Monday, February 6, 2012

Jet of the Day - Satin Doll & Co

I won't say my photos of my products are perfect but they're way better then when I started my business 4 years ago. Since snapping my first photo and posting it into my Etsy shop, I have learned many things. Here's a couple of my tips that I've learned.

Now when I started selling on Etsy I really didn't know anything about selling online but there really isn't any excuse for the horrible photos I used. Here's one we'll use for an example:

Mother of Pearl Bracelet

Yuck!  Now there are so many things wrong with this photo, can you list a few because I sure can!  Let's first start with the lighting, which is very wrong. Too yellow to be exact. This photo was taken in my bathroom on the counter under horrible flourescent bulbs. Wrong thing to do when taking photos. Flourescent bulbs give off a yellow tinge and distorts the actual color.

Now onto the next problem, can you find the piece of jewelry in the photo? You might be able to find it if you look hard enough.  It was a good idea in theory but total fail in actuality.  The sea shells and blue rocks distract your eyes from your main focus, the bracelet. When taking photos, less is more. Leave the props for a movie set.

Tribal Beauty Beaded Dangle Earrings

Now, this photo is 200% better. This is one of pieces that sold a couple of months ago.  Can you see what is right?

#1: The light. Always go for natural lighting. Forget the fancy bulbs and go for mother nature. You can not go wrong.

#2: The background. Go for simple and neutral backgrounds that won't distract your eyes and take your focus off what's important; the product. When looking for a background, go for simple; either white, brown, or even gray. Stay away from bright colors. The light will take it to a whole new level of horrible.

#3: No frills. As you can see per the photo, it's just the product and nothing else. Because the focus should be on that and that only.

Now onto the stuff you should have: 

#1: A good camera. And I don't mean one that costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars either. It can be one that you take on your family vacations. As long as it has the macro tool so you can focus on a small area you're good to go. Auto focus, flash and no flash are also important functions.

#2: A lighting kit. I got one 2-3 years ago as birthday gift and I love mine. Definitely a great investment. The important elements in any lighting kit is the set up and the tripod, especially the tripod. I can say the tripod is the most important part because I use my tripod every time it's time to take photos of my pieces. You simply screw it onto the bottom of your camera and you are good to go. It enables you to move your camera in angles you couldn't do before. Plus it keeps the camera steady when snapping photos. I got mine from Walmart online, the PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO LIGHTING LIGHTS BOX KIT. (approx $70).

#3: Adobe Photoshop or Picasa. A good photo editing software is key. It enables you to edit your photos, crop, and even adjust the light if need be. Adobe Photoshop can run you a couple of hundred of dollars for the latest software while Picasa is FREE. Just google it and you will find the right website to download it. Both are easy to use and great.

I think that covers everything. Now go achieve your perfect photo. If you have any questions, feel to ask away. And pop by Satin Doll and take a look at my other jewelry photos. While you're there, you will see I am having  Valentines Day sale. Everything is 15% off!

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TheSilverBear said...

A great blog, full of sound advice.

Bob J24-7 said...

Wow, have your pictures changed ... and improved! This is great advice for anyone looking to improve their photos ... Thanks for posting!

Michele said...

Oh most definitely I'm always looking for ways to improve my pictures, especially when I see my first sold items, eeeek. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

Great ideas here! Thanks for sharing your experience.

SendingLoveGallery said...

great photo advice - thanks for posting these helpful tips!

Erika Price said...

Thanks for sharing this great advice, Satin - you've certainly come a long way from that first effort, as your jewelry always looks wonderfully luscious in your photos!

YourDailyJewelsBLOG said...

Your photos all look great now! I didn't know you "back then", but your back-thens look a whole lot better then mine did! Thanks for this great tutorial. And it is always helpful to see examples

Beadsme said...

What a difference Satin. Improvement all the way.

MadeByTammy said...

Awesome Tips! Love those earrings!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Great tips for taking photos, Gaetana. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Wonderful post! I don't think I would be brave enough to show some of my first product photos!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Thanks for sharing these great tips!

Gaetana said...

My pleasure. If someone can learn from what I learned. Mission accomplished.