Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome new Jetlings! (Part 1)

In the past month or so, if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed some new faces around the Jewelry on Etsy Team. We have some new members that have joined our little family.

From southern California, welcome Lisa and EmeraldPixie. You'll find gorgeous rings and things with chunky gemstones.

From Minnesota, Laura fills her shop with the most unique hand painted porcelain and silver rings that you'll ever find!

Say aloha to Kristin from SophieLuckJewelry. Creating from her studio in Hawaii, this shop features many designs that include some of natures most lovely found objects.

Named after the artist's beloved dog, this shop has lots of wonderful vintage jewelry, as well as original pieces and a few surprises!
Let's all give a big welcome to our Jetlings. There are more Jetlings to come!
Stay tuned for part 2!
All of the artists here are members of the Jewelry on Etsy Team. You can find more wonderful items by searching JETTEAM on Etsy.
(Posted by LittleBrownBird)


LittleBrownBird (Mary) said...

Welcome to all the new Jetlings! You're gonna L.O.V.E. this team!!!!

Beadsme said...

Gotta love those Jetlings.

DC Holding said...

I came across this blog from my twitter/mycuffbracelets - Fantastic team! I hope they open membership up soon! I have an etsy shop as well.

Erika Price said...

Great to see the new JETlings - and all their gorgeous creations! Welcome, and hope you love it here!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

A big welcome to all the new members of the Jet Team. Glad you are here.

Your Daily Jewels said...

Welcome Jetlings
from another Jetling:)
I am so happy to be a member of such a strong group.

Tracy said...

Yay for Jetlings!


TheBrassHussy said...

Welcome Everyone. So glad to have you on the team!

Made By Tammy said...

Welcome Jetlings! Fantastic jewelry!

Dashery Jewelry said...

What a talented group of Jetlings we have! Yay JETS!

Lisa @thebeadgirl said...

love me our jetlings!

jemsbyjb said...

Welcome teamies. This team is awesome.