Thursday, July 9, 2015

Childhood Musings - It's Sure Different Now!

This week JET Team member Nancy, of NancysCrystalFantasy, is in a rather reflective mood. Read on to find out more!

When I go to visit my grandchildren, their parents are so cautious that they don't go out the front door. They even have a special lock installed, that even I have to struggle to open. So many fears of children being abducted from their own front yard!

How different that is from sixty years ago when I was a child! I don't remember our doors ever being locked, except at night or when we left the house, and I certainly was not restricted from going outside. We didn't even have a fence in the front or back yard.

Regal Horned Lizard, aka the Arizona Horned Toad Photo: Creative Commons

There were so many interesting things to do outside - hunting horned toads, digging in the dirt, playing make-believe with the neighborhood children. No TV or video games for most of us. Our imaginations allowed us to make up our own games.

And when I was old enough to ride a bike, I could go just about anywhere in the neighborhood. If we got thirsty while playing, there was always a water hose from which to get a drink. Bottled water? That idea would have been absurd!

Photo: Jim Harmer, sponsored by Hose

My mother had a job in an office downtown, and from the time I was about ten years old I was allowed to walk to the bus stop at the corner of my street and ride downtown by myself. When I got there and reported in, I was allowed to visit the local stores, including my favorite - the five and dime.

Or there were two movie theaters downtown where I could go to watch the latest movie hit, like "The Sound of Music" or "Gone With the Wind." Such fond memories of those days and so many other activities that we were allowed to participate in. 

It's sad that those free times are gone for our children and grandchildren. But the world we live in is such a different place now, and I certainly understand the locked doors and surveillance cameras that now are found on so many houses.

Nancy of NancysCrystalFantasy


Gloria Flynn - EarthEnergyGemstones said...

I remember those simpler times, too, Nancy. It's such a shame that children aren't free to run and play the way we did, but I understand why they can't.

Nancy Russell said...

I found this video of remembrances after submitting this post. Perhaps you'd like to watch it and remember, too.

Mollie Ann said...

Oh, how I miss those happy, seemingly innocent days of my childhood. It's hard to think that today's children, even though unceasingly "connected" to their "must have" mobile devices, are growing up in a much sadder, lonelier world than the one we knew.

SendingLoveGallery said...

What you wrote about using imagination to make up games resonates with me too. It really helps children develop their creative thinking to have that "opportunity".

Michele said...

So very true Nancy, I used to ride my bike up and down the avenue where I grew up and my mom used to yell from window when it was time to come in.

Gemstones on My Mind said...

I remember hide and seek after dark on summer nights and chasing lightning bugs! There's no way kids would be out after dark now, much less hiding behind things where they can't be seen. But here I have to talk a little about my grandbaby, Thomas(3 y/o now). He has so much creative imagination. He loves to look through my beads, so while at my brother's house, I let him look through one of my boxes to see all the little bags of beads. Everyone started asking him what kind of stones they were. I had taught him a couple of names, but after those, he started making up names for each and every different bag of stones. He amazed everyone with all the different unique names that popped right out of his mouth so effortlessly, seemingly without thinking about it. I was so proud of him and his fantastic imagination! I think it's up to parents and other adults in their life to get that creativity and fantastic imagination going, by playing pretend games, reading to them, playing puppets, and lots of things we used to do before everything turned into video games. He does have his games though, in the Leap Frog tablet we bought him. The good thing is, they are all educational. Sorry, couldn't resist talking about my Thomas! Just don't get me started!

Judith Lott said...

If only today's youngsters could go back in time and experience these great fun memories.

Brooke said...

Fun memories! Cute Wanda;)

Jean Sandell said...

Things have changed. . .

Beadsme said...

Don't you just miss the good old days.

Keystring said...

So many memories of a simpler time. Thank you for sharing! I can certainly relate!

SatinDollCo said...

Times definitely changed and I'm a early 80's baby. The kids now don't know how to play. You used to go outside and play all day but knew to come inside when the street lights came on. Times have changed.

Cheri Foote said...

I too remember wandering through the neighborhood without a care in the world. Back then I walked to and
From my school checking out all the interesting sites without a care in the world. I felt safe, I guess I
was lucky nothing bad ever happened to me.
As a grandparent now, I see the ways the kids are raised. Life is definitely not the same anymore.

I love your blog! Thank you bringing back those fond memories!

I love your handmade jewelry and your Etsy shop!