Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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Have you ever wondered where some of the traditions that we follow at Easter first came about? Well here are some interesting facts that you may not already know.

History of the Easter Egg
Coloring and giving eggs at springtime probably goes back to ancient Egyptian, even Greek and Roman times. A sign of new life, the egg became the Easter Egg, probably during medieval Germany, where special eggs were given to children on Easter morning. 

Origin of the Easter Bunny
We probably have the Germans to thank for the Easter Bunny, where it was first mentioned in writing in the 1500s. By the early 1800s, Germans were making edible Easter bunnies. And, the Easter bunny was introduced to American children by German settlers in the 1700s.

Easter Baskets
Easter baskets are made to look like birds' nests. Lined with grass, they were a safe and cozy place for eggs. Today's Easter baskets, lined with "grass." are a safe and cozy place for jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and other treats. 

White House Easter Egg Roll
The custom of the Easter Egg Roll in this country got started when John Payne Todd, son of President James Madison and his wife Dolly, told his mother that children of ancient Egypt rolled eggs outside the pyramids. While that bit of historical trivia cannot be proven, a White House Easter Egg Roll has taken place, usually on the South Lawn, since the fourth presidency. Humpty Dumpty has been known to make an appearance at the annual Easter Egg Roll.
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