Saturday, October 24, 2015

What's on My Bench??

Today's episode is from JET member, Mollie. Mollie Ann has two jewelry shops, Rough Magic Creations and Rough Magic Holidays.

Because my husband Joe and I both keep vintage shops on Etsy, it's only natural that we indulge our penchant for discovery treasures from the past as one of our favorite adventures.

Not long ago, while Joe was on the hunt for (ahem) "literary classics" in the book section of a nearby antiques mall, I was poking around in the gee-gaws and bric-a-brac booths. Even though I wasn't really searching for vintage jewelry (I've got plenty of that of my own!), I "just happened to notice," peeking out from behind a shelf of dented teapots, world weary antimacassars and battered fedoras, a little hook holding a dozen or so necklaces. Could I resist? You have to ask?

Yes, I looked. And handled. And, forsaking the others, came home with two. Not to wear myself, mind you, but to disassemble and salvage the beads.

The first necklace comprises more than 100 creamy ivory color bone (or perhaps horn?) heishi beads strung on a worn leather cord that will have to go. After I've cleaned and inspected all the beads, I'll know better how to use them, but I already have a couple of ideas for giving them new life. Necklaces!

Some of the beads may provide complementary support for a large carved cat bead, also bone, from my stash. 

Drilled lengthwise from the tip of her tail to the toes of her right forepaw, Kitty will prefer to be placed a bit to one side in an asymmetrical strand. Perhaps I'll add a few matching carved barrels, also stashed pieces. Funky fun, I'm thinking - with a bohemian twist.

Another idea! I have this fabulous etched and carved bone elephant bead from my fellow Jet Elizabeth's shop:

I think Mollie is on a creative tear. I'm looking forward to seeing the results in her shop, Rough Magic Creations. Don't forget to check out her holiday jewelry shop, Rough Magic Holidays. Both of these shops have jewelry and home items!

If you like vintage then check out Mollie's vintage shop, Miranda Mercantile or if books are your thing (and how can they not be!) check out our honorary JET, Mollie's husband Joe's shop Prospero's Bookshelf.

Don't forget to come back next week for another episode of What's on My Bench!



capitalcitycrafts said...

I love treasure hunting! It's amazing what you can find when you keep your eyes and your mind open.

Jean Sandell said...

Fun finds!!!

Urban Pearl Studio said...

Wonderful post!! Thank you for sharing!

Brooke said...

What a great find, glad it offered you some inspiration! Thanks for sharing;)

Beadsme said...

Great finds. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

SendingLoveGallery said...

Mollie you are a kindred spirit! I, too, look for beads that need to be "saved". I love what you're doing with the kitty and the beads strands you bought!

jemsbyjb said...

Sounds like you have some fun expeditions. This was one of those. Thanks for sharing.

Donna Arena said...

OK see...I was right next to you Mollie on the other isle, secretly watching, cause I knew if there was anything neat you'd find it, I started to maneuver over slipped my hand through some vintage wear when all of a sudden I heard a glass shattering scream and then a mighty stinging slap by the lady next to you on the other side of the isle, geez talk about a CRAZY WOMAN...She thought I was some kinda perv or something!!@#
Those people are keen I'll have to stick closer to home. All kidding aside, I LOVE what you do and OMG you should see my stash! Great story Mollie!

Keystring said...

Loved reading this! What fun! I need to go antiquing!

LoveStoneArts said...

Good for you Mollie!! When I see a yard sale- - I keep right on driving. Must leave a few beads unclaimed. XOXOX

Michele said...

I'm always looking when I'm out and about, you can some nice finds and make something else out of them!!!! Lovely beads you found!!!