Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let's Fall into Fall Accessories

Its that time of year again, the time where the winds shift a bit, the air cools, and the humidity evaporates. Its also the time where we trade in all of those light blue tanks, those white skirts, open-toed shoes for some cute boots, fab coats, and long sleeves. As we begin to switch over our closets we must keep in mind that our accessories must not be left behind.

On the heels of fashion week it seems apropos to take a peek at some of my favorite hot fall trends for this year.

I was very pleased to see bold colors this year. I'm a huge fan of color... the brighter and bolder the better! Gone are the days of drab browns and olive greens taking center stage during autumn.

 This year RED is the hot color. Bold electric blues oranges, and bright greens will light up your drawers. Any bright, show-stopping, color is going to be embraced.

That is not to say that your more subdued tones are to be tossed aside, of course, there's always room for more natural looks, especially in the fall. Just expect to work them into a more daring color palate.

 I'm really also very excited about the geometric looks this season. I just love geometric looks, hard lines, and sharp angles. Think Mondrian, think squares and rectangles, with splashes of those amazing colors we talked about earlier.

Mad Men is one of my all time favorite shows and I just drool over the costumes and set design every episode. I'm clearly not the only one since this Fall expect to see an influx of 60s Mod and retro celebrating the marriage of sexy and strong. My closet could not be more excited and neither can my hourglass figure.

Rock and Roll... yes you heard me. Let the inner rocker chick in side come out this year! Leather is coming back in a huge way and what goes great with leather, especially black leather? Well silver, of course, my ultimate favorite.

Lastly, menswear for the ladies and androgynous looks are hot this year. When I think about gorgeous tailored suits, boyfriend jeans, and blazers, I think minimalist accessories.

Thank you for reading!
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Trace, great blog post and examples of the Fall colors.

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Fantastic fall colors and jewelry!

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I love color! Great post Tracy :) Thank you.

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Love the Fall colors, great post!!!

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Just awesome colours. Great post and love your selections.

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Fun post! now I'm excited for Fall!

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Great fashion wrap up, thanks for sharing!

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Great info and lovely fall colors and jewelry. Thanks!

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Great fashion tips!