Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jet of the Day - Endless Bounty

 Endless Bounty Jewelry Designs Presents
 is for "Classic style"

Designing Jewelry is a Passion. Not only because it is amazing to create something original with your hands but because you make a contribution to someone’s personal style.

"Classic Style" is my absolute Favorite~ Things that never go out of fashion, the tried and true, the vintage, the simplistic, the monochromatic. Classic is what you make it. There are no rules to legendary fashion.

The Blue Jeans and a T Shirt – With this look you can do a bold earring and a chunky bracelet and, viola,’ your look just took on a whole new spin.

Icicles - Steel Swarovski Drop Earrings

Belly Dancer - Black Marrakesh Crystal Bracelet

The Tank and Flowey Boho Skirt – Hair wild and free; stack those bracelets up your Arm! Add pops of color that may have one tone in common with your outfit. The rest is up to you.

Cobra - Copper Crystal and Agate Bracelet
Rustic - Marrakesh Style Crystal Bracelet
Fireside - Sliced Agate Amber Copper Bracelet

Sundress – Put a Spin on it with sparkle. Adding more glitz to a simple dress can take it from day to evening and from everyday to elegant. Add crystals; they are versatile and so light reflective.

Orion - Steel Swarovski Sterling Ring

Baroque - Wire Wrapped Sterling Topaz Swarovski Crystal Earrings

The Little Black Dress – We all own one. We can downplay it with a cardigan or shawl or we can brighten it up with fabulous accessories. Try something a little out of your comfort zone and go for it!

Chandelier - Swarovski - Pewter Enamel Rope Necklace

Crystal Cloud - Crystal Cluster Cocktail Ring

 Remember that Classic Style is meant to be personalized. There are no boundaries when it comes to jewelry. If it speaks to you, it’s meant to be a part of your ever growing, ever changing wardrobe. Women wear many different hats in life and go through many transitions. Why confine your style? Let it evolve with you. Be Fabulous.



trentongal said...

Great ideas! Thanks your sharing your fantastic jewelry!

Metalicious said...

Gorgeous designs!

TheBrassHussy said...

Beautiful designs and great ideas!

MadeByTammy said...

Fantastic post and jewelry!

laurastamperdesigns said...

great jewelry!

Tracy said...

I just love a classic style. Your pieces are just gorgeous!

willowcreekjewelry said...

Thanks for the wonderful post Rene ~ you and you're designs are fabulous!

SendingLoveGallery said...

wonderful ideas and jewelry to go with them!

Michele said...

I could see each being matched up with the outfits you mentioned, lovely together!!! Lovely jewelry!!!!

Beadsme said...

Awesome post Ren.

nancy's crystal fantasies jewelry said...

Great description of the classic style, and your pieces describe it so amazingly. Terrific post!

designedbyval said...

Wonderful post Ren. Your jewelry is exceptional. Enjoy being JOD.

Rachael Green said...

Great post Rene - and wonderful jewellry :o)

Your Daily Jewels said...

Gorgeous ideas from the woman who makes it all seem effortless!

Erika Price said...

Fabulous classical pieces, Ren - your ideas are just awesome!

Jul said...

Fantastic jewelry!

jemsbyjb said...

Lots of beauties in this shop. An "endless bounty" of gorgeous creations.