Monday, March 12, 2012

Jet of the Day - Chaya's Gallery

What Am I After All
What am I after all but a child, pleas`d with the sound of my own name? repeating it over and over;
I stand apart to hear - it never tires me.

To you your name also;
Did you think there was nothing but two or three
pronunciations in the sound of your name?
                                                 Walt Whitman

Thank you to the London Underground who during the nineties started printing poems and putting them in the train carriages to amuse and educate commuters (of which I was one). This poem has been with me since then.

My name is Chaya   ( ch – represents a guttural H ) - my name means living or life.
I have always believed that names are important and thank my parents for having given me such a great name to live up to.

This is my jewelry – made with all of my love for life as inspiration
Blue Post Earrings -14k Gold Filled and Turquoise Swarovski Crystals

Romantic Necklace - Hand Knit Crystal Flowers and Clusters
14k Gold Filled and Swarovski Crystal  Purple Necklace
Dangle Earrings in Peacock Blue - Purple - Crystal and 14k Gold Filled
Purple Gold Necklace - Swarovski Crystals and 14k Gold Filled
Crystal Flower Earrings - Ice, Aqua, and Gold

I believe in saying thank you.

Thank you to the wonderful JETS whose love and support is unending

Each JET with their own special name and dreams that inspire their jewelry

These are just a few of the fantabulous JETS – you can see a full list of names and creations here:

Purple Pleasures Necklace - Emotional Oasis

Grape Juice Purple Druzy Agate Earrings - Your Daily Jewels

Amethyst Marquis Drop Earrings - Sending Love Gallery

Misty Surprise - Lavender Jade Necklace - BeadsMe
Purple Amethyst and Silk Ribbon Mixed Media Choker Necklace - Designed by Val

Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings - The Silver Bear
Augie  http://w
 Thank you for reading,


TheSilverBear said...

Bless you Chaya, sweet child of life. You have a wonderful gift in your jewellery.
My name (my real name) means "gold circle or light depicted round the head, e.g. a halo" which is hysterically funny, if you know me.

Mollie Ann said...

Ah Chaya, your jewelry is beautiful and filled with life ... exactly like your lovely name!

I had thought Chaya was pronounced with the Ch as in Charles, but now I can actually *hear* it correctly in my head. Lyrical and so appropriate for you!

I love tracing names. Mine is a diminutive of Mary, which is a form of Miriam, a Hebrew name meaning strong-willed and rebellious. Ahem.

Tracy said...

There is so much in a name! Thank you for sharing your meaning and such beautiful jewelry!

Unknown said...

Amazing collection. i really loved it

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Chaya, this is a beautiful post and your jewelry is just as gorgeous.

SendingLoveGallery said...

enjoyed your post and your beautiful jewels! thank you, Chaya, for including something of mine : )
-my name comes from a greek nymph turned into an almond tree to save her from some naughty greek gods who were chasing her

Michele said...

Lovely post and jewelry!!!!, in Hebrew they are saying my name is a gift from god and in French - like the lord, very interesting first time I knew this, for I was named after my father Michael.

Blanche said...

I have no idea what my name means, but my shop namesake meant everything to me.

LoveStoneArts said...

A beautiful and thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing the sweet sentiments.

Beadsme said...

Beautiful post, Chaya. Thanks for choosing one of my designs for this lovely post.

Unknown said...

This is such a sweet and meaningful post, Chaya. You bring so much light and love to our team. Thank you for being part of us. Your jewelry is so lovely. A true reflection of you.

Unknown said...

This is such a sweet and meaningful post, Chaya. You bring so much light and love to our team. Thank you for being part of us. Your jewelry is so lovely. A true reflection of you.

Erika Price said...

What a lovely post, Chaya - and gorgeous jewellery too - and how interesting to hear that your name means living or life.

Mine is Scandinavian and means powerful, courageous and forever strong, which I guess just about sums me up!

But ah, those poems on the Tube used to drive me bonkers! Some were brilliant but others were just SO awful!

Unknown said...

Nice post Chaya- and I'm glad to know how to properly say your name!
My name is actually Tolkien- Lorian I think that Lori means victorious or crowned with laurals

ChayaGallery said...

I'm so happy I met you guys !!
Thank you for a wonderful JOD :-)

capitalcitycrafts said...

Wonderful post , thanks for sharing this beautiful jewelry too!

jemsbyjb said...

AWeso0me post and lovely jewelry.

MadeByTammy said...

What a Beautiful name!
I'm not sure what mine means. Great post and Stunning jewelry!

ShinyAdornments said...

Such gorgeous jewelry! And I am SO jealous of your great photography.



cooljewelrydesign said...

It's always great to gather some insight into the "real" being behind a name...and it is certainly reflected in your jewelry--each piece is a new life and enters someone's home as an extension of life.