Friday, May 17, 2013

JET Artisan Profile:
Rene Rydell - McIntyre of endlessbounty

I was inspired to become a jewelry designer when I was a teenager. I was constantly creating my own designs my altering things I would find at the mall and the stores. I liked to keep up with trends but I wanted to be uniquely defined by my own style.

I wanted to put my "spin" on accessories so they were recognizable as a "Rene' Piece" Ha ha ha!

I think Depeche Mode, The Sugar Cubes and The Smiths had a lot to do with that. :)

At one point in time I even had earrings that were a fork and a spoon...go figure!

Smoky Quartz Crystal Onyx Steel Yin Yang Bracelet
I made my first "real piece" of jewelry when I was living in upstate New York in 2004. I went to Woodstock and while I was there I met a woman who taught me a lot about gemstones. That fueled my fire to start designing.

Shortly after that my friend told me about Etsy. She said my possibilities were Endless and hence - EndlessBounty Jewelry was born!

Because of my stylist background Bracelets will always be my Number 1 thing to make. People used to hear me jingle and say, "Rene's here!" I was known by the clanging of my jewelry! No matter what I design daily, a bracelet will always come out of the mix.

Faceted Pink Topaz  Crystal and Copper Necklace
 My favorite materials to work with are most definitely copper and crystals. I feel like they are harmonious. Copper can be changed colorwise and can compliment ANY crystal.

Jewelry made with plated metals may tarnish and fade. Gold and Silver can be pricey. Using copper and brass in my designs allows me to make beautiful original pieces without charging my customers an arm and a leg. Everyone should be able to afford beautiful jewelry.

This is Morrissey. Not a cat!
 Music influences my creative flow. I couldn't breathe without it. It's beautiful. It brings me inspiration. (Morrissey on the right).

Well, that and my kitties. They hang around when I work and watch in fascination. (Insert crazy cat lady joke here. lol!)

Music and my kitties are important, but I could never be without my pliers! They are my best friend. sometimes I wish I could have them surgically attached.

My father was a contractor and he used to tell me how valuable his tools were to him. I still have one of his hammers. :) But anyway, my pliers are a godsend. From Coiling to Crimping to Setting stones - they save the day!

Plum Leather Crystal Cross Cuff Bracelet
Currently I am doing some Leatherwork. It's not as easy as it looks. Leather can break a needle as if it were a toothpick! But I love the Glam Punk Edgy-ness of it. 

 I want to learn how to intricately wrap whole gemstones. It will take patience and a lot more time per piece but maybe if the summer isn't too crazy you'll find me practicing by wrapping seashells in the beach.

I see some Stone artists and just think WOW - That is AMAZING! I want to get back to my roots with Gemstones and their metaphysical makes you feel good.

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LoveStoneArts said...

Go, go Rene!! You are such an important member of our team. Thanks for the back story.

urban pearl studio said...

LOVE Rene's work! Creative, bold and she's not afraid to work with mixed medium - you go, girlie!

Leslie Kill said...

Great profile Rene, thanks for sharing the inspiration for your awesome, unique jewelry!

Michele said...

Lovely post!!! Was very nice knowing you even more and what inspires you and what got you started into making jewelry!!!

Your Daily Jewels - Norah Downey said...

Thank you Ren! It is so nice to know a little more about you. Everything you touch you turn into something beautiful. I love your style! And I am so happy we have gotten to be friends through this special team :)

jemsbyjb said...

Loved reading this. Its so cool to get to know all about you and your jewelry.

SendingLoveGallery said...

enjoyed your post, Ren! your creativity and enthusiasm are inspiring :)

Brooke said...

This was a fun read, great artisan profile Rene! Thank you for sharing:)

JillreOzmay said...

Rene - one of the most awesome people I know, not to mention a fabulous and brave designer of jewelry! Thank you for sharing about your wonderful self!

Rough Magic Mollie said...

Ah Rene, I'd have known this was you by your words alone! You are a wonder - lovely, talented and oh, so special!!! Thanks for the glimpse backstage!

TheSilverBear said...

What a super profile from a stalwart of the JET team. Love ya Ren, AND your fabulous creations.

Beadsme said...

Woohoo Ren. Your designs rock.

Lori Taggart said...

Wonderful profile of Ren! I love that your major influences are Morrissey and cats!

MadeByTammy said...

Ren, I love that photo of you ~ bold and beautiful, just like your jewelry!!

nikhajewelry said...

Sweet profile Ren! So ice to get to know you better. Your jewelry rocks!!!