Monday, February 20, 2012

Jet of the Day - TraceDesigns

                                                  JET Spring Color Report
We’re fast approaching the end of the long, dark, days of winter, which means its time to think spring! The days will be longer. The sun will shine brighter. Bright colors and pastels will begin to pop through the brown earth and paint the landscape with life.

 Each year Pantone, the premiere authority on fashionable color, publishes their color report. Designers and fashionistas alike look forward to incorporating the next hot color into their lines and wardrobes. Luckily all of your jewelry and accessory needs are covered by the JETs.
Here is just a small selection of gorgeous designs that are hot for spring and touch upon Pantone’s 2012 spring palate.

Margarita: Soft, pale, green with a kick. A fun color and a fun drink!

Jade Copper Wire Wrapped Ring by Endless Bounty

Bellflower: A lovely purple hue that’s sexy and sassy.

Purple Gold Necklace with Swarovski Crystals by Chaya Gallery

Starfish: A medium, sandy brown, a natural color from the seaside.

Seaweed and Starfish Lampwork Bracelet by DG Designs

Cockatoo: Fabulous aqua with a hint of green. This color will have you shaking your tail feather.

Aqua Quartz and Sterling Silver Necklace by Trace Designs

Tangarine Tango: The hottest new color of them all! You’re sure to feel the heat with this bright and bold orange-red.

Tangerine Orange Chandelier Earrings by The Brass Hussy

Cabaret: A gorgeous, deep, dark, smooth pink. A mysterious and feminine tone.
Hot Pink Beaded Headband by Mac K Swank

Sodalite Blue: Sophisticated and playful, nearly navy, but with a hint of rock and roll.

Bike Chain with Sodalite Stone Pendant by Wandering Jeweler

Solar power: A lovely yellow, not too mustard, not too lemon. Bold and boisterous.

Sweet lilac: A feminine pink with a dollop of sugary purple on top.

Lavender Carved Rose Studs by BeadsMe 

Driftwood: Another smooth, natural brown, this time with a kiss of grey to cool it down.

Brown Grey Whiskey Quartz Necklace by Your Daily Jewels

To check out other JET team selections just search “jetteam” in the Etsy search bar. You can also visit my shop, Trace Designs, to see my latest in spring goodies! 

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Bob J24-7 said...

Thanks for posting, Trace ... Good to get a look at the trendy colors for Spring!

Bob J24-7 said...

Thanks for posting, Trace ... Good to get a look at the trendy colors for Spring!

MadeByTammy said...

Some many beautiful colors. And jewelry too!

Mollie Ann said...

What a lovely post! Such gorgeous spring colors and beautiful jewelry too!

Michele said...
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Michele said...

Liking the colors for Spring!!! Lovely jewelry also!!!

Unknown said...

Great color selections and jewelry choices. It's always fun to see what the in colors will be.

Unknown said...

I hadn't heard of "Pantone" prior to coming on the JET team. Not sure if it's an American thing or not. Up here it's all "Benjamin Moore" colors. I love to see the choices from JET shops you pull to match the colors. GREAT job Tracey

Gaetana said...

Great blog post and amazing jewelry.

WanderingJewel said...

Great blog post. I'll be taking note of those colours for my next creations. Thank you for including my pendant!

SendingLoveGallery said...

good illustration of the spring pantone colors, Trace - thanks!

TheSilverBear said...

Super blog. Trace. You done good!

Beadsme said...

What a beautiful selection of Jet goodies. Great post Trace.

Erika Price said...

A great blog post, Trace - brilliant examples of the spring pantone colors from all the JETs (and thank you so much for featuring my earrings too!)

LoveStoneArts said...

Thanks Trace!! Tangerine and solar yellow, oh yeah.

Unknown said...

Fabulous post! Love seeing the new Pantone Spring colors with Jets jewels!

TheBrassHussy said...

Lovely jewelry in lovely colors!

Unknown said...

Thank you Trace. I love knowing the new colors chosen by Pantone. You made great selections in your examples.
I love your style and your shop's aesthetic. It screams Trace! And that is a very important branding concept.

Siany said...

Amazing post Trace! Love all those creative endless names, there should be that much of jargon just to explain the beauty of colors.. Ahhh Can't you see the spring is here :)