Saturday, December 12, 2015

What's on My Bench???

Today's episode is from JET member Gaetana Parris of Satin Doll Co. She is going to talk about something we jewelers frequently get requests to do; repairs.

From time to time, I get random pieces of broken jewelry or just plain beads from family members. It's pieces that they may have gotten while traveling or something they pick up in a store. With me making and selling jewelry they find their way to me so I can fix it for them. Saves them money and the piece gets to live another day. 

That happened a couple of weeks ago. My aunt and uncle stopped by for a visit and my aunt finally brought with her the bracelet she has been telling me about that needed to be fixed.I would have had a picture of what she bought me but I left her for a minute or two and told her to hold it but, came back to a handful of beads. lol 

The beads were originally strung on with black jewelry cord. Since she's going to moving around a bit and won't be taking it off I opted for the repair, to use durable stretch cord.

So I busted out my pliers and got to work.

I first strung up the beads and put the biggest bead in the middle as per the original design.

I then knotted it to secure the beads. Just in case it breaks at the beginning again, the rest won't come apart.

I then add the oblong bead and knotted the stretch cord several times and cut the excess stretch cord.

Wallah, all done. A quick fix. Back to my auntie it goes.

Gaetana is certainly multi-talented and her family keeps her busy as her articles have shown! If you want to learn more about Gaetana, please visit her shop, Satin Doll Co.

Please return next week for another episode of What's on My Bench???


Beadsme said...

Know all about it. Very often get repairs and they are just as satisfying as making something from scratch.

Mollie Ann said...

Nice job, Gaetana! Your aunt is a lucky gal! :)

jemsbyjb said...

How cool to recreate that for your aunt.

Tracy said...

Its great when you can breathe new life into something with your talents!

Brooke said...

Just like new, thanks for sharing!

SendingLoveGallery said...

good work, Gaetana :)