Wednesday, January 21, 2015

JET of the Day: LauraStamperDesigns

Fabulous Art Jewelry by LauraStamperDesigns

Laura Stamper was a portrait artist - a painter - before she began making jewelry. This has carried over and is a big influence on her current work as a jewelry artist.

The first thing I see when I look at her work is color. Lots of color. Some of her pieces are more subtle, but many are bright and vibrant, like the enameled stacking rings you see on the right side of the page.

Statement Art Brooch: Mermaid on Reef with Fish and Seaweed

These stacking rings are one of her more "traditional" designs. Browsing through her shop, you'll see that many pieces have a sculptural quality.

This is evident in her figural pieces; the Mermaids, Goddesses and tribute pieces that celebrate famous women - Like Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe.

The Mermaid Brooch at left is a fantastic example of Laura's sculptural style. The mermaid brooch is just part of what you see here. She sits in a stand; when she's not being worn this brooch can be displayed as the art piece it really is!

 Laura makes a line of "eco friendly" jewelry that is made from recycled metals. These can be .999 fine silver, .925 sterling silver or high karat gold.

Most feature gemstones that are unfinished, rough gems or gemstones with unusual qualities, like the large rutilated quartz set in the ring on the right.

You'll also find a variety of asymmetrical earrings in this shop. These unique and unusual earrings ARE pairs - they belong together - but they're not exactly the same. Some are top to bottom mirrors of each other ...
the gemstone order is different, but the types of stones are the same. Or the stones will be a different shape, like these. And some have both qualities, like the earrings on the left!

If you love art jewelry, you'll appreciate this artisan's creations - because they ARE different. That is an essential quality when creating art of any type - the unique factor is just SO important.

By combining her traditional art with jewelry, Laura has created lines that are so different from anything else out there I believe her jewelry will stand out at any show or venue she chooses to participate in.

The artists that have influenced her style vary from the classic Rennaissance artist Leonardo DaVinci to the fabulous Frida Kahlo, the Mexican self portrait artist - to abstract and cubic artists like Salvatore Dali and Pablo Picasso.

The Picasso influence is evident in her tribute piece, the bracelet on the right - which Laura named "PiCATso". Each link is different, very cubist - and cats are very prominently featured. This wonderful piece would make Picasso smile!

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Urban Pearl Studio said...

Laura is not only an accomplished jeweler but is also an amazing artist. Her skills are reflected in her hand painted and fired jewelry designs. I'm on the edge weekly to see her new offerings!

Gemstones on My Mind said...

Laura's art is so beautiful. It's so hard to choose a favorite because I love them all - but my heart belongs to Pi-CAT-so. I also love the Goddess Earrings in her shop, these especially-
I could go on and on....

Erika Price said...

Laura makes truly fabulous jewellery, and her PiCATso bracelet is simply stunning!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Simply stunning!

Lori Taggart said...

Amazing jewelry! So artistic and creative!

MadeByTammy said...

Amazing artist and jewelry designer! Laura created a pair of earrings for me and I just love them!

Tracy said...

So creative and beautiful!

SendingLoveGallery said...

true art jewelry, love it all!

Judith Lott said...

Such wonderfully artistic designs.