Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Way to the Beach

By Ida from Adroit Jewelers

Are you sitting in front of your computer wishing you were somewhere else? Maybe the beach? I love going to the beaches of Maine, but today I'm taking a broader trip via the JET Team. Wanna tag along?

Let's go to...

At Brook Scarborough Jewelry Designs in San Diego you'll find beautiful hand crafted jewelry for every occasion.
White Coin Pearl and Jasper

When you venture down under be sure to visit Beads Me where you'll find jewelry as well as wonderful photography.
On the Beach Pendant
As we head back to the US and head to the hot south you'll find Cool Jewelry Design's shop filled with unique, eclectic pieces.
Eclectic Sand Dollar Lampwork Bracelet
Let's hop across the pond to Artisan Silver Jewellery and Keepsakes to find personalized designs among many other silver creations.
Silver Starfish Necklace
New Jersey
The East Coast of the US is filled with amazing artisans including DG Jewelry Designs focused on whimsical handmade pieces.
Beach Party Lampwork Slider
As we head back up the East Coast to Maine we will find Adroit Jewelers who's work specializes in eco-friendly, sea glass creations.
Sea Glass Necklace with Recycled Copper Border
Hope you enjoyed our trip!

Just like every location and every beach is different, I love the variety of jewelry that can be found on the JET team. The next time you're bored and wish you could be traveling, just type in jetteam and take a virtual tour through the terrific shops that make up the JET team.

Thank you for taking this adventure with me!


Tracy said...

What a fantastic tour!

LoveStoneArts said...

I hear the ocean!

SendingLoveGallery said...

wonderful! loving the beach theme and the jewels :)

Jennifer said...

What fun! Thanks for the virtual trip and the lovelies!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Great finds from the shore!

Brooke said...

What a great tour of the beaches of the JET team! Thanks so much for including my earrings on the tour:)

nancy's crystal fantasies jewelry said...

Fun trip! Enjoyed seeing all the lovelies, too, from our talented Jets' shops.

Beadsme said...

This is great. Thanks for showing a creation from Australia.

Lori Taggart said...

Fabulous beach tour!

urban pearl studio said...

LOVE the beach!!

Bob J24-7 said...

Great post, Ida!

MadeByTammy said...

I'm there! Beautiful jewelry!

JillreOzmay said...

I am almost always wishing I was at the beach! The ocean is awesome and so are Jet Team beachy creations! Thank you Ida!

Erika Price said...

Fabulous post! Can't beat the beach in summer!