Wednesday, February 9, 2011

JET of the DAY: Jewelry 24 Seven

The Jet of the Day today is  Jewelry 24 Seven where you will find handmade silver jewelry featuring simple, clean design, a lot of color - dichroic and art glass, gemstone beads, cabochons and faceted gems. Really, something for everyone.

Our Jet is actually two Jets, Terry and Bob who have been in the jewelry business in New York for nearly 30 years; and began their online sales in 1988!


Like any successful duo, each member has their strength. Terry is the creative fiend behind the  fabulous earring and  bracelets. She also beads incredible pieces incorporating chain and wire. 

Bob fabricates magnificent  rings, pendants and other jewelry from wire, sheet, tube and gemstones.

Together, they work in copper and solid precious metals - silver and gold. They also cut and polish cabochons, and create one of a kind jewelry from fine silver PMC (precious metal clay).

When asked why they enjoy selling on Etsy, they both agreed:
"We decided to open the Etsy shop as a compliment to our web site because we enjoy the Etsy community and how the indie atmosphere here fosters creativity".

Go take a peek for yourself: Click Here to go to Bob and Terry's store


jemsbyjb said...

This shop has a wonderful selection of unique and expertly designed jewelry.

LittleBrownBird (Mary) said...

Fantastic sterling silver jewelry! A must see Etsy shop!

Bob J24-7 said...

Thanks so much for the feature and your wonderful comments about our shop, Norah! I really appreciate it ... Bob:J24-7

Beadsme said...

I just love the designs that Bob comes up with.

Deb Jeffries said... are awesome! deserve this..your work is so are so talented!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Great person and very talented jewelry artist, thanks for sharing Bob with jewelry lovers all over!

Dashery Jewelry said...

Yay for Bob and Terry!

Erika Price said...

I love all Bob and Terry's silver jewelry!