Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bridal Styles, Part 4

 In this issue ...


we will explore jewelry for the Princess bride. This bride has integrated elegance and opulence like only a Princess can.

 Her presence inspires awe and wonder.


Not everyone can pull this off, but Princesses, you know who you are!

would be an elegant accent for any princess!

If you are a Princess bride, or attending a Princess wedding, think of the kind of elegance that inspires "ooooooo's" and "ahhhhhhhs".  Like this pearl pendant!

Chances are, your gown will be extraordinary, so you will want your jewelry to look rich but simple.

Many of these dresses have seed pearls in the bodice or even throughout the entire dress. Consider one of these Biwa Stick Pearl necklaces for such a dress.


Another way to make a simple yet elegant statement is with earrings.

The earrings should catch the light. For a satin dress, consider these crystal earrings - they'll add plenty of sparkle and elegance!

A dress made with with tulle may call for something with a bit more texture. These Hand Woven Crystal Earrings are perfect!

The bridesmaids at this wedding are going to need to compliment the bride's style, but in a more understated fashion. Consider these pretty AAA Pearl Delicate Drops Earrings.

Consider a little bit of color that reflects the bridesmaid's dress - perhaps these pretty Amethyst and Pearl Earrings!

Peacock Pearl earrings are a popular and fashionable accent for the bridesmaid!

The mother of the bride (or groom) should look regal and polished. Don't be shy of making a bold statement with color . These colorful glass Bamboo Earrings will do that!

This Garnet and Pearl Medley Necklace is going to add a bright colorful accent!

This outstanding handcrafted Oceania lampwork glass and silver wire necklace is unique ... and a real show-stopper!

For the princess flower girl consider hair adornments that are timeless. This Rhinestone Headband with White Pearls is a perfect flower girl's hair accessory!

These fabulous Vintage Pearl Rhinestone Crystal Silver Filigree Button Bobby Pins are just so pretty and feminine!


In the next bridal issue, we will accessorize the goth bride. 

Written by Laura Stamper

Edit / Layout by Bob:J24-7



SendingLoveGallery said...

what a gorgeous bride! thrilled to have my pearl pendant & amethyst/pearl earrings here, thank you : )

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Wonderful article Lo, and stunning bridal choices too!
Can't wait for the next installment ;)

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Beautiful jewelry choices for all brides. Great post.

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Gorgeous bridal picks! Another great post!

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I love everything about this post! Makes me want to repeat my vows with my selfsame sweetie all over again!

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Fantastic ideas! All I need is a groom!

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Just love your choices, even the dresses are gorgeous.

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Oooooo now I want to be a princess bride!! Gorgeous pieces here :o)

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Fantastic article Laura! Oooo, love the dresses and all the jewelry.

Thanks for including my bamboo earrings.

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Awesome bridal blog post!!!!!

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Wonderful bridal finds!

Thank you so much for including my earrings here, Laura!


Siany said...

amazing article! beautiful picks on both the dress and the jewelry

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what a fabulous post with gorgeous selections...love it!

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sweet, beautiful finds for the Princess Bride and Bridesmaids!

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You picked some beauties! Love the bamboo glass earrings! And thank you for including my earrings!

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Beautiful bridal fashions!

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Elegant suggestions that any bride would love.

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