Wednesday, May 15, 2013

JET Artisan Profile:
Debra Jeffries of DebrasDivineDesigns

Hello! I'm Deb, and my shop is DebrasDivineDesigns. I have always made jewelry since I was a little girl with flowers, grass, things I found and would bring them to my mom. As I got older, it just developed into something more substantial and wearable!

I am really a self taught artisan, but I have admired and learned from photos, magazine ads, TV shows, films and videos. I grew my craft from ideas I had seen, inspired by these popular media.

I have taken a few mini courses in silversmithing, copper enameling, glass fusing and stained glass but have developed my craft beyond the basics on my own, with my ideas and techniques, resulting in my line of exclusive designs.

Copper Wire Wrapped Dumortierite Necklace

I sold my first piece of jewelry to a friend from church who liked my gemstone necklace. It was turquoise....she asked me to make one just like it.

I do have my favorite materials to work with, and you can see that by browsing my shop. I love working with metals that are from the scrapyard. It makes me feel good to see old discarded metal cables and scrap being utilized to create something beautiful and artsy!

Real Blue Morpho Butterfly Necklace

I admire and love gemstones, but my deep love is God's creations...butterflies!

Using the wings from expired butterflies is such a thrill as they dry and self preserve but to place them in glass is a beautiful way to display both their inner and out wings. It is a great way to showcase their incredible beauty.

I make mostly butterfly wing pendants because they are incredibly popular. I do make quite a few rings and earrings also, to offer a full line.

I call my business "Debra's Divine Designs" for a reason. I truly feel divinely inspired to be

Madagascan Sunset Moth Heart Shaped Pendant

able to come up with some of the things I do. I pray over each piece I make pouring love and blessings from above through my silly human hands. Many ideas come to me in dreams.

My favorite tool is my glass grinder. Also my controlled temperature soldering iron. I truly love that thing!

I am always looking to learn and expand my jewelry making skills. I am currently teaching myself "form folding", a metal folding technique that has inspired me for a long time.

My Studio - I love working here!
One of my Etsy friends is taking a course and It inspired me to look up "how - to" videos on YouTube. I'm practicing it and really looking forward to mastering this technique. I also want to learn silversmithing skills so I can add and imbed gemstones into my current line of products... including gemstone accents for my butterfly pieces.

You can find DebrasDivineDesigns here:

My Etsy Shop


Facebook: debrasdivinedesigns3D



Your Daily Jewels - Norah Downey said...

I am a happy owner of one of your elegant, earthy butterfly wing pendants and I am tempted by them whenever I see them. Deb, you are so gifted. Everything new that you try looks like you have been doing it forever.
I am so happy to know a little more about you and I am so glad we are friends.

Blanche said...

So much team talent!

Michele said...

Lovely post Deb, very talented!!! Love the colors of your butterfly pendant!!

LoveStoneArts said...

What a treat to get a lovely peek into your butterfly world Deb!

Rough Magic Mollie said...

Oh Deb, your "silly human hands" are truly blessed. I love your butterfly wings and am in awe of the beautiful works you create with what others would consider "scrap."

SatinDollCo said...

It has always amazed me how you take delicate butterfly wings and make them into priceless treasures. Your butterfly pieces are definitely hands down my favs in your shop.

capitalcitycrafts said...

Wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and creations!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Deb, you are so talented. Love your butterfly wings.

Brooke said...

Your business name is accurate, your jewelry is divine! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading more about your art and you.

urban pearl studio said...

Spread those gorgeous wings and fly, Deb!

Beadsme said...

Beautiful Deb. And your workspace is so tidy. Go girl.

TheSilverBear said...

A truly beautiful person creating truly amazing pieces - love ALL your divine inspirations! Onward & upward, Deb. xox

Leslie Kill said...

It's wonderful to see your divine inspirations take shape, truly amazing!

SendingLoveGallery said...

Enjoyed your creative story and the beautiful jewelry!

Tracy said...

Divine for SURE! Gorgeous.

Lori Taggart said...

Lovely profile of a lovely lady!

MadeByTammy said...

Awesome blog post and artisans profile! I love reading and learning more about you, Deb. Your butterfly pieces are fantastic. I'm a proud owner of one of them - love it!

JillreOzmay said...

Your butterfly jewelry is so beautiful, but you are also magic with copper. Thank you for sharing!