Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Time to Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

'Tis the season to shop, to give, to stress, to overindulge, to celebrate, to spend with those you love... There are so many ways that folks spend their holidays and of course a jewel for every occasion can be found!

Many love to spread the Christmas cheer in the traditional manner, with Christmas trees, candy canes and the proliferation of red and green.

Red and White Candy Cane Swirl Earrings
For some, the chill of winter, the solstice, the beauty of frost and snow is enough to have them dancing (or cuddling) in front of the fireplace.

Crystal Clear Modern Frost Bracelet
Some folks love to take the holidays to celebrate with friends, family, and indulge in good cheer at parties and soirees. My new holiday line of festive handmade jewelry incorporates a modern twist that will be a hit at any holiday gathering.

Red, Black, and Gold Holiday Necklace
Garnet Red and Sterling Silver Abstract Christmas Ball Earrings
Some celebrate Hanukkah with gorgeous blues and silvery whites.

Geometric, Modern, Mediterranean - Aqua Blue Earrings with Sterling Silver
Yet others, would rather skip right to the end and celebrate a whole new year with glam, glitz, and gold jewelry.  You can be the bombshell at the celebration with these bold looks:

Ultra Long Glam Gold Earrings with Mirror Ball Beads
These are just a few selections from my holiday line of handmade jewelry on Etsy.com.

You can check out the full line of handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets, here  and be sure to know that I'm adding new pretties all the time! However you spend your holiday season there is bound to be a perfect accessory for the occasion!

Need a few gift ideas? Check out this amazing gift guide filled with stunning handmade jewelry from highly talented jewelers from the Jet Team!

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Lisa Lehmann @StudioJewel said...

so many lovelies. so hard to choose! such a great shop!

Unknown said...

An absolute GORGEOUS array of fresh designs and colors for every mood. Your style is DIVINE!!! Great Blog post Trace!!

Michele said...

No matter where your're celelbrating the holidays the jewelry featured is perfect!! Nice post and jewelry!!!!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Lovely jewelry from our JOD, Trace. Great post.

Made By Tammy said...

After reading your fantastic post, I think I want to skip the Holidays and go right to New Years. Those Long Glam Gold Earrings are Stunning!

Beadsme said...

What a great selection. Awesome ideas for the holiday season.

TheSilverBear said...

Great post, Trace, & gorgeous pieces!

Cher said...

Trace's designs are clean, fresh and easy for everywoman... Love that Frost bracelet!

Monica said...

I love your creations! What amazing and stunning stuff!

דם טבורי said...

The turquoise earrings are beautiful. And the candy can earrings looks like ornament for the Christmases tree I love these.