Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trends: Nautical

By Tracy from Trace Designs

Flip through any fashion magazine or browse through any retail shop and you're bound to stumble upon something inspired by the water, tall ships, and sailors, especially in the summer months. Nautical fashion is something that, seemingly, never goes out of style and can be re-imagined year-after-year.

I'm lucky enough to live in the Boston area where there's no lack of nautical influence. A few weeks ago, while my cousin and her daughter were visiting, we took a tour of the USS Constitution, or Old Ironsides as they call her, in Charlestown, MA and lunched overlooking the beautiful Boston Harbor.

One of the most obvious elements of nautical style are knots. Knots were found everywhere on ships, typing down rigging, holding up sails, and harnessing ships to their docks.
There are thousands of ways to tie your lines and thousands of ways knots are used in fashion. These earrings have a knotted effect, not to mention they are the traditional blue hue. Wouldn't these be perfect for a nautical themed wedding?
Navy Nautical Studs by Trace Designs
Navy Blue
Navy blue got its name from the dark blue worn by officers in the British Royal Navy and has been widely adopted by sailors around the world. It only makes sense that this color, which is often paired with red and white and mainly presents itself as a stripe, is a primary staple in nautical fashion.

Brass and Copper
Brass is used on ships because will stand up to the harsh watery conditions without rusting. You'll see brass accents on light fixtures, ship instruments, telescopes, and more.

Before we even climbed aboard we were greeted by a sign explaining the uses for the 11 tons of copper on the ship.

Both brass and copper permeate nautical fashion, mostly as an accessory or decoration, from buttons adorning clothing right down down to material to make jewelry.
Fused Blue Glass Earrings by Emotional Oasis
Huge anchors ground ships and keep them from drifting off into the large, vast sea. Sailors often will have anchors tattooed on their arms to show their experience and anchors are often said to symbolize hope and reliability. I simply love this beautiful anchor pendant.

Recycled Silver Anchor Pendant by YourDailyJewels
Anchors away!


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