Sunday, June 26, 2016

Independence Day in the United States of America is a holiday which is highly celebrated with picnics, parades and fireworks across all states. It is recognized as the day the USA gained their Independence. Due to the fact that it falls on the same date each year, most people refer to this holiday as the "Fourth of July".

What better way to accessorize for the day's events than to wear a piece of handmade jewelry from the artisans on the Jetteam on Etsy. Here is a collection of pieces which are representative of the unique skills of the members. Be sure to check out the other members' shops using the Jetteam link.

Let's Celebrate!!


Mollie Ann said...

Happy Independence Day, Parades, Picnics, Fireworks and Grateful Hearts!

Unknown said...

Celebrate FREEDOM and thank a service person who has fought or is fighting to keep us free!!! This is a splendid set of jewelry choices for the holiday!

jemsbyjb said...

Yes that you to all that protect and have protected our freedom.

rachel said...

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