Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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As jewelry makers, we have to accommodate many tastes and desires. We make  necklaces is all lengths and shapes. But did you know there are trade names for all of these choices? I never did! I would just describe them by length. My jewelry descriptions just got richer, maybe yours will too.


Collar — 12/13 inches
Usually of pearls. Collars are often made up of three or more pearl strands, but can be made of any materials.  They lie snugly on the middle of the neck. Very Victorian and luxurious.  Sexy and demure at the same time. Collars go best with an elegant V-neck, boat neck or off the shoulder fashions. Here is one I found by Debra's Divine Designs

Teardrop Glass with Turquoise Glass Focals

Choker — 14/16 inches
A choker is perhaps the most classic and yet versatile of all the single strand lengths. A simple choker can go with virtually any outfit from casual to fancy evening wear, and just about any neckline imaginable.

Station Chain Choker of Aquamarine

Turkish Turquoise Gemstone Choker with Champagne Quartz
Princess — 17/19 inches
The princess length necklace is best suited for crew and high necklines. probably the most common necklace seen in the graduated strand, although any style necklace can be made in this standard length, which rests beautifully just over the collar bone and compliments low plunging necklines. Perfect for a pendant.

Pale Blue Topaz Princess Necklace with Czech Glass Rounds

"Blooming Pearls" Freshwater Pearl Pendant, Princess Length
Matinee — 20/24 inches
Longer than the princess, and just a bit shorter than an opera length, the matinee necklace is a great choice for over a sweater. I found a perfect example of the Matinee length by Phylly of Sending Love Gallery.

Teal Agate Necklace
Opera — 28/34 inches
The opera necklace is the queen of all the lengths. When worn as a single strand, it is refined and perfect for high or crew necklines. When doubled upon itself, it serves as a versatile two strand choker.

Opera Length Turkish Charm Necklace

Opera Length Handmade Beach Glass Necklace
Rope — Over 45 inches:  Dripping with elegance and sensuously sexy,  A Rope may or may not have a clasp.

The pearl rope was a favorite of Coco Chanel
The Lariat: also over 45" long, a Lariat is a versatile, extraordinary length without a clasp; think if a gemstone scarf.

Turquoise Chunk Lariat in Oxidized Silver
Four foot Garnet and Ruby Lariat

Thanks for indulging me in my little exploration.
So, which length do you love?


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