Friday, April 22, 2011

The Benefits of Joining a Team

I have never been the “join a team” type of person. I am an introvert and have trouble asking for help unless I am in a perilous situation.

I was selling my handmade jewelry in my store for about six months.  I should say, I was  “not selling” on Etsy for this time. I kept reading how sellers were quitting their day jobs and everything they did to achieve this.

So, following their suggestions, off I ventured into blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting and a lot of other activities I had never before considered or heard of. Sales were still slow, (on a good day.) Discouraged, I decided to try shaking it up one more way. I threw caution to the wind and applied and was accepted into the Jewelry on Etsy Team on

The Jewelry on Etsy Team, (JET), is the premier organized group of jewelery crafters and sellers on Almost one hundred woman and one man make up this eclectic, cohesive, and very active group. Led by a Captain and three leaders, the JETs promote together, support, and educate each other; and laugh together on their forum that runs twenty four hours a day with their international membership.

The JETS hold contests, special promotions, and friendly competitions all year long. The JET leaders keep an alphabetical list of members from which they choose a daily, “Jet of the Day,” or JOD, to celebrate. On your JOD day, the entire team promotes you on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Kaboodle, Style Hive, Treasuries and more. There is also a feature written  just for your store that day on the JET  Blog!

The JETs accept new members several times a year, but they do have a waiting list. Once you join, you start as a Jetling. In other words, you are assigned a mentor who helps you with all aspects of Etsy and the JETs. Smartly, the JETs require members to participate in the forum from time to time. This is great for me, otherwise my shyness may keep me from really taking part.  I could not be happier that I took a chance with a team.

I have made local friends and friends from all over the world, my store looks more professional, my photos are so much better, and my prices are higher. All due to the community of JETS. Sales are better for me on most days, and on the slow days, JETs keep my spirits up.

If you have been on the fence about joining an Etsy team, or maybe you are like me who thought I would never join a team. What is it they say is the definition of crazy? Oh yeah, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Try challenging your fears and look into and apply to a team. There are hundreds of teams focused on anything you can think up as a common interest.  I bet you will find one that betters your Etsy experience. You may end up like me, now I am on three teams!

Thank you for reading.


Blanche said...

JET is a great team- so glad I found you guys and you accepted me into this great group of Etsians!

Michele said...

What a great article, I always say the JETs are the best!!! We are a very supportive group, and are always there for each other!!!!

Made By Tammy said...

Awww, What a Fantastic feature on our Team. And joining a Team. You make our Team even more Awesome!! JETs Rock!

Beadsme said...

Great article. Jets are the best.

Patricia Lynne said...

Great article. I am one of those shy people who have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a group.

WanderingJewel said...

Another great article Norah!

Erika Price said...

Great article Norah, thank you! JETs rock!

Mollie Ann said...

What a fabulous article, Norah! I'm shy too, or should say I was shy till the JETs got hold of me. Now I can fly with my own little JETling wings - in formation with this wonderful, supportive and totally marvelous team!

cooljewelrydesign said...

Norah, I would never have known you were a shy little character...and here I thought you owned the world...that will remain my opinion. You are a super contributor and I love that you work to better the world through your work with handicapped children/people. You DO own the world...never forget that.