Friday, November 18, 2011

The JET Holiday Challenge! Time to VOTE!

Its Here!!
Welcome to the JETS Annual Holiday Jewelry Challenge! 

In celebration of the  holiday season,  The JETS are having another friendly competition.  For this, the JETs were challenged to create a piece of jewelry with a "modern" style. 


Now, "modern" is a very broad term; and even more so when you are talking abut a group of artist's visions.  So, "modern" may not mean to you what it does to another. So, think about what it means to you and cast your vote for your favorite piece of modern holiday jewelry.

The JET artisan whose piece is voted  the #1 favorite  will not be the only winner,  
YOU could be a winner too
As a small token of thanks for the last year of love, support, and shopping, the JETs have donated  31 prizes to give away and it is all jewelry, or jewelry shop gift certificates/discounts on

Here is how you enter to win:
  • VOTE!
  • Follow our JET blog publicly.
  • Then, leave a comment on our blog that you have done so, and that you voted!
  • If you are already a follower, leave a comment on our blog telling us, and telling us that you voted.
  • This is equal to one entry
Want more than one chance to win?
  •  "Like" the team Facebook Page from your profile, (not from your Page.)
  • "Share" a link to the contest on your Facebook page
  • Come back here and leave a comment on the blog telling us that you have done so.
  • This is equal to another entry. 
  • You can do this everyday and keep loading up on entrees!

The prizes are really great, and you may want to up your chance of winning, so...

  • Write a blog post in your blog about the Jet Holiday Challenge with a link to this blog. (
  • Then, come back here and leave a link to the post
  • This is equal to 3 entries!

If you don't have a blog, or want another entry:

  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Tweet about the Modern Jewelry Holiday Challenge with a link to this blog.
  • Then, come back here and leave a link to the tweet.
  • This is equal to another entry! You can do this everyday too!

How you win: Voting ends on Cyber Monday (November 28th)  Each comment that meets the criteria is assigned a number. So, if you have entered more than one way, you will have more numbers.Think of each entry as a raffle ticket. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning.
We will count all of the entrees that meet the criteria and the numbers  will be entered into the random number generator at The number that the randomizer chooses will be matched to that entry, and thus, the winner chosen. We will do this 31 times for the 31 available prizes.
Winners will be posted on this Blog Saturday December 3rd
You can check for your name. We will also contact you by email if it has been provided. If you see you are a winner, leave a comment with your email so we can get to you.
Now, it is time to vote!
The poll is in the upper right hand corner of the blog. Take a peek at all 31 entrees and choose your favorite. You can click on the shop name to get linked to the listing for more photos, price info., materials, etc.

Scroll Down to the bottom of the page to see the  prizes!!!

Thank you for voting, and participating in our holiday fun!

Good Luck! and from all of the JETs:

                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Modern Holiday Jewelry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brooke Jewelry

Capital City Crafts

Judes JuJus



Rough Magic Holidays


HGW Jewelry Designs











Emotional Oasis


Chaya Gallery















Capital City Crafts  $10.00 Gift Certificate
Brooke Jewelry $10.00 Gift Certificate
HGW Jewelry Designs $10.00 Gift Certificate
DG Designs  $10.00 Gift Certificate
Rough Magic Creations $10.00 Gift Certificate
AdroitJewelers $10.00 Gift Certificate
WanderingJeweler $10.00 Gift Certificate
SatinDollCo  $10.00 Gift  Certificate
TraceDesigns  $15.00 Gift Certificate
Dashery  $25.00 Gift Certificate
OzmayDesigns $25.00 Gift Certificate
JemsbyJBandCompany  Winners choice - up to $25 in store merchandise
Chaya Gallery - 10% off and free shipping
cooljewelrydesign - 15% off coupon

Jewelry Prizes

Judes JuJus










Lots of prizes!! Wow!
Thanks for voting. We hope you win!


Mia K. Veland said...

voted and blogged =)

judesjujus said...

I voted!!!! Jude

Cornerstoregoddess said...

I became a follower, I voted, I like on FB, and I'm following on twitter. So many lovely pieces... it was hard to choose.

Resa Wilkinson said...

Voted and blogged. Already a follower. So hard to pick just one, they are all wonderful.

Michele said...

Hard to vote so many lovely choices!!! Yay for the JETs!!!!!

Mollie Ann said...

Voted! And I'm already a follower of this lovely blog!

Also already "like" on Facebook and have shared the link on my profile there!

Already tweeted too ... off to find the link ...

JillreOzmay said...

voted and am a follower. Looks great Norah!

Mollie Ann said...

Already a follower on Twitter!


Unknown said...

Voted, Tweeted, about to blog, FB and I am a member and follower! Go JETS Go! Fantastic holiday MOdern creations! So hard to choose!

SendingLoveGallery said...

Wonderful job on the Blog, Norah!
so many beautiful creations here :)

Tracy said...

Voted, tweeted, facebooked, already follow, etc, etc, etc...

So many amazing creations! I just LOVE the interpretations!

Unknown said...

Voted,already follow the blog and on twitter,pimped on Facebook too!!! So that's 4 right? LOL...I'd love to own a piece of JET Jewelry!!! Best of luck to all!!!

Unknown said...

I just BLOGGED about this here:

SatinDollCo said...

Gorgeous entries. I voted!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Woohoo, the Jets rock. Gorgeous entries.

LoreleiHI said...

Voted, liked on FB and followed on Twitter!

Ribasus said...

Voted~~~shared~~~I'll be back!

Shout out to Norah for putting together this incredible post. You are the BEST!!!!!

Auntie Ribasus (Foret)

Beadsme said...


Already following you here and on FB.

Be back.

Beadsme said...

Facebooked and Tweeted challenge.

Heidi Spadter said...


DawnV said...

Love all the fab designs!!
I voted, shared on FB and tweeted (@BlueDelivered)

Unknown said...

Already a follower and just voted!

Unknown said...

Facebooked about the challenge. Posted the link to the page on my blog at

Designs by Victoria said...

Wow - so many names I don't recognize! Voted for my favorite, although it was hard to choose. Sharing the link on Facebook, too! Miss y'all.


cserpentDesigns said...

Wow! So many gorgeous designs! I voted. Will blog about it later!

Pink Elephant Soapery said...

voted, shared liked, and all that stuff!!! great pieces!!!!!!!

Val Swanson said...

Voted & tweeted.

Nancy said...

I became a follower and voted! Lovely designs!

Sarah said...

Voted, following this blog, "like" on Facebook, and shared a link to the contest. Some really cute pieces!!

Unknown said...

this is not going to be easy! well done jets!

SendingLoveGallery said...

I'm a follower and I voted!

SendingLoveGallery said...

I'm a follower on twitter and retweeted 11/18

SendingLoveGallery said...

I've liked Jewelryonetsy Team on Fb and posted a link to the contest (at Phyllis Trammel on fb, and Sending Love Gallery on fb)

ChayaGallery said...

This so much fun !!
So many wonderful pieces to chose from
Tweeting - Stumbling - Go Jets !!

Maryse said...

voted and follow. :)

Elizabeth R said...

I liked the FB page (Lizzi Mae) and shared the link on twitted (and followed!)
I dont know how to share the link but this is what I put!: Please VOTE! You might WIN #Jewelry! Jewelry on Etsy Team Holiday Challenge! via @AddThis #jewelryonetsy

Unknown said...

I voted

Unknown said...

I'm following the FB page and I tweeted!/Dashery/status/138066995391365120

cooljewelrydesign said...

voted and tweeted several times and have been blabbing all over FB about the there!

Norah, this is a jammin' cool post about the challenge and all of your work is so appreciated!

Sue M said...

Just signed up to be a follower... and voted. Great designs!

Nest Haven Studio said...

Follower and voted!

cserpentDesigns said...

Well heck - I wasn't a follower but I am now. Am off to blog about it next and will check back in with the link.

cserpentDesigns said...

And here's my blog posting about our challenge:


Erika Price said...

Fabulous entries - fabulous prizes!!!!

henning love said...

i follow you and i voted!!

henning love said...

i liked the team's facebook page from my personal page. and i shared the contest on my facebook page

muzetta said...

Following publicly and voted. Lovely jewelry!!!!

muzetta said...

Voted, followed, liked, shared. :)

WanderingJewel said...

Voted, follower of blog so many lovely items! Good job ladies and gents.

WanderingJewel said...

like the team on Facebook, shared the link on my profile. So many great prizes!

Unknown said...

i voted and i love some of the jewelry

Karen-Ann Lobo said...

Already a follower.. voted. Great work JETS.

..And Norah, you did a fab job on this

Silver Canyons said...

ohhh....very nice work JET team!!

Silver Canyons said...

Very nice and creative work, JET Team!!

Beverly said...

I voted and added your blog. I also Liked you on facebook.

Unknown said...

I blogged-

Unknown said...

I voted, and FB'd and tweeted and blogged!
Where is everyone? 31 prizes.
Spread the word:)

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Woohoo, I voted, follow on twitter, facebooked, and blogged.

judesjujus said...

I voted now I'm commenting again..I just LOVE everything..I have posted or plastered this link all over Face Book!!! WOOT!! Jude

willowcreekjewelry said...

I voted
I follow this blog
I liked on FB
I posted on FB
I tweeted

= )

judesjujus said...

I have voted, tweeted and posted on FB...

Ida @ Adroit Jewelers said...

Such beautiful pieces! I voted, and fb'd, and tweeted.

Natural Gorgeous Jewelry said...

Just voted and signed up to follow... great challenge!

So glad I joined this team!

Unknown said...

I posted another link on my Facebook Page. Now going to post another tweet.

Unknown said...

Just posted another link to the blog inviting everyone to vote on my Facebook Page. Now going off to Tweet.

Unknown said...

Just tweeted!/Crystal_Fantasy

BelladonnasJoy said...

Beautiful entries!! Prizes too, WOW. It was a tough decision but I voted! Tweeted and FB'd too : )

Maybe people are re-listing to get some attention for weekend sales?

Made By Tammy said...

Tweeted many times!

31 Prizes - Wow!!!

bMichelle said...

I voted, and tweeted, and blogged, oh my! good luck!

bMichelle said...

ps. I already follow.

Unknown said...

Well, I tweeted and FB'd again and again. Where is the promo?

TheBrassHussy said...

Hello! Great designs everyone. I voted today.

bennybates said...

Voted, Followed the blog, Liked on FB, and Shared. My wife would love some lovely jewelery for Christmas...

Trace Designs, FTW!

Tracy said...

I FB and tweeted tons and tons!!!! Going to continue to the bitter end! Great job everyone. There are so many gorgeous pieces here!