Monday, September 3, 2012

Classic and Timeless: Pearls

By Debbie from DG Jewelry Designs

Almost any shelled mollusk can, by natural processes, produce some kind of "pearl" when an irritating microscopic object becomes trapped within the mollusk's mantle folds, but the great majority of these "pearls" are not valued as gemstones.

Nacreous pearls, the best-known and most commercially-significant pearls, are primarily produced by two groups of molluscan bivalves or clams. A nacreous pearl is made from layers of nacre, by the same living process as is used in the secretion of the mother of pearl which lines the shell.

A "natural pearl" or "wild pearl" is one that forms without any human intervention at all, in the wild, and is very rare. A cultured pearl is formed in a pearl farm, using human intervention as well as natural processes.

Classic and timeless, pearls are the birthstone for the month of June. Here are some gorgeous pearl jewelry designs by members of the Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET):

Willow Creek Jewelry    
Urban Pearl Studio

SA Studio
The Brass Hussy   

Your Daily Jewels
There is also a very rare type of pearls called “drusy” pearls. Only less than 1% of the natural pearls can form this fascinating drusy type. They are called “drusy” pearls due to the glowing lustrous “drusy” textured skin. Each pearl has lots of little drusy bumps. The more bumps the pearls have, the more valuable they are.
DG Jewelry Designs


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Beautiful examples and great info, Deb ... learned something new about pearls too! :)

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I love the hammered oxidized earrings, it is so classic and timeless..

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Thanks for the great info! Never heard of a druzy pearl. Fascinating!

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Beautiful pearl jewelry!

Elf Jewellery said...

I think the combination of pearl with sterling silver would look absolutely trendy. Both the things blend with each other very nicely.

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