Thursday, April 7, 2016

National Cherry Blossom Festival

One of America's greatest celebrations of the spring seasons occurs every year and is called "The National Cherry Blossom Festival".  The festival runs for three weeks to celebrate the gift of the Tidal Basin Cherry Trees to the United States from Japan in 1912.

There are many activities geared for the whole family throughout the festival.

You can take a ride and enjoy the beauty along the banks of the Potomac River in a beautiful, glass enclosed boat. Chefs prepare tasty appetizers and desserts aboard ship and you can even dance to live music. What a breathtaking view as you travel along the river.

You can also dine at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. Enjoy a multi-course cherry blossom themed feast created by the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant's talented chefs!

One of the Festival’s largest spectator events is the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade® presented by Events DC which runs along Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th streets, NW.Standing room along the Parade route is free and open to the public. There are colorful helium balloons, beautiful floats, bands from all over the country and even other performers who make this a must see event.

And of course there are fireworks in the sky which light up the White House, Washington Memorial and other historic monuments in the distance.


Unknown said...

We were fortunate to live in DC for a few years and I recall the most amazing site with cherry blossoms in full bloom. Breathtaking!

Thank you for this reminder of all things beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful!!! It's such an etherial experience because it comes and goes so quickly!

SendingLoveGallery said...

I would love to see this in person! thanks for the inspiring post!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Sounds like a wonderful event for everyone!

Beadsme said...

Sounds amazing. Would love to see this.

cserpentDesigns said...

Wow - looks wonderful. Hopefully I can see it in person someday! :)

Cher said...

The boat ride sounds awesome and those photos are breathtaking!

Mollie Ann said...

This takes me back to the days when we lived in our nation's capital. Such a beautiful city!