Saturday, June 4, 2011

JET Interview - Kerry of Wandering Jeweler

 Bicycle chain with rivets and gorgeous jewelry do not usually appear in the same sentence. However, Kerry, of Wandering Jeweler on is known for her unique style utilizing found metal objects, rivets, and more in creating spectacular pieces of jewelry you will wear forever. 

Kerry's Etsy shop is this "wandering jeweler's" place for travel inspired jewelery. Much of what she sells is made of materials she has found while traveling with her family.  Wire, metal, resin, glass, copper, bike parts, and silk are some of her favorite things.

 Ever wonder  how the heck Kerry does what she does?
Today, this self taught jeweler shares one of her techniques. Take it away, Kerry!

Safety First!
Safety notes: Always wear safety glasses when using wire cutters and when riveting
Watch your fingers when hammering

Rivet 1
A couple of the items you need to rivet (regular hammer is shown to show how small a rivet hammer is) Riveting hammer, bench block and a couple of pieces of metal to rivet together.

Rivet 2
Optional - I like to put the metal rivet (in this case fine silver) in the vise and flare out one end. I start with the narrow side of the hammer to flare out the rivet a bit then I flip the hammer over and hit it a few times with the flat side to flatten out the top

Rivet 3
Measure how much wire you need for the rivet. The propper length is about 1/2 the diameter of the wire above and below the stack (ie. your wire is 2mm round, then you leave 1mm above and 1 mm below the stack of metal).

 Rivet 4
My two pieces of metal and the rivet.

 Again, my two pieces of metal and the rivet.

 Rivet 5
Flaring out the backside of the rivet on my bench block starting with the narrow part of my hammer
Rivet 6
Finished rivet on the backside

Rivet 7
Finished project with my riveting hammer and two whole punch

Some helpful hints

  • If you decide to texture your metal, I find that it is better to do this first so you don't distort the hole size.  
  • Make sure that the wire is snug in the holes, it should be hard to put in the hole. It is best to punch the hole slightly smaller than you need and use a bead reamer to make it large enough to put the wire through.

Are you officially a fan of this affordable, timeless, and unique jewelry? I am !
Here are web locations where you can find more of Kerry and Wandering Jeweler:

Visit Kerry's website.
Her shop's RSS Feed!


Erika Price said...

Nice to find out more about how you make your amazing jewelry, Kerry!

Unknown said...

I love this post. I was just looking at some rivets last night that you can buy. I didn't know you just use your own wire!!! Sweet..thanks Kerry

jemsbyjb said...

This is so neat. Who would have thought that these metal pieces would make such stunning jewelry. Nice job!

Mary said...

Awesome! You make it look so easy!

Mollie Ann said...

Beautiful jewelry, and such a well written tutorial. I've been thinking of learning to rivet, and Kerry does make it look easy!!!

Unknown said...

Very cool post! Riveting is so much fun!

SendingLoveGallery said...

easy to follow, enjoyed learning from Kerry : )

JillreOzmay said...

Great post! Thank you so much for the info on riveting. Kerry, your jewelry is terrific!

Tracy said...

Wonderful and informative post! Amazing work as well! I love how unique everything is!

Unknown said...

Great tutorial! I love your tip about putting the rivet in a vise and flare it out a little before putting it in the metals your joining! I've only riveted a few times and I found that keeping that tiny piece of metal in the hole was frustratingly hard to do.

Made By Tammy said...

Kerry, your jewelry is so fantastic and unique. Love it! Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial.

Michele said...

That is so neat how you transform metal pieces into jewelry, great feature!!!!

Ida @ Adroit Jewelers said...

Interesting post! Your work is great! Thank you for sharing!

WanderingJewel said...

Thank you Norah for all your help with the blog post. You did an awesome job with it.
Dashery, I had the same problem with the tiny metal rivets, I remember reading the vise tip someplace and I found it so helpful... unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it.

cooljewelrydesign said...

I think this is just awesome...thx Kerry for insight into this fun technique. You make it look so easy, but I know there's an uphill curve to learning this...your pieces are so "riveting." HAHA They are!! So cool and mod...very different, and the eco-friendly part must appeal to many. Fantastic!