Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jet of the Day: Malves1009: Handmade by Michele

Today’s Jet of the Day is Michele, lovingly known as Malves 1009, who runs the shop Handmade by Michele on
A simple gesture of having been given a crystal necklace by her mother began the career of this talented jewelry maker. Loving the way it sparkled, she was hooked.
Glamorous Crystal Earrings
Today, she is a mother and a wife, and one of those women who cause me to scratch my head and think, “How does she do it all?”. But, lucky for us, she manages to fit making jewelry in, and with a fantastic eye for design.
Round Fuchsia Pink Earrings
Michele creates lovely handmade and affordable, vintage inspired jewelry featuring Swarovski and Czech crystals, pearls, Bohemian faceted glass stones, and Czech glass beads. These beautiful gems are artistically paired with sterling silver and gold filled metals, and base metals as well. In addition to jewelry, Michele designs a small collection of accessories.
Amethyst Purple Flower Headband
Crystal Clear Bracelet
Much of the collection has a vintage-inspired feel. However, many of the components Michele uses are actual vintage or antique pieces.
Michele stands behind her quality made pieces and manages to keep them affordable for those at any budget. Whether you are looking for an everyday piece, a “black tie” piece, or a custom design for the wedding of your dreams, you will benefit from Michele’s creativity and talent and will own a piece of vintage inspired handmade jewelry that will last for years to come.
Blue Swirl and Antique Silver Necklace
Want more Michele?
If you are local, or heading "down the shore", stop in Asbury Park and see her jewelry and accessories at Hold Fast, Asbury Park, NJ
Or learn more about her on her blog.
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Bob J24-7 said...

I find it fascinating ... the way Michele can transform vintage costume jewelry into something new and exciting! This talented jewelry artisan has a great sense of style you'll truly appreciate. Check her shop out today ... you'll love her jewelry!

Erika Price said...

I'd love to send Michele my mothers old jewelry box, just to see what exciting pieces she could create with it!

Dawanna Young said...

Beautiful designs using vintage pieces. Lovely!

LittleBrownBird (Mary) said...

I love Michele's shop! Simply gorgeous!

Made By Tammy said...

Michele is so talented! Beautiful vintage creations.

jemsbyjb said...

Michele's designs are classy, feminine and gorgeous to behold. I own several of her pieces.

George said...

Sorry for the intrusion, I'm running a contest for 100€ and I would love that you participated.

Check it out at:

Michele said...

What a lovely write up, thanks Norah!!!!! Thanks to all the JETs also :)!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

The thing I love about Michelle's shop is there so much variety. What a talented designer!

SendingLoveGallery said...

love Michele's style and her wonderful jewelry and accessories!

Beadsme said...

Michele has got some beautiful vintage style and modern creations within her store.

cooljewelrydesign said...

Always colorful and well thought out!