Friday, January 23, 2015

JET of the Day: LimeintheSky


Citrus and Sky Theme Handmade Jewelry

Today we're featuring LimeintheSky! This JET member creates several lines of unique handmade jewelry. The necklace on the right is one of her Upscaled T-Shirt pieces; the cord is made from a t-shirt. The name fits ... the colors in this necklace are bright and saturated, as in a rainbow ...

The beads are stone, glass, bone and resin. This eclectic mix of materials gives this amazing necklace more than color. The different textures and shapes are simply stunning. The length is adjustable to fit you!

On the left is one of this jewelry artisan's Music Geek line. This bracelet is made with hand carved citrine beads and peridot disc beads. The beads are laid out in the pattern of a musical scale ... in half and whole steps!

Terry and I both see it, because we can play and read. If you aren't a musician you can still enjoy this pretty bracelet - the beads are great colors that go together very nicely, and linked bracelets like this one are very comfortable to wear.

Another interesting line is Anne - Marie's Ceramic jewelry. The necklace at right is a simple rectangle with a blue glaze. The color, texture, shape - all were created by this artisan for this specific purpose. It really is simple, and also beautiful!

There are more ceramic pieces here as well - I really like several of them very much. This small house necklace is a really nice one; sort of a reminder about what is important in life - home and family.

I also love this quirky ceramic honeycomb patchwork necklace! These ceramic components were made to fit together, and you can tell it was a well planned piece because of the hole placement in each tile.

This JET member has a Tiny Stones line that is both beautiful and very wearable! These necklaces and bracelets are made with small size gemstone beads and pearls.

They're sterling silver; some with a bright finish, and some oxidized, like the moonstone and labradorite example on the left. There are quite a few of these available;
the Tiny Pearl double necklace would be a great piece to wear at a wedding. Two of these necklaces feature raw diamonds.

If you love handmade jewelry, you'll really love LimeintheSky. Visit today and treat yourself!


Michele said...

Lovely jewelry & shop!!!!

Erika Price said...

Lovely article featuring some beautiful jewellery!

SendingLoveGallery said...

versatile artisan and creative jewelry!

mjsee said...

Stunning design, clearly well-crafted. Beautiful work, altogether!

LoveStoneArts said...

Lovely piece on one of my favorite jewelry artisans. Thanks for the great read!

WanderingJewel said...

Beautiful work!

MadeByTammy said...

Fun and Fantastic jewelry shop!

Judith Lott said...

Such a great use of color in these designs.