wrapped, gemstone necklace like this:

Ametrine and Freshwater Pearl Stack and Sterling silver necklace

or, a pair of metalsmithed earrings:  (hammering and fire are soooo fun!)

Hammered copper and sterling silver earrings - Slightly Skewed

and, even a somewhat free-form, very time consuming woven bracelet:

Peyote beadweave, Pearls and Shell Bracelet - Ocean Ruffles

Hmm??? Can we say Susan at cserpentDesigns has a short attention span?? LOL! Actually I just get bored if I keep doing the same thing over and over again and I love to try soooo many different things. For now my recognizable style is variety. I have even embraced designing with brass and rhinestones when a friend asked me to create earrings to match her Sorrelli necklace. I had no rhinestones and no brass settings but I do love a challenge so I said yes. Here are the finished earrings:

Not bad for my first try! And, of course, I now have a LOT of brass fittings and rhinestones so you'll also find rhinestone designs in my shop from time to time.
But, back to the subject at hand ... design style ...

For now I'll continue to embrace variety and see where that takes me. Perhaps as I try other new types of design I'll find one thing that really draws me in. If not then you'll always have MANY types of jewelry to choose from as you wander the aisles at cserpentDesigns
Happy shopping!



Made By Tammy said...

Fantastic feature! Your Woven Bracelet - Ocean Ruffles is Amazing!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Great write-up. I love your peyote bracelet.

SendingLoveGallery said...

enjoyed your post- I think variety is the way to go!

Beadsme said...

I like a variety too, maybe we all have a short attention span LOL.

Erika Price said...

Wonderful designs! Love all the amazing variety in your shop! Erika Price Jewelry

cserpentDesigns said...

Thanks all! My variety continues - just made a bunch of wire/bead pins to sell at the Art Fair tomorrow. Whimsical but fun!

cserpentDesigns said...

And thank you Norah for prettying up my quick blurb to you!

Brooke said...

Great post and very pretty jewelry Susan!

cooljewelrydesign said...

Susan's variety of designs is amazing,as is her use of color. Love your shop!