Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Look at Autumn Fashion Trends

Written By Laura Stamper
Autumn in Australia - Photography by Mandy Harvey

Fall is upon us.  This means warm days and crisp nights.
The trees put on their finest colors as if preparing for a ball. 
The air is fresh, the kids are in school and it's time to cuddle up
in your favorite sweater with a good cup of coffee.

It's also time to update your fall wardrobe.
Whether your style is casual,classic, chic or trendy,
the right accessories are must haves to complete your look.

 Warm russets, chocolate browns and storm cloud grays are some
of the colors that come to mind when dressing for autumn.

Contrast in color and texture is one way to
consider your choices in accessorizing your look.

 This matte gray jacket can convey a variety of looks.

The vintage art deco brooch below is classic and understated:

Or add a tough of boho with these daring brass earrings:

The most prevalent trend this fall seems to be color, color and more color.

Fashion "dont's" of yesteryear are today's most exciting must haves.
Color and contrast are hot this season.  This great outfit
has endless possibilities when it comes to jewelry choices.
The key here is one statement piece that makes the outfit pop!

Another popular trend showing up this fall is the detailed dress.

The best finishing touch for dramatic or bright ensembles should not
detract from the cut of color. Bracelets and earrings that compliment
the complexion of the dress will make you unforgetable.

Sterling Silver Budding Twig Bangle

 Hammered Copper Triangle Earrings

 Kaleidoscope Bracelet

Gold Filled and Gemstone Earrings

 And let's not forget that statement ring!

Sterling Silver, Tourmaline and Gold Leaf Ring

 Purple Druzy Quartz and Sterling Silver Ring

Sinful Delight Artisan Glass Filigree Ring

Hope you've enjoyed this Fall Fashion Preview ...
Thanks for reading the JET blog ... Please come back soon!


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