Saturday, January 16, 2016

What's on My Bench??

Welcome to the New Year! Our first episode of the New Year comes from JET member Mollie Ann of RoughMagicCreations. She talks about new beginnings.

Happy New Year Everybody! Let's play "Out with the Old, In with the New!"

When I opened my first Etsy shop in the late spring of 2008, I listed a one of a kind necklace named "Earth Mother." Yes, those were the long ago days when we were getting creative with names for our jewelry. (Google and SEO soon put paid to that, but it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?)

Earth Mother was an eclectic mix of handmade wooden beads, laboriously hand carved by my husband Joe, some aqua terra and gold lace jasper gemstones, some Czech glass roses, a few teeny Swarovski crystals and a sterling silver clasp.

Months passed, and, although "Earthy" got a bit of attention and her fair share of hearts and views and even appeared on the once coveted Front Page at Etsy, she languished in my shop. After more renewals than I care to remember, I decided the poor old gal needed a vacation. A long vacation, as it turned out.

Years passed and, if Joe hadn't occasionally asked me what I planned to do about Earth Mother, I'd probably have forgotten all about her. 

Then, a few weeks ago, while digging through a box of "early Mollie" creations looking for something else entirely, I caught a glimpse of her peering up at me through the confusion. 

An Aha Moment! 

I took her apart, dispensed with the crystals and the little gold lace jasper stones and added some brown and cream Czech glass and wee antiqued copper beads. Then I changed the silver lobster claw to one of my hand forged copper hook clasps (much earthier, dontcha know?).

And here she is today, an adjustable length choker necklace, ready to list on Etsy ... just as soon as I finish her new matching bracelet and earrings.

Oh, and her new name? "Rustic Bohemian Necklace"

But to Joe and me, this lady will always be our dear old "Earth Mother."

Thank you Mollie. Please visit Mollie's shops RoughMagicCreations or RoughMagicHolidays for all your jewelry needs. If it's jewelry supplies you're looking for try Mollie's shop, RoughMagicalSupplies. If it's vintage you are into, Mollie has a shop for you too, MirandaMercantile. Please return next week for another episode of What's on My Bench???


Unknown said...

I LOVE Earth Mother, Mollie, both old and new!! Can't wait to see the rest of the set!!

Thank you for sharing - always a good read..........

jemsbyjb said...

Love the earthy look to the necklace. You are so creative!

SendingLoveGallery said...

love your creative flair transforming the necklace, Mollie!and those are great beads carved by Joe!

SatinDollCo said...

I love how you revamped it. It was beautiful before and even more beautiful now. I predict it won't stay long in your shop.

Jennifer said...

New life to the beautiful Mother Earth! And the photos are fabulous!

Beadsme said...

Love how Earth Mother has changed. She grew up!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Great job restyling the "Earth Mother". You are so talented!

LoveStoneArts said...

I love Earth Mother in both of her incarnations. This necklace embodies your beautiful rustic style.